Free chase checking account

free chase checking account

the manager so that I could get a college checking account and he then told me that none such existed. This is a negative for me because of the fact that I am trying to give the bank my money and they do not even want to store my money for free.

Instead he opened a regular account which became too expensive and so I canceled it. Then I went ahead and looked on their website and learned about the college checking account.

I then printed out the ad and took it to the bank and asked to open the account. I was asked to show a list of all my current classes which I found to be an annoying step and I wish they .

The reason for this is that they are taking away your privacy. Also, when you give them your classes they do call your high school or college to make sure that you are actually a student of the school which was a waste of time because it just took longer to open the account.

Those are the things I did not like and there were a few things that I did like. First, this account gives you free checking which means that they will hold your money and they will not charge you anything at the end of each month.

There is no minimum deposits and no limited number of transactions which is something that I did enjoy. Also,

another thing that I enjoyed was the fact that you can get your checking statement online and that you are given free online checking access which they would otherwise bill you for.

Now, something I did not like was that bank transfers costs about $40 which is way too expensive for me to ever try. Another thing that I did not like is that they limit this free account to 5 years so even if you are a graduate student and still in school they will cut you off.

The reason this is dumb is because you may have money that you want to put into a student account but they will deny you and you will have to find another banking company that will offer a free account.

2016 Changes (Devaluations) to Chase Freedom Rewards with Chase Checking Account

This morning, I got an email detailing changes coming to Ultimate Rewards for people with Chase Checking and Chase Freedom accounts. I have both: the Chase Freedom was my second rewards credit card ever, and I got a Chase checking account last year to get a sign-up bonus.

Essentially, there will no longer be a benefit to having a Chase checking account in addition to a Chase Freedom. No more extra 10% per $1 spent, and no more 10 bonus points for every purchase.

Screenshot of the email that I got this morning

I’m not sure how decreasing points earning meets my evolving needs as a customer, particularly as my need for points increases over time, but at least they’re giving a very lengthy advanced notice of the changes.

This doesn’t materially change much for me, except for the fact that I’ll now definitely be canceling my Chase checking account since I currently have to keep a $1500 minimum balance to avoid monthly fees (seriously, who pays checking fees nowadays?). The 10% bonus was nice but not that meaningful, although it did mean that the Chase Freedom was a better card for earning on unbonused spend than the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

The extra 10 points per transaction, however, was/is awesome and potentially very lucrative, although there are reports of people getting shut down for abusing it. But as an example, you can buy an Amazon gift card for a minimum value of 50 cents. At a conservative valuation of 1.25 cents per point, that’s like getting 25% back on Amazon transactions. Or if you prefer cash back and don’t spend much on Amazon (like me), you can pay 3 cents to charge $1 through a certain mobile reader and earn roughly 9 cents per swipe. Not that I’m necessarily recommending either of these avenues.

WaMu Free Checking is now Chase Free Extra Checking

Free chase checking accountMore changes… WaMu bank accounts are gradually being converted into Chase accounts, and customers will have to log in at with new usernames. Mine is switching over May 22nd. The popular WaMu Free Checking account becomes the Chase Free Extra Checking account, and keeps a lot of the useful perks. I received another mailed pamphlet from Chase outlining all the details, but I couldn’t find a link online, so I typed out the highlights below.

  • No monthly service fee, no minimum balance requirement.
  • No fee for money orders, cashier’s checks and travelers checks.
  • No Chase fee for non-Chase ATM withdrawals.
  • No fee for Domestic Outgoing for Foreign Outgoing Wire Transfers.
  • You will continue to receive your discounted or free check orders when ordered from us.
  • One insufficient funds/Returned Item Fee will be refunded annually. However, the refund will no longer be automatic, you must call in and specifically request it. Also, it will no longer carry over if unused.

  • The 0.03 Cash Back debit rewards program is discontinued.
  • We may change your account to a Chase Better Banking Checking account when you do not have at least one customer-initiated transaction over the past six monthly statement cycles (which has a $12 monthly fee if minimum balance is not met).

The WaMu Online Savings account will be converted to a Chase Premier Savings account, with the monthly fee “waived at this time”. I could not find any information on the interest rate, but I have a feeling this account will not return to its former high yields.

Added: According to the letter I received, the account numbers, checks, and ATM/debit cards will remain the same and active.

I’m curious where you pulled this info. I’m trying to figure out what the minimum balance/minimum transaction will be since I already have the WAMU free checking account/savings account which will both convert on the May 22 date. If it turns out to be ridiculous levels, I’ll just dump Chase altogether and pull my money out.

This was the same reason I left BofA and Wells Fargo years ago. Outrageous fees for no service.

It’s all from a letter I got from Chase a few days ago. Included was a little

50 page pamphlet about all the equivalent accounts going from WaMu to Chase plus the usual agreements and privacy policies.

I think most of what you need is included in the post above. I don’t see any minimum activity listed for the savings account, but the “at this time” verbage doesn’t look promising.

You wrote that “On May 22, 2009, all WaMu bank accounts will officially be converted into Chase accounts.” Nevertheless, I have read on the site [] different information, and I would think that your use of the word “all” is incorrect.

Please note what Chase says:

“When will my checking and savings accounts transfer to Chase?

It depends on the state where you opened the account. If you opened accounts in different states, they may transfer to Chase at different times: May/June, summer and fall.

By the end of October, all WaMu accounts will be transferred to Chase. We’ll send you a letter that explains the changes in detail for your accounts.”

Also, here’s more detailed information:

“You’ll begin to see new Chase signs on WaMu branches in your area. The signs will be the signal that you’ll have full service banking capabilities at Chase branches nationwide:

* Now: WaMu branches in California have been rebranded to Chase. However, WaMu accounts in CA won’t transfer to Chase’s banking system until October. So please continue to bank at your current branch and we’ll let you know when other Chase branches become available.

* May/June: WaMu branches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah will be rebranded to Chase and accounts in these states will transfer to Chase’s banking system.

* Summer: WaMu branches in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Texas will be rebranded to Chase and accounts in these states will transfer to Chase’s banking system.

* Fall: WaMu branches in Arizona, Colorado and Nevada will be rebranded to Chase and accounts in these states will transfer to Chase’s banking system.”

Looks like you’re right. The letter didn’t mention anything about location, but my account was opened in Oregon before I moved, so it matches up with that page. I’ll edit the post accordingly.

I have both my personal and my business accounts with WAMU now Chase and I have generally fond them easy to deal with and they charge very few fees. I just wish they’d educate their staff a bit better.

I had a Chase savings account and the interest rate was .02%. That’s right for every $100 they would give you 2 cents a year. Their high yield checking account was .01%. I think they would throw in a few extra pennies a month, just to make me feel good.

R.I.P. WaMu. This banking situation is unreal.

I received a new Chase Debit card in the mail but I still access my account at I haven’t received anything in the mail about when I’ll be able to access my account at Is this the case with anyone else?

I miss the old WAMU savings rate. It was the first time I’ve been able to find a decent B&M in my area that I could do all my banking at.

Jonathan: Are you still using DSD for your cash? I saw that they’ve dropped their rate down to 2% from 2.5%.

why would they make us switch to the terrible as opposed to is a breeze to play with

So who’s planning on dumping them when they make the switch? I will for sure. It’s so hard to find a truly free checking account now. I don’t like how they charge a fee for inactivity after 6 months (i’m a student so I don’t get many deposits and I use credit cards for purchases)

anyone know of a truly free checking account at a brick & mortar? With no minimum balance.

A month ago, I went to transfer money into an additional Free WaMu checking account that I opened. And when I logged on it wasn’t listed on my list of accounts. After calling CS, I found out they closed my account after 3 Mo of inactivity and zero balance. It really ticked me off, but now I have automated $1 deposits to all of my accounts so I don’t have to worry about keeping up.

I think I will stick with WaMu/Chase, they’re just up the street from my place and its nice to be able to run into a branch sometimes. I wish their Bill pay feature was better. (I love BOA’s bill pay, thats why I’ve stuck with them for so long).

why would anyone still be willing to do business with BOA after everything that’s happened? There are so many better choices around. Look to your local regional bank and credit union, for one.

Why not just keep $0.01 in the account. They can’t close it out, worst case it becomes inactive, and any customer initiated transaction reactivates it.

Does just ACH pulls work as an activity? I just deposit cash once a while cuz my main bank is Etrade and that’s pretty much why I use WAMU

no matter how you paint it, Chase sucks!! I had an average daily balance charge on my credit card EVEN WHEN I PAID THE CARD IN FULL AT THE END OF THE MONTH!! Run away.

yes, chase can close your account for low balance since they did it for me.

one advantage of chase checking is overdraft linked to my credit card so that any accidenatal overdraft costs only $10 and no NSF.

FYI: They can and will close your accounts!

On May 1, 2009 I received a postal letter from WaMu, a division of JP Morgan Chase, stating that as of May 8, 2009 the following accounts will be closed under their rights in the disclosure statement.

-I had at least $1 in both WaMu Savings and Checking

-I already have a Chase Checking account (It’s local, my wife does business there, I can stop at branches on my way home from work)

-I have not used either account this year (inactive for 3+ months)

-They will mail me a check for any funds remaining on my closing date

-My WaMu login no longer works (at or

-They did not close my 5% CD (hoping it shows up in my online accounts soon)

I am not too upset about losing the accounts, since I obviously was not using them or earning any interest in them anymore. I just hope that it does not look bad (in ChexSystems Report?) that THEY closed the account instead of ME.

They won’t report you to ChexSystems unless you’ve had OD or NSF activity. I think the fall of WaMu is one of the saddest things I’ve experienced. I worked for them for 3 years, and 3 weeks before they were bought out by Chase, I left. The accounts were unparelleled. I work for another bank now, and we offer a checking account with a monthly service charge that offers almost the same perks that the WaMu FC account offered. I don’t think I realized how free that account really was until I went elsewhere and realized that you could spend hundreds of dollars in a month on banking if you used the services you got for free with the WFC account – especially if you do wire transfers.

My suggestion for anyone looking for a new account is this: let the banker do their job. Yes, they’re going to try and sell you something. That is what they get paid for. But, if you tell them what you DO with your bank accounts, such as “I use my debit card all the time”, or “I need simple online banking & online bill-pay features”, or “I need some sort of structured savings plan so that I don’t spend the money I’m trying to keep on the side”, etc. their job is also to steer you in the correct direction. When you walk in the bank and say “I want a free checking account and a free savings account”, you may end up paying more in the long run than if you let the banker get the info they need and recommend something to you. You can always say no. But at least this way they’re able to make an educated recommendation. I’m sure Jonathan has mentioned this before, but ALWAYS ASK ABOUT THE FEES ASSOCIATED WITH THE ACCOUNT. Is there a dormant fee? What is it? When does it start? Is there a fee to close out the account? Some accounts have a fee no matter when you close out the account, even after you’ve been banking there for 20 years. Transaction limitations? Daily overdraft fees? Anything that matters to you, ask about, because the banker is not going to give you a laundry list of potential fees, and unless you have a lot of time on your hands, and like to read fine print on the 100 page “accounts disclosures and regulations” booklet, you’re going to be S.O.L. if you didn’t ask. Well, seeing as you gave my entire post a reading, maybe you could read the 100 page booklet. Good luck to everyone looking for a new bank. And I concur with James Fowlkes. R.I.P. WaMu.

I just checked with Chase regarding their conversion of WaMU free checking to Chase Better Banking. Looks like they will convert the accounts if you don’t use your debit card for six months or have direct deposit or have a minimum balance ($1500) in your account, you WILL BE CHARGED a $12.00 per month fee. I won’t call it a service fee, since they actually won’t be providing any service, but I just wanted to let everyone know about this. Anyways…I’ll be dropping WaMU/Chase as my bank since I don’t believe in paying someone for nothing. Sort of reminds me of when I dropped AT&T as my long distance provider when they started charging outrageous fees for NOT making long distance calls. This BS makes me sick. Why consumers continue to put up with it I’ll never understand.

There is no way I will go with CHASE.

Why would I do that if I know from the past experiences with them – that they stole so much money from me!

They sent me a check for $100 to open account with them, I did not fall for it.

Would never do it no matter how much they offer. The stress and pain they cause by taking the money out of your account whenever it suites them is — unexplainable.

It is 5/8/2009 and I am shopping for another checking account with some other non-stealing bank.

Wamu was wonderful. The best bank ever! They took care of me… they were consistent and always looked what is best in my interest.

I had a manager in my location who would alert me by calling me to add the cash BEFORE he would charge me any fee. I don’t remember when did I pay any fees with WAMU.

CHASE was just the opposite…… they did everything to take as much money from you at all times.

I had accounts with other banks and CHASE took over so I —- stupid —- stayed with CHASE believing they will take care of customers.

OMG what kind of things I experienced with them, it is undescribable.

Never ever again I will put myself through that pain, ever again!

So I finally closed all my CHASE accounts 2 years ago and went with WAMU – and will never repeat that horrible experience.

Why would I allow them to use my money to get richer while they slam me with fees and always managed to go around it ( no rules )… so you end up paying and they end up re-inventing another excuse for taking another $30 fee from your hard working money!

Never in my life would I give them a chance to use me that way again!!

People please come to your senses. CHASE is the worst bank you can have business with. Do not help them by staying, I wish WAMU survived and CHASE vanished.

WAMU deserved to be of service to us. It was great bank.

Sincerely — you would be insane to go with CHASE. There must be another non-stealing bank to pick from.

By not staying with them CHASE will have no choice but to either change their stealing habits or they will vanish.

This is our moral duty… not to help stealing banks to use us to get richer.

But to give a chance to smaller banks like WAMU to survive and carry one the good work and great service.

SUMMARY: WAMU customers should never use the “change address” feature when logged into their online accounts. If you are a WAMU customer and you need to change your address and order a new ATM card within 30 days YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS INSIDE A BRANCH to avoid excesss fustration. If you attempt to change your address online and then get a new ATM card you will have to put all banking on hold for more than a month or open up a new account. Sounds insane? It happened to me.

I am very frustrated with WAMU’s attempt to serve customers. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO CHANGE THE ADDRESS ON YOUR ACCOUNT ONLINE. I hope someone heeds my advice before its too late. Here is what happened to me.

1. I went to a WAMU ATM and for the first time in my life I actually forgot to remove my ATM card. The card was sucked back into the machine. I called customer service that night and they said “no problem the branch will call you when they recover the card tomorrow.” So I decided not to worry about it.

2. I had a very busy day the next day and I didn’t call the branch and they didn’t call me. I called them within 48 hours after this incident and they informed me that within 24 hours they had to shred my card… ok not good but I thought well… I’ll just order a new card. They direct me to call customer service to order a card.

3. I Call WAMU customer service and inform them that I need to change my address on file and I need to have a new card sent to me. The agent informs me that it will take 30 days to receive my card. I ask why. He says its because I need it sent to a different address than the one on file. I can’t receive a card within 30 days of him changing my address. I asked if the result would be different if I changed it myself online and he said that that is what I should do.

I change my address online.

4. I call customer service back and ask for a card. They inform me that because I changed my address online I can no longer order a new card unless I physically go inside a branch and order one. The agent apologizes but states that if I just go inside the branch I can resolve this issue.

5. I go inside the branch and they state that because I changed my address online and not in their branch I have to wait 30 days before they can even process my request to have a new card sent out. Ok this is mind blowing I am physically standing in the branch and they are telling me they can’t even enter in the request that would eventually allow my card to be delivered to me. I must physically enter the branch 30 days from today and then make the request in person that a new card be sent out which would take an additional 7 to 10 business days.

The best they could do for me is open up a brand new account. I asked if I could transfer money from my old account to my new account online and the answer was no.


Well…My WAMU savings was converted to the “Chase Premier” savings the rate is 0.01%. Not a misprint, $1 a year per thousand. Needless to say, I’m closing it Tuesday. I had to call the WAMU number to confirm it was not a conversion error.

How’s that for our bailout money at work?

What I can’t figure out is if I’ll be charged for online bill pay with Chase. If they want to charge me, that’s the end. I had to figure out their online banking tonight and it was a pain.

I ditto what joshuad31 said about changing your address. A similar situation happened to me over the weekend. Needless to say I canceled my direct deposit and will be closing my Wamu/Chase account this week. It’s laughable how the Wamu-to-Chase transition is being handled. Anyway, BECU (Seattle) is now my credit union of choice. I’m done with big banks.

JoeB – I know where all that money went that they should have been paying us in interest… The money is being used to remodel many branches – some of which that have been open less than 4 months.

I’m also considering closing my Chase account. The major reasons are:

6 transfers limitation from the savings account and a $12 fee if the number of transfers exceeds 6.

I used to pay my credit card in a different bank using ACH transfer initiated by the bank where my credit card was. Now this is counted towards those 6.

I also had automatic setups to transfer money from Savings to Checking and then pay bills from Checking. Now any transfer from Savings to Checking is counted towards the 6 transfers above.

I could transfer money from other banks to my WaMu savings account and back using ACH at my convenience. Now there is a limit.

Interest rate on Savings is well below what I had in WaMu.

Chase website is way worse that WaMu’s website used to be. With this transition I feel like I moved from a civilized country to an underdeveloped one. It literally feels like this. This bank is not for me.

@Lonnie: Thanks very much for pointing to BECU, I think I’ll also go with them. They seem to be in the 21st century: their site looks way nicer and easier to use than Chase site and their online banking demo shows that they support no-fee bill payer, transfers between BECU and other financial institutions and other bells and whistles. I just need to call them to make sure they are as flexible with ACH transfers as WaMu was. And there are no barbarian fees as in Chase.

They also have a Switch to BECU form so that they even close other accounts for me – way to go!

Folks, check their online banking and bill payer demo, you might like them too.

thank you so much! i remember getting this in the mail and threw it away too soon. when i went to look for this online, it was no where to be found!

Can you link any existing chase accounts and old wamu accounts?

Chase freaking blows. They will royally screw you. Check the rules a lot has changed. My advice is to find a better bank or a credit union. Wamu was one of a kind and chase is the typical a hole bank

I was told by someone at Chase that when they switch over completely to Chase, my paycheck deposits will take a day or two to post to my account. Don’t know if this is only because I don’t have enough in this savings to cover it if it bounces, but it’s something to be aware of. (it’s why I’m switching).

Your right, all of my direct deposits pend for 1 day before it’s posted. I’m new to the whole bank they and struck gold with Wamu, I don’t know much about banking so wish me luck on finding another bank. Chase online is the worst, transactions keep disapearing and reapearing from my account making it hard to keep track of….

Make sure to hold on to the booklets sent a few months ago that details the benefits of the new converted Chase accounts. While trying to close my Chase accounts to switch to a new bank, there was a goof-up where my debit card remained open over the weekend with $0 balance and an extra automated charge went through, incurring an NSF fee.

While trying to work it out at my Chase branch, I had an Account Manager and the Branch Manager both lie to me and say that the “1 NSF fee refund a year” benefit was only when they were WaMu and no longer valid with Chase, even though we were told it was in the mailing. When I called the 800 number about it, they had no problem giving me the credit and told me the branch definitely has the authority to refund NSFs. I guess they didn’t want the refund counting against their branch. Classless.

THIS SOUNDS UNFAIR : These Chase Better Banking Checking accounts have a $12 monthly service fee is the balance is not kept at $1,500 or higher or linked to a money market account at Chase better banking.


I am overly concerned about the Chase Bank’s new rules that impact on WAMU FREE CHECKING clients, especially budget families and students, nationwide. I noticed that CHASE is currently attempting to reduce the number of WAMU FREE CHECKING accounts into a kind of FAKE FREE CHECKING!

Recently every WAMU client received a booklet where WaMu Free Checking is now Chase Free Extra Checking BUT ONLY FOR 6 MONTHS because on Page 19 states: “We may change your account to a Chase Better Banking Checking account when you do not have at least one customer-initiated transaction over the past six monthly statement cycles (which has a $12 monthly fee if minimum balance is not met).”

SO thats not all… acccording to website: “These Chase Better Banking Checking accounts have a $12 monthly service fee is the balance is not kept at $1,500 or higher or linked to a money market account at Chase better banking.”

But we are still Free checking Clients!! I wonder why Chase incurrs in bad business practices BLACKMAILING US THAT WAY!

Most banks do this type of thing with free checking accounts. If the account hasn’t been used for 6 months, most banks will just close the account. Believe it or not Chase is actually throwing WAMU free checking customers a bone. They could have just converted all the accounts to regular Chase checking accounts which requires either direct deposit or 5 debit card transactions each month. Making 1 transaction every 6 months to keep the account free shouldn’t be a burden considering it is a checking account.

DAMMIT. I can not believe what has been going on in my account since it’s changed from WAMU to Chase, Chase Bank has been going into my account taking money out at will!, Grant it, I owed this bank 77.00 dollars back in 2005 when things fell hard for me, loss of place to live, job, and the works. In 2008 I was able to open an account with wamu as they offered the free checking and some other benefits, but when chase took over, without ever contacting me, they used wamu to their advantage to just go into my account and withdraw money without ever notifying me leaving me at a zero balance. They got what was owed them alright, but later they went into my account again and took extra money that is not owed them AT ALL!, and I am VERY ANGRY ABOUT BOTH OF THE TRANSACTIONS, THE FIRST ONE BECAUSE THEY DID NOT NOTIFY ME FOR THE AUTHORIZATION TO GO INTO MY ACCOUNT, AND THE SECOND WITHDRAWELL WAS JUST OUTRIGHT THEFT, NOT OWED THEM AT ALL, AND EVEN IF SO, WHAT HAPPENED TO ETHICAL COMMUNICATION, AND THE RIGHTS OF CONSUMERS. I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PAYING MY DEBTS, BUT I DO HAVE ONE WITH BEING TAKING ADVANTAGE OF JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE USED MY WAMU ACCOUNT TO DO SO, AND WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE THAT THEY WERE EVEN GOING TO DO IT. CHASE BANK ARE DOGS. DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH THIS BANK I AM WARNING YOU. THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE ME BACK THE MONEY THAT THEY STOLE FROM ME, BECAUSE I DON’T OWE THEM ALL THAT THEY HAVE TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT.

I really don’t see what all the big fuss is about. I have been banking with Wamu for the last 10 years. It is the only bank I had ever used. After I got married, I got more banking experience with other banks, and all of them are terrible.

I was really worried when I heard about Wamu switching to Chase, because I have Chase credit cards, and they really suck.

But Chase is a bank that tries to absorb some of the better practices of the banks they take over. If Wamu was a great bank, then some of it will rub off onto Chase. I am already seeing it in my area, and it hasn’t even officially converted to Chase yet (we are in Cali, so it won’t be till October).

And even if we see more Chase than Wamu, I don’t see why that’s so surprising, or why it’s so upsetting. I have seen lots of other banks, Wells Fargo, B of A, US Bank, whatever…they are just as bad, if not worse than Chase. Yes, you can find yourself a credit union somewhere, and hope you don’t need money while you are on a road trip, or whatever, and if that suits you, then great. Otherwise, Chase is still offering a great product when compared to all of the other products.

As for all of the percentages on savings accounts and CDs being reduced, it’s not JUST Chase. It’s not BECAUSE Wamu is becoming Chase. It’s because (DUH!) the economy is in difficulty. That’s what happens during recessions and depressions, the interest that is yielded to your account gets lower. And since we are in a really bad situation here in the U.S., of course the percentages will also be low. You can’t compare what Chase is offering during a down time, to what Wamu was offering during the past years of prosperity. And even if Wamu was offering more to their customers than the others during this down time…DUH, that’s why they went out of business. You can’t give your customers 5% during a period where everything else is plummeting, and still expect to remain in business.

I loved Wamu. They were a great bank. But if you want another Wamu with all the same great free stuff, and all the same great interest rates (even in a recession), then you will probably end up with…another bank going out of business.

I support the idea of smaller businesses. So go right ahead and support a smaller bank, that’s fine, and a great idea. But slamming Chase just because it’s not your beloved Wamu, and because it does the same banking practices as the majority of other nationwide banks seems a little unfair. Slam the laws and regulations that fail to provide adequate banking instead. (Of course, that’s what capitalism is all about in the first place.)

My understanding, as a Wamu customer, is that we were all spoiled. And now we have no mommy holding our banking hand, and have to go out there and budget our money (so we don’t have overdraft fees), and pay back our debts (so they aren’t deducted from our accounts), and read the fine print (so we aren’t surprised by the bank fees), and use our checking accounts twice a year or so (and if you can’t do that, then you ought to consider maybe a coffee can under your mattress, because in this economy you will get the same interest rates, and coffee cans are really of much better design nowadays than the previous Foldgers version…and if you are only keeping $1 in there anyway, maybe a Tic Tac box is more useful for you).

In other words, we have to be responsible adults about our banking, whether it’s with Chase, or Wells Fargo, or wherever. How sad for all of us. I miss Wamu. But they didn’t have what it takes to survive. So mourn and move on.

let me use some common sense (but not be as brusque and demeaning and insulting as the last comment) let me take the cup half full theory. We’re all adults here. If you want a good bank account here are plenty of fish in the sea as the old saying goes. I agree Wamu is a thing of the past but It’s a good thing that we live in a capitalist society and that like one bank with favorable features changes to one with less. there is ALWAYS going to be a another bank with squally or near comparable favorable features wating to get new business.You have to take control of your finances and watch closely Don’t get discouraged there’s always a bank package somewhere that’ll suit you. you have to shop around read the find print and be flexxible. banking is a everchanging world. also look at the internet only deals from the banks both online exclusive and brick and mortar. I have two accounts that are with an online only bank and they have never failed me. as in life in banking there’s always something better you just got to get off the duff and look for it.

this is my comment I opened an account with bank of america online and since i have been filing disputes after dispute on things that were charged to my card and my bank account is always in the negative this sucks. And the worse yet happened I got a loan and when they tried to get there money they were refused and now it is costing me double along with the bank nsf charge I have not had my bank account but 4 months and for 3 of it I have been having trouble with them. My husband didn’t know the trouble I was having and opened an account and they are doing the same to him, he deposit a check and it won’t be available for ten more days what are we suppose to do for food with kind of wait to get his paycheck

I wouldnt do any business with Chase unless you just have to. They took out and extra 1,000 out of my checking without notice this week and said they will continue to do that and there is nothing I can do about it. Craziest conversation with a bank I have ever had. They increased my minimum payment on a balance transfer option I took from them from 2% to 5%. for some reason they think they can change the contract terms. Please take my advice stay away. Hopefully the gov and courts will crack down on them soon! I noticed there is lawsuits already filing for this.

So far no problems on this end, but I have a friend who moved to Kentucky and opened up an account with Chase there and was not happy, I’m willing to give them the old waith and see….it doesn’t bother me to make transaction every sex months, my main accounts are with a Credit Union I’ve belonged to for 20 years, which sad to say has in many instances treated me *worse* than some of these banks, although some fo their practices have changed over time

Does anyone know what transactions are included in the “customer initiated transactions?” Does an ATM withdrawal or writing a check count as one?

I had a WAMU Free Checking Account that was transferred to a Chase Free Extra Checking after the merger… I live in Texas so this happened in June, I think. As of this month they started charging me “NON-CHASE ATM FEE-WITH” of $3.00 every time my husband or I withdraw money from a non-Chase ATM (which is often right now since we are constantly out of the country). When I stopped in the branch the other day the banker, who pre-Chase was AWESOME, told me they were supposed to have been charging me all along and I should be so lucky that I never had to pay. She said she would talk to her manager about the newly incurred fees if I would like, but that the manager might in fact go back through the account and charge me back dated fees for all the previous non-Chase atm withdrawals. So I just left it at that and walked out, scared to risk possibly $300 in fees for the the current $24. Has anyone else had any experience with being charged the “NON-CHASE ATM FEE-WITH”. Please help. Thank you!

After researching online I decided to call the customer service line and speak to a banker. (By now i have been charged $72 in “NON-CHASE ATM FEE-WITH”.) I did not give the banker my account number or anything at first out of fear that what the banker in the branch told me would be correct. I just the customer service rep about my “new” account and found out what new fees I should be charged and which ones would still be waived. She listed everything to me, including my free non-chase atm usage. I then asked her about my account and gave her my account number. She pulled it up, apologized for the mistakes & put me on hold. When she came back she said she had refunded all my fees and also checked my account to see that it had been grandfathered incorrectly. So she fixed the mistake and all is sorted! I then called the branch to let the banker know of her mistake and got and apology* from her. *that is what made me feel even better!



Starting 11/2/2009 there will be no Chase fee for the first two non-Chase ATM inquires, transfers and withdrawals

each statement period through 2/2/2010. After 2/2/2010, all non-Chase ATM inquiries, transfers and withdrawals

applied to your account will be assessed the standard non-Chase ATM fees. Please call us at 1-800-935-9935 if

you have questions.

This was in the statement in September for people who don’t read statements, but they should before they get into so much trouble.

Joy got lucky finding a CSR on the phone that didnt know about this change and got her fees refunded. It would be really funny when she starts using the card again and get hit with the fees again. Maybe she can find the same CSR on the phone.

I dont think “it would be really funny” when they start charging me fees. I am back in Germany now. Even though, you sound bitter for some reason unbeknown to me, I thank you for the info.

I am also furious with Chase. With no transparent warning, they increased pretty every fee relevant to me when they switched computer systems.

First of all, I have been charged $15 per incoming wire transfer. It was only $10 before the switch, but I’m a bit appalled that I’m being charged to receive a deposit in the first place, since the person who sent it also had to pay.

Second, I started receiving $3 charges for using non-Chase ATMs. The first one came with my third ATM withdrawal of the month. I used to have 4-6 free withdrawals with WAMU, I think.

The fee for international charges has gone up from 1% to 3%. I’m in Paris for the fall, and I have to pay my rent in cash, so I ended up paying about $50 in fees just to withdraw MY OWN MONEY, and that’s on top of multiple ATM fees, since I have to withdraw the money in several rounds due to a limit on ATM withdrawals. It’s really absurd.

I’m closing my checking account and transferring my IRA as soon as I get home. No telling what fees they plan to secretly tack onto that.

I’m pretty sure Chase sent information about all of those changes for each account you have, months before the changes went into effect. I know that I have several Chase accounts, and they sent me notices for each account, until I finally felt like saying, “I get it already, you’re changing, and things are changing.”

The fees were all noted in that little blue pamphlet thing. I think it was sent with my monthly statement, but it may have been sent separately, also, which explains why I got about a million of them.

I don’t think it’s fair to say they were acting “secretly” when it’s clearly posted all over all the notices about the changes to your account, and also listed several places online, plus if you go into the bank and deal with the bankers they generally tell you then, also.

Most people who got “surprised” by them, didn’t read the pamphlet (or threw it away), or their statements.

And I believe you can change your ATM withdrawal limit.

So Kelli, I learned something else recently that might be of help to you.

If you are going to be spending a significant amount of time in another country (and if you are paying rent, you are probably spending a significant amount of time in another country), then you can open up a small local bank account. Then you can link to your Chase accounts as an “external” account, and then you can make transfers from your Chase account to your local external account, and withdraw your money locally.

Supposedly, from what I heard, there is no charge to transfer the money from your Chase account to the external account, and you can do it online. And then you should be able to go into the local bank and pull out the money for no additional charges (or however banking usually works in Paris). The only thing that may be charged would be any currency exchange sorts of charges. I don’t really know how all that part works. But this would keep you from having to use ATMs that have withdrawal limits (because you could go inside the local bank to withdraw), but you would only have to put however much money you want into the local external account.

Anyway I thought the information could be helpful to you if you are trying to balance your money in two (or more) different countries. Or anyone else in a similar situation (Joy, maybe, if she is often out of the country to the same general location).

It’s financial terrorism…I did not get anything in the mail or did not see anything in my online banking. No one says anything in the bank either.

Only $11.00 in my account and without my knowing it got switched with the monthly fee of $12…uh oh..guess what. I get over drawn and now get hit with a $33.00 overdraft fee. When where you planning on letting me know this Chase or where you counting on me not finding out until it’s too late?

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies”.

3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

Just because you didn’t get it, doesn’t mean it didn’t get sent to you. You could ask your bank when/where they notified you of these changes, and they would have to tell you.

I know of someone recently who was raising a big fuss about the bank not sending her stuff. So they said, “Well we sent it to such-and-such address.” And she was like, “Well, I moved, and that’s not my address anymore.” And then they were like, ‘Well, we sent it to such-and-such email address.” And she was like, “But I don’t have that email address anymore.” So really, whose fault is it?

A lot of people don’t update their address and email information until they start missing something. And if you bank online, and have paperless statements that you never read, because you check your account online, you may never notice it until it’s too late. (And a lot of people also don’t register their address change with the post office so their mail can get forwarded if they do move.)

Even if all the bank account information is up-to-date, if you aren’t receiving their notices, you should really find out why.

Judging by your balance I’m guessing you haven’t used your account in a while. Chase sent a 60 page booklet in the mail about 8 months ago stating that if you don’t have at least one customer-initiated transaction over the past six monthly statement cycles your account converts to a Chase Better Banking Checking account which has a $12 charge. The post above also states this.

If you did have a transaction in the past 6 months call Chase and I’m sure they will handle the situation.

I just ended a one hour phone call with Chase. They are not helpful. I opened up a WAMU free checking account 10 years ago. I’d not touched the account in over 5 years (do to being housebound and unable to get to the bank) but since it being free and having less than $20 in the account, didn’t think about it much. I received a letter from chase a few months ago stating my balance. I received a letter a week ago from FDIC (stating LAST notice; even though it was my 1st notice) that my funds were going to be lost if I didn’t claim the account. Today, I received my 2nd letter from Chase stating my new balance and also the info on my funds going to FDIC. They took out a $12 service fee, leaving me with less than $2. I didn’t care about the fee and frankly didn’t care about the money going to the FDIC, but was not willing to get charged more service fees and end up OWING them money on an account that was all but dead to me. I called the 800 number and was informed I had to claim the account in order to close it. To claim the account I’d be required to go into a bank and deposit a dollar. Since I am housebound (for health reasons), this is not an option. After being transferred to a supervisor, I explained they could take the entire amount, just don’t charge me anymore money on an account that I don’t use and don’t want to claim. The supervisor told me he couldn’t promise I wouldn’t be charged a fee. If he at CHASE headquarters (who are the people who are in charge with the fees) can’t waive or promise fees, who can? I also inquired as to who decided that my free checking was now a $12 fee account. He said that upper management decided that the $12 account was closest to my free checking at Wamu. I asked if Chase had free checking, he said they did. He also said they had $6 checking. I asked how $12 was closer to FREE checking than FREE checking or even the $6 checking. Doesn’t say much for upper management to me. I told him that I couldn’t claim the account, since I’m housebound, and he said he understood my frustration but couldn’t do anything. He offered me the number to the state of California FDIC in regards to them taking the $2 left in the account. I told him, I didn’t care about the $2, Chase can have it, I just don’t want to get a bill for $24 in service fees and heaven forbid overdraft charges that might happen between now and March (when the FDIC will take over my $2) I told him I’m not claiming the inactive account. If they choose to send me a bill, I’ll ignore it, and will report this fiasco to the powers that be. The supervisor, who I think I finally just tired them out, said I wouldn’t be charged any overdraft fees or charges and that the account would close in March. WHEW, it only took an hour to get the result I called for in the first place. Who knew my free checking account would be so costly!! Also, I never received a booklet or any other info from Chase. I hadn’t received anything from WAMU in over 4 years prior. I don’t think this transition has been handled in a customer friendly manner.

I’ve only moved once in my 40years on this rock. My info is updated and if by any chance something got sent to another address they have my number…I never received a phone call.

Clearly this fiasco could of been handled better. I’ve worked for the public for over 20 years and I know what good customer service is and this is definitely not it. Not hating on the employees they are just another drone in corporate slavery trying to make ends meet.

Thanks for the help but I’ve already pulled all my money out and went elsewhere.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

Thomas Jefferson, (Attributed)

3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

Must watch Chase carefully. They are slowly trying to get most out of the former WAMU/Chase Extra Free Checking and into the less free and more fee Chase Free Checking. The free wire transfers are not available online but only in a branch. What? How inconvienient! I use all other services online but the wires, naw, gotta go into a branch. Gross! I did not use this service with WAMU, but was this the case under WAMU? Did those free wire transfers have to be initiated in a branch?

everyone with a chase extra free checking look at your online statements!! starting this may 12th all wire transfers are going to have a fee. One more perk they are taking away from the original wamu free checking . i am wondering what is next… no more free checks, or account maintenance fees maybe…

by the way order you free checks online before u can’t order them anymore. on the bright side now you can request wire transfers online. how convenient!!

Banks are in business. Wamu is gone because their business model was not efficient. The only reason wamu was paying such high interest on their accounts was to attract more customers, so they could stay in business. It backfired on them and chase was stuck to honor 5 percent CDs when all the other banks are were paying 2 percent. If it were not for chase wamu customers would have been required to fetch their money from the FDIC. Chase has allowed wamu customer to keep some of the perks they had with the failed bank. I am a chase customer and I believe chase is a fair bank. Most banks have some sort of fees and or requirements. An account that isn’t being used should prob be closed.

I called in last night to order more checks. They want to charge me $23 to mail me some checks. Is this the “extra” in the free extra checking. Its free but checking is extra. LOL. Banks suck. I told the guy on the phone I will go into the branch and order there and see what they tell me. frustrating.

Have you tried ordering through the website? I ordered Chase checks online about a month ago and they were free.

I don’t really get what the problem is. I had a WaMu free checking account and now its Chase, but so far there have been no problems. They’re giving free checks (order ’em online), there’s no minimum balance and no monthly service fee, just like WaMu. Hey, we’re getting a much better deal than original Chase customers, who have minimum balances and fees. OK, just make sure to do at least 1 transaction per 6months or they’ll cut you out of the special deal. That’s no problem. OK, the savings interest is terrible. Hey, the economy’s in the tank. I suggest opening an online savings account from another institution*, you can find several fee-free options with over 1% interest. It looks like you can even do free external account transfers (ACH) from the Chase checking.

I know, it’s not as good as getting 4% interest, but that was unrealistic and the bubble popped. Its odd, everyone’s saying run from Chase. I’m planning on transitioning from having the Chase account as an alternative to replacing my B of A account (they charge $3 for external account transfers, and charge for checks).

By the way, anyone notice the convenient new Chase ATM’s replacing the WaMu ones? You can deposit cash or checks no envelope, no trying to remember the account number, quick and EZ.

Although I enjoyed the free wire transfers, being able to do it online for a fee is really nice too. I dread going to the bank for anything, epeciallyahving to leave 30 min early from work to run to the bank to do a wire transfer. Now everything is saved in your online banking and you can easily send wire transfers, especially ones you have to send on a regular basis, quite easily. Well worth the fee I think.

For example, I went to the bank yesterday to do a wire transfer thinking it was still free. Had to go through hell to find parking at the bank. I waited in the bank for about 45 min before someone was able to help me, then I was told the wires were no longer free, but they would be $5 cheaper if done online. Needless to say, I left the bank very happy. It will be the last time I step into a chase bank.

How can I get to see my old WaMu checking account history? I need to see some of the transactions from 2008-2009 and I can’t seem to find any way to do that on the Chase site.

I read that the history would be available for something like 7 years, then read it would be for 13 months. .

Any insight appreciated.

wow, i just seem to have stumbled on it by accident, mustve been way too late last night when i was searching and just totally missed it……

Not any more, chase now charge fee for domestic outgoing transfer.

And I am leaving chase for good. Local credit union here I come..

I’m not quite sure what to do. Back in August 2009, my husbands card was stolen and soon after there were unauthorized charges. Before my husband called the bank( 2 hours later) there were already charges made.

We went ahead and signed and sent back the affidavit and they issued us provisional credit for the amount of $542. All was fine and dandy.

During the first week of May 2010 we noticed that $542 was deducted from our Chase account. Thinking it was fraud again, I contacted Chase. I was told we had a remaining balance with WAMU and that Chase is collecting this amount. I was telling the rep that I did not receive any mail, phone call or email notifying me of this. She simply said, ” We do not need to notify you.”

They were stating that the claim I made in 2009 was denied. I asked her why and she couldn’t tell me any information about it. They found the claim, but they can’t figure out why it was denied. I’ve been going back and forth with the telephone bankers, getting pushed off to different people. Get this, after 1 month of numerous calls, they tell me that they can’t find the claim. The claim just vanished into thin air.

The telephone bankers tell me to go to the branch when I initially opened my account. Instead I called the branch ( it’s 45 minutes away) to ask if they can help assist me in this matter. No, they couldn’t. Instead I went to my local bank and talked to one of the managers.

They helped me with trying to figure out more of what happened to the claim. After 1 hour, this is the result.

The claim was made in 8/2009 with WAMU. Since Chase took over they wiped the system clean of all WAMU history. They no longer have my claims or anything to go off. CAN THEY DO THIS. I am going to keep on fighting this battle. I am not going to pay for a criminal’s wrongdoing. $542!! I have a family of 4 to support, that is a lot of money to be taken right out from under my nose with no detailed information of why the claim was denied.

I feel I am entitled to an explanation as to why the money was taken from me. Obviously we called and reported the fraud and sent in the affidavit. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have issued the provisional credit. Now they’re taking back the money stating that the claim was denied. Where is the paperwork, where is the proof of our claim being denied??

I read in a post that all WAMU accounts will be transferred to Chase in October, I believe. I assume this would include WAMU’s history as well.

Can someone please lend some advice, I’m all ears.

Just got a letter today that Chase is going to start charging me $10 for my WaMu Free Checking account that I had grandfathered in. Screw them, this is the thanks we get for us taxpayers bailing out their sorry a$$e$. I hope all the TBTF banks go under and rot in HeII forever. Now looking for a free alternative…

@Chase_Sux…I got the letter also. Made me furious!

After the bailouts and them still granting their CEO’s big bonuses we have to pay $10 a month if we don’t meet their ridiculous requirements! And I say ridiculous because just look at the economy! The unemployment rate isn’t dropping and yet they want us to have $1500 daily minimum balance, at least one direct deposit of $500 or more monthly, an average balance of $5000 or more in a combination of deposit accounts with them or investment accounts, or pay $25 or more in qualifying account fees. Right now how many people are going to be able to meet one of those in order to avoid getting charged $10 every month?

I have not yet received any letter. maybe because I have setup 2 monthly transfers between wamu checking and wamu savings by churning the same amount. It just keeps my account active.

I also have a chase checking account on which I collectted $100 opening bonus.

I actually have no use for any of these accounts since I do all my banking at Alliant CU

Chase didn’t actually need the bailout. And they were the first bank to pay it all back really quickly BECAUSE they didn’t need it. So while you can complain about Chase, it’s unfair to imply that they somehow “owe” their customers because taxpayers bailed them out.

They are a business, and they run like a business. And like all businesses, they have the right to set their rules, and if customers don’t like it, they don’t have to do business with them.

A bank is not a “service,” it is a business. And businesses need to make money. This is true in any economy. But if individual customers are suffering because of unemployment and all that, then the bank is also vulnerable. Chase is trying to weed out the customers that are “bad business.” You know who I’m talking about: The countless overdrafts, and then they argue about paying their overdraft fees; The accounts that only have a few dollars in them at any given time, giving Chase nothing to work with; The customers who have several accounts, but don’t really use them, etc. What kind of monetary value do those accounts have to Chase? What kind of time gets wasted by the bankers (paid hourly) sorting out problem accounts? A nice bank would be more than happy to do it for you, and take the loss, just to have a happy customer who never has more than $100 in their account even on their best months. Chase is not in it for the friends they are making, they are in it for the money they are making.

But that’s the same as most other businesses. I have never had someone at Starbucks give me free coffee just because I had lost my job.

For me, my checking account will be free because I have a direct deposit of over $500.00. I don’t make a lot of money, and I don’t have a lot sitting in my accounts. But I have a steady job that pays me a steady wage (in the “traditional” form of biweekly checks, rather than, say, getting paid in cash every week), and that’s the kind of customer Chase wants. If they aren’t going to make money off of someone, at the very least they don’t want to waste time dealing with their poor budget management.

I’m not a big fan of all the changes. (I had a dream the other night that Chase was converting everyone from round wheels to square wheels…haha.) I just don’t think Chase owes anyone (well, most of us) anything. We are not “entitled” to receive free checking, free notary services, free health care, or what-have-you. And expecting that out of a bank, simply because it “used” to be that way is unreasonable. It used to be that we didn’t have to lock our doors when we stepped away from the house for the day. It used to be that we could go through airport metal detectors and that was enough.

If you don’t like it, don’t lock your doors, don’t travel in airplanes, and don’t bank with Chase. That’s always your prerogative.

I wonder if a transfer from my Ally Online Savings account in the amount of $500 a month would meet the requirement of direct deposit?

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