Freeze credit clark howard

freeze credit clark howard

Credit scores are a set of three numbers that represent your credit worthiness rating as seen by your lenders, creditors, landlords and insurers. Each of the scores are derived by your past credit history from each major credit reporting agency: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. *Clark Howard

Some of the Advantages of Checking Your Credit Scores Regularly

One of the advantages of obtaining your overall credit score is the ability to quickly see your credit worthiness ratings and any changes (whether good or bad) that may have taken place on your credit report. As the scores are compiled based on the credit report from each respective reporting agency, the resulting score gives you the best overall picture of where your credit ratings stand. *

Because your credit history may vary from one credit reporting agency to the next, your credit scores will vary as well. The scores will also change when the information in your credit report is updated as time goes on.

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