Gapcard member services

gapcard member services

Gapcard member is an online service provided by GE Capital exclusively for its credit card holders. Using a GapCard account, the credit card holders of GE Capital can easily manage their account from where ever they wish. After having registered for a GapCard account, the customers can check their credit card balance, receive online statements, and even pay for any bill online.

To register for a GapCard account, you initially require the following:

1. A primary account in the GE Capital Retail Service.

2. The Credit Card provided to you by GE Capital in your possession.

1. Go to the GapCard Account Service webpage at and click on the “Register” button found at the left bottom of the page.

2. On the next page, type in your account number in the required field and then click the “Continue” button on the right.

3. You’ll now be shown your account details in order for you to validate and continue.

4. Now select your desired security question for safety reasons and for future reference and go on to the next step.

5. Choose your personal image from your computer and go the last step.

6. Now you are done with your GapCard registration and able to see your total account summary.

You can now log in to your account from the very same page by just entering your User ID.

For further information on security and terms of this service, you may look out at the very bottom of the same webpage I.E. “”.

This online system of checking your GE Capital account information as well as paying your bills online is a very convenient and hassle-free opportunity for its customers.

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