How do you spell karma


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How do you spell karma

T his item is a 1.25 inch pewter yin yang pendant.

With the purchase of this item you get these charka balancing and karma cleansing enchantments for free.

Chakras are points of energy that occur in certain areas all over the body. The main seven run in a line from the base of the genitals out the top of the head. These points are close to the spine. Each chakra is associated with a different color and set of emotions and physical organs. When they are flowing properly optimum health is achieved and the spirit is free to ascend to higher levels. When even one chakra is out of alignment or not flowing properly it can lead to physical and emotional ailments as well a spiritual blockages.

There are various meditation and energy movement methods to balance each chakra but it can be a long painful process that is slow to show any results. In the meantime you are forced to sometimes endlessly go through emotions and illnesses that can make life miserable.

This item is spelled to gently align all of the chakras. If there are issues you must deal with relating to a specific chakra then this will help you to breeze through it with as little time and pain as possible. This will also help to work through any blockages and you will achieve balance. This will advance you spiritually, increase psychic abilities, increase health and vitality, make you happier, and help you to become emotionally sound.

If you have been working on a specific chakra feel free to keep doing so and the results will come faster than ever.

There is also a spell placed upon this item to clear all negative karma and "karmic debt". Simply put it stops you from reaping what you have sown. This is done without harm to you in any way. You will not have to go through any payback or discomfort. The slate will be wiped clean and you get a do over so to speak so act wisely in the future. As long as you wear or carry this item you will not incur new karmic debt. This does NOT mean that you will never have any consequences for you actions. If you create a situation you must deal with the result. What this spell does is keep a negative cosmic force from building up against you. It does not take away any bad results from poor decisions or evil that you bring into your life.

This second spell will also cleanse your aura.

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