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Gap is a company and a store located in the United States. Their stores are known all over the world and they have a lot of fans who love their products.

If you have a Gap Credit Card you must create an online account for using all of the useful features provided by this company credit cards.

When you’re already done with creationg of an account, you may easily access from your computer or any type of mobile device.

Using your online account you will have the possibility to quicly operate your statements, do instant payments, set up automatic payment which will happen every selected period of the time, get different rewards and so on.

Gap Credit Cards are devided into three types: The Simple Gap Card, The Gap Visa and The Gap Silver Card. Every type of this cards can be used for creating and managing an account online.

If you have already created a Gap Credit Card Account, follow this steps to log into your account:

  • Press the button above and you’ll be forwarded to the Login Page on the Gap web-site.
  • At the opened page you will see the fields, where you must input your User ID and Password.
  • Decide if you want to use the Remember User ID function and click it if you want.
  • Click the button below which is saying ‘Secure Login’

Gap my credit card

How to login to Gap Credit Card Account using a Mobile Device

You can access your Gap Credit Card Account using a mobile device throuugh a mobile app or the optimized mobile version of Gap web-site.

Follow this steps to login into your Gap Account using the mobile web-site:

  • Open this link:
  • Insert in the correspodning fields your User ID and your Password.
  • Tap the ‘Secure Login’ button and you’re done now.

Here are the steps for accessing your Gap Account using the mobile application:

  • Download the official Gap app and install it.
  • Open the app and type your credentials in the corresponding boxes.
  • Tap the login button to finish the aythorization process.

If you forgot your passord or User ID, follow this instruction:

  • Go to the Gap Login Page.
  • Right above the fields for the Password and User ID, you will find the links for restoring the access.
  • Click one of this links (‘Find User ID’ or ‘Reset Password’)

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