Green arrow vs red arrow

green arrow vs red arrow

Green arrow vs red arrow

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Green arrow vs red arrow

"Падение Зелёной Стрелы начинается здесь! Последствия событий "Взывая к справедливости" и "Лига справедливости: Взлёт и падение" привели к серьёзному жизненному повороту Оливера Квина. Зелёная Стрела убил злодея, но герои так не поступают и теперь члены Лиги Справедливости охотятся за ним, пытаясь уберечь его от ужасной ошибки, которую он пока не совершил. "

So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles

The first ever TACWB (formerly CACWB) fight!

  What happens is Oliver Queen is traveling to Gotham he thought he would visit his old friend Bruce Wayne. Well they were bragging about how much crime they stop, they began to argue, and the Green Arrow challenged Batman to a fight to the death. The Two began to fight, when Superman and The Flash showed up. Superman told the Flash to take The Green Arrow far away, while he, Superman took Batman far away too. However they both accidentally took them both to Wayne Tower where their fight to the death would then take place. Superman and the Flash leave to take care of other things, and The Green Arrow and Batman start to fight WHO WILL WIN.

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