How can you get a copy of your tax return

Tax Return Copy, Get Copy of Past Tax Return Online

Do you need your previous year’s tax return copy online directly to IRS with fast and easy service. Here you can get an exact copy of past tax return. We will allow you to retrieve prior-year tax documents previously filed with the IRS. Get Express Copy of Tax Return and W2s.

How can you get a copy of your tax return

How can you get a copy of your tax return

There are times when you need to have a Tax Return Copy for certain reasons. If you get Copy Of Tax, it will help you show proofs for all sorts of items you have claimed, in case audited by the IRS. Moreover, some leading firms or institutes also require you submitting such copy when it comes to applying for a mortgage loan. There are cases or circumstances when you may need old copy of your return and therefore, you need to know how to get it easily way possible.

For whatever things you need to do, it requires thorough knowledge and information for performing the task more efficiently and the same applies when it comes to requesting for a copy of your old filed return. In fact, the internet is a gigantic information portal offering you great opportunities for getting to know all sorts of information you need to have. There are numerous tax companies offering services for providing you with your previous year’s return along with e-filing services. Some offer Tax Copy for free whereas some may apply nominal charges. Anyhow, you will not have to worry about getting a copy as several options are ready for you.

There are options which you may consider when it comes to getting an exact copy of your past income tax return with all sorts of attachments along with W2 and this can be possible when you prefer printing and completing your IRS Form 4506. When you are done, you can mail it to the concerned address along with the necessary fee. You will be able to receive your documents, which you have requested, within sixty days span of time. For most of the times, the copies of tax returns filed for the past 6 years as well as current years are normally available.

For the right and reliable information regarding tax issues, you may contact the IRS website at You may use the contact number provided at the IRS site for getting the transcript requested form, which is a computer print-out for free of cost. Such transcripts generally consist of basic data including your marital status, your AGI as well as taxable income, type of your return file etc.

Apart from the IRS website, there are many tax firms and websites offering affordable services. While you explore the internet, you may come across many tax firms and sites like our website to get the ideas regarding how to get IRS copy of tax return easy way possible.

How to get tax transcripts and copies of tax returns from the IR - KCTV5

Taxpayers should keep copies of their tax returns for at least three years. Those who need a copy of their tax return should check with their software provider or tax preparer. Prior year tax returns are available from IRS for a fee.

Tax Return Transcript. A tax return transcript shows most line items including AGI from an original tax return (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) as filed, along with any forms and schedules. It doesn’t show changes made after the filing of the original return. This transcript is only available for the current tax year and returns processed during the prior three years. A tax return transcript usually meets the needs of lending institutions offering mortgages and student loans.

Tax Account Transcript. A tax account transcript shows basic data such as return type, marital status, adjusted gross income, taxable income and all payment types. It also shows changes made after the filing of the original return.

To get a transcript, people can:

Order online. Use the ‘Get Transcript’ tool available on There is a link to it under the red TOOLS bar on the front page. Those who use it must authenticate their identity using the Secure Access process.

Order by phone. The number to call is 800-908-9946.

How do I get a copy of my corporation or partnership state tax return?

You may be able to obtain a free copy of your California tax return. Go to MyFTB for Businesses for

information on how to register for your account.

You can request a copy of your California corporation or partnership tax return by completing form FTB 3516 (side 2), Request for Copy of Corporation, Partnership and Limited Liability Company Tax Return. You may also request your return in writing. The following information must be included in your written request:

  • The name of your corporation or partnership.
  • For corporation returns, your California Corporation ID or Federal Employer Identification Number as filed on your tax return or claim.
  • For partnership returns, your Federal Employer Identification Number as filed on your tax return or claim.
  • Your corporation or partnership's telephone number including area code.
  • Your corporation or partnership's current mailing address.
  • Taxable year or years of returns requested.
  • The signature and title of the officer or trustee of your corporation or partnership.

Mail your request to:



There is a $20.00 search fee for each tax return copy you request. Include a check or money order for the total amount due, made out to the Franchise Tax Board. It may take up to four weeks from the date of your request to receive a copy of your return.

There is no charge for a copy of your return if you are requesting a return for a tax year in which you were the victim of a designated California state or federal disaster.

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How to Get Free Copies of Your State & Federal Taxes for Past Years

The IRS provides tax transcripts for free.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, to assist in future returns, you should keep a copy of your income taxes for at least three years. Your tax forms are not only required for filing future tax returns, you also need the forms to prove prior-year income when applying for a loan. If you've misplaced last year's return, you can typically get a copy for free, depending on the year and type of copy you need.

If you paid someone to prepare your taxes, the preparer should be able to provide you with copies of your tax returns. Because the law requires preparers to provide you with a copy when you file your taxes, the preparer might charge you a fee for printing off additional copies. The IRS requires tax preparers to keep copies of client returns for at least three years, but some states require longer. If you prepared your own taxes using tax-preparation software, check your computer's hard drive.

If you can't get a copy from your preparer, you'll have to request one from the IRS. Visit the IRS website and download Form 4506-T, which is the Request for Transcript of Tax Return form. A tax transcript is a record of your tax return that displays most of the information on your filed tax return, including all supporting forms. You can request returns for up to three prior tax years. The IRS provides tax transcripts free of charge and you should receive the form in 10 to 30 days. Any changes, made by you or the IRS, are not included in a tax transcript.

If you need an actual copy of your tax return or the period you need is more than three years ago, you'll have to pay the IRS for the forms. Visit the IRS website and download Form 4506. The IRS can provide copies for up to seven years. As of 2013, the charge for a copy of your federal tax return is $57 per year. If you filed a different tax form each year, such as 1040EZ in year one and 1040A in year two, you'll have to fill out more than one Form 4506. You should receive the copies of your returns within 60 days.

Most states require you to fill out a form and provide proof of your identity to get copies of your return, but the procedure differs from state to state. The cost and length of time you have to request a copy of your return also differ, depending on the state. For example, California keeps copies of tax returns for up to 3 1/2 years, and they charge $20 for each return. North Dakota doesn't charge a fee at all. For more information, contact your state's department of revenue.

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