How does acceptance now work


how does acceptance now work

Many webmasters, running a website or blog, dream about earning on your child. Our team is trying to help the reader of this blog "The world masters", and today we`ll talk about how to make accept payments online . Agree, because many of them have something to offer to potential buyers, but the lack of knowledge or inability on your portal aggregator receiving payments deprives someone a decent wage.

How does acceptance now work

    General operation with aggregators payments easiest way to accept payments online survey of known payment aggregators How do accept payments online using the Single ticket

to organize on its website to accept payments, you need to decide for yourself how you will work-with separate payment systems or payment aggregators. The first option-low commissions, but strict requirements to web resources, the second option-a little money and a large commission "fall" to the first partner.

How does acceptance now work

All systems receive money from the buyers have the same principle of operation:

    user enters the required data into a certain shape F. IO, nickname, e-mail, etc. Buyer after completing the form goes to the payment page in selected electronic payment system owner receives goods from a partner with a letter about payment and data checks correctness of payment of the buyer is redirected to the download page of the file or receives a password to access private pages or files. If an online store, the buyer receives a letter notifying him that the order is accepted.

Of course, it is a schematic explanation of each payment systems aggregator their algorithms action nuances and beginning work with the owner of the web resource should carefully examine all the features of the "payment orders." And be sure to make test purchases to make sure that everything works as expected.

How does acceptance now work

Let`s consider the options

install payment systems. The simplest and easiest option-in a separate block on the site indicate the number of purse in Yandex, Webmoney, Mayle. py, RBK Money, etc., and the amount you want to see on your bill for the goods. If several products, the information will be placed on the page with the proposal.

cons of this method of accepting payments is greater than the benefits, I suggest you think about it yourself, dear reader. But the most important thing here-to get the money, you should be very respected person: who wants to risk running into a cheater because the web is easy.

Services for accepting payments online set-below I will tell you about some of them in more detail-about the installation on site "payment order" from single fund.

How does acceptance now work

1. Let`s start with Interkassa -decent service, ready to connect to your online store or website all known payment systems. For their services INTERKASSA take a commission of 3%of payment for goods received. While receiving payments Interkassa not received from the buyer of his secret data that ensures the security of the transaction. To start cooperation with the system will have to register and send for moderation poster-not all sites will be accepted for. In addition to code, you can install modules and plugins-it will simplify the work with the integration " payment system ». By the way, here`s a video to work with the system:

How does acceptance now work 2. The following system of accepting payments- KiberPlat . To get started with this service, you need to be registered to get the documents from the project manager, the paperwork and send their employees CYBERPLAT. In return you will receive data for installation charges. In my opinion-a lot of unnecessary movements and expectations, but there is a complete legal basis of cooperation and security work.

3. The third system of accepting payments online in our list- QIWI .

How does acceptance now work

To operate the system need to register and an address for moderation online store. When you have to choose the type of connection of the purse: the nominal or entity. The difference between them is, and is significant, since the Commission and ending dates of service connection. After approval of an online store administration service sends a notification and documents that have to sign and return back. Next-Customizing a receiving payments in your chosen protocol can choose combined.

How does acceptance now work

Service famous and popular, to work with him to create and send documents administration portal. After that you will code that need to be installed on site. Service fee depends on the choice of tariff, there are several "main", "HUS", "Do Good", etc. We accept RBK Money wallets and all major electronic payment systems.

How does acceptance now work This service

receiving payments is one of the best in its field, which in 2013, the year will be 10 years. ROBOKASSA works with both legal and natural persons. To start cooperation entities must create an account, sign a contract, check that the system, agree to act tehsostoyaniya "payment order" and make a warrant. Cooperation with individuals based on public offer and only requires registration and confirmation that the site complies with the rules of service. In a first embodiment for calculating partners use the clearing, in the second-electronic money. Robokassa truly reliable aggregator, if you are in doubt about choosing a system, then pay attention to it in the very first place. Service fees are charged depending on the chosen tariff, and starts at 1%.

How do accept payments online using the Single ticket

Why I chose this system? Because of its simplicity and ease of installation. So, we come to the merchant. and click the button "Join Now» :

How does acceptance now work

On the next page, we show our algorithm further action, and we begin with registration:

How does acceptance now work

To register, specify as login work e-mail or phone number, enter the security code, and understand that you agree with the agreement of the public offer, which can be read by following the link.

How does acceptance now work

Password for registration comes to a specified e-mail. Once you enter it, the start page appears.

How does acceptance now work

spend all the settings, a lot of them, but it`s time to spend a minimum. And we`re serious business plan, so that-no lazy. By the way, you can choose the appearance of your data.

How does acceptance now work

Configuring online shop. Here we have the right to confirm the site by uploading a text file in the folder or measles install some code in the master page template.

How does acceptance now work

rights to the site, you must configure the form of coupon payments on the site. How to do it, explained on page merchant., there is-describes the parameters that you can enter in the code for the payment of additional features to work with any purses, what-no, what should be the currency and so forth.

How does acceptance now work

get something like this-after appropriate adjustments and integration:

How does acceptance now work

can install the widget, which are methods of payment order.

How does acceptance now work

And, you can do everything with modules. You can upload them to the page from which we started:

How does acceptance now work

-How to install video accept payments online for Joomla !

I hope you now know, How to organize accepting payments online -for at least in general terms. It remains to understand that you will sell and stop at any of the payment system. Success!

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How does acceptance now work

  • How does acceptance now work
  • How does acceptance now work
  • How does acceptance now work
  • How does acceptance now work

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17 Important Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

To some applicants, the lure of receiving a monthly salary after months of job hunting is so irresistible they sign the first offer they get.

Maybe they already know the offered compensation package, maybe knowing their basic salary is going to be bigger than what they received previously was enough.

But money isn’t the only item you’re agreeing to when you accept a job offer.

By signing on the dotted line, you also agree to a company’s existing work schedule, vacation leave policy, and health insurance plan—or lack thereof. And while it’s not always in the contract, it’s also implied that you agree to work with your new boss and co-workers, whether you get along with them or not.

After a Job Offer, It's Now Your Turn to Ask the Questions

Your future boss was the one steering the conversation during your job interview. The tables turn though, once they give you a job offer.

It’s okay to decline the job. You worked hard to get to this stage, but all of that effort will not justify how miserable you’ll feel if you don’t like working there in the end.

Don’t let them pressure you into giving a favorable answer. Thank them for the offer then give yourself time to examine it.

How does acceptance now work Do you know what important questions to ask before accepting a job offer? (graphic source)

Read the job offer and list questions you think of as you go through it. Then schedule an appointment to discuss it. If you’re not sure what questions to ask before accepting a job offer, the list below is a good starting point:

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Job Offer

Some job offer questions you need to ask yourself first, so you're better positioned to negotiate with a potential employer.

An applicant’s career goals and desired compensation package is unique to their situation and plans. That said you can’t always get everything you want.

List your non-negotiables and think hard about what you’re prepared to compromise. The perks you’re willing to compromise can be used as a bargaining chip for your non-negotiables.

Is the basic salary in line with your experience and similar positions in the area? Consider if it’s enough for your expenses after taxes and other deductions.

If it’s not enough, start preparing to negotiate it. These professional tutorials on negotiating can help you:

  • How does acceptance now work

  • How does acceptance now work

    A year ago, I accepted a job at a company that shut down six months after I started. They left almost a hundred employees with no severance pay and half a month’s salary unpaid.

    I didn’t know the people who owned it had a history of ripping off their customers. They also had questionable sales practices that led to numerous consumer complaints. I didn’t know about these when I signed the job offer. If they treated their customers horribly, I should have realized they would do the same to us.

    This experience taught me the importance of researching the company’s reputation, and leadership background before agreeing to be part of their team. Google them, check reviews on Better Business Bureaus, and read feedback from their previous employees at salary review websites like Glassdoor.

    You may have met one of your colleagues in your interviews, or when you were given a tour of the office.

    Now that you’re not obliged to be all-smiles and likeable, do you think you can get along with your colleagues? No one said you have to be best buds with your co-workers, but you should at least consider their attitude and how they’re likely to treat you.

    • How does acceptance now work

    5. Can I Work With My Future Boss Given His Demeanor and Leadership Style?

    This question was suggested by Michelle Riklan, Managing Director at Riklan Resources and former HR executive.

    She continues, “Your future boss will have a huge impact on your career. Examine whether you can trust, respect, and learn from him.”

    What are your impressions about your future manager’s attitude and management style during the job interview?

    Now let's look at questions to ask HR when offered a job. You want to make sure your salary offer is firm, they can accomodate the start date you need, and the benefits package meets your needs.

    6. Is This a Firm Offer? Can I Please Get This in Writing?

    Get everything in writing. Telecommuting perks, stock options, and fancy benefits discussed during a negotiation mean nothing, unless it’s in a contract.

    Valerie Streif, Senior Advisor at The Mentat, says:

    “A friend informed her hiring manager that she will take a month long trip during her first year of employment. They said they’re okay with it but she demanded that it’s put in writing to confirm that they understood she would be taking a long leave, and that it wouldn’t affect her employment.”

    If the verbal agreement about the month long vacation wasn’t put into the employment contract, she could’ve lost her job. Unkept promises about your role and benefits will cause a serious headache for you later.

    7. When Do You Want Me to Start? When Do You Need to Get My Decision?

    Do they want you to start immediately or will you have a bit of time to get your affairs in order? These are two of the most important questions to ask before accepting a job offer.

    Think of everything you have to finish before starting your first day at work, such as:

    • Turnover pending projects at your current employer
    • The resignation notice required in your current job contract
    • Finding a new place, if you’re relocating
    • Packing up your stuff and moving into a new place
    • Spending unused vacation leaves that you can’t convert to cash

    You can negotiate starting at a later date, if needed.

    8. What Type of Benefits Are Included and When Does My Eligibility Start?

    Compensation packages often come with health insurance, dental insurance, group life insurance, transportation allowance, and other benefits.

    Not all of these benefits start on day one because they want to make sure you pass training and are not going to resign in a few months. Ask HR when you can start enjoying these benefits, and if there are any requirements you need to submit.

    All these benefits add up to your basic salary package. Think about how much these benefits will cost you if you pay for them yourself, then add that amount to your basic salary to get a rough idea of its cost.

    Gym memberships, day care discounts, and tuition reimbursements are good benefits, too, especially if you already pay for these services yourself.

    Vacation and sick benefits vary depending on the country you’re in and the corporate culture of your employer. For instance, companies in the Philippines usually give six to 10 vacation leaves a year, plus five to 10 sick leaves on top of public holidays. One multi-national finance company even offered unlimited sick leaves to their pioneer employees in their first branch here. In the U.K., most employees get 28 days of paid vacation, excluding public holidays. There are no such mandates in the U.S.

    This can feel like a taboo issue, but one you need to consider. Asking about vacation time is frowned upon during the job interview, but you should definitely ask about it when accepting a job offer. Find out if the leave credits:

    • Increase when you get promoted
    • Could be rolled over to another year
    • If they’re convertible to cash at the end of the year

    Most importantly, find out the process of applying for said leaves. Some companies make employees go through hoops just to get a few days off, while others have a system that prevents favoritism and relies purely on the team’s workload.

    Your 401(k) is a crucial part of your retirement funds. If your new employer has a 401(k) program, part of your salary will be automatically funneled into this account, so it’s important you know where that money goes and how it’s invested.

    Ask the Following Questions to Get a Better Idea of Their Program:

    • Will you match my contributions? Is there a limit to the matching?
    • Do employer contributions have a vesting schedule?
    • What are the investment options available?
    • When can I withdraw my funds?
    • What are the fees involved?

    Use this 401(k) calculator if you want to see how much your contributions and employer matching can grow your retirement savings.

    If your predecessor left to chase after a dream job, that’s great. But if they had to hire for the same position every year for the past five years, that’s a red flag. A bad boss, demanding schedule, lack of growth, and company politics could be the cause of the turnover.

    If you sense the HR representative isn’t being truthful about the reason for the vacancy, look for employee reviews online.

    There are some important questions to ask your new management team when getting a job offer. You want to get a good understanding of what your daily work and responsibilities will be, as well as accurately gauge the potential for professional growth this new job offers.

    12. What Will My Everyday Responsibilities Look Like?

    It seems silly that you’re asking this after the interviews. But you should ask this anyway to confirm that you are signing up for the same responsibilities that were advertised and discussed to you in the interview.

    It’s not uncommon for employees to experience scope creep, a situation where tasks keep adding up to what was originally agreed upon. If this happens, you’ll be overworked, underpaid, and itching to leave your new job.

    You can also ask for a copy of your job description and responsibilities so you have everything on paper.

    Onboarding is the process in which new applicants are taught about the company’s background and goals, as well as the skills they need to be productive team members.

    An employer’s onboarding process varies greatly, from a week long shadow session with a colleague, to a month long program that combines classroom training and on-the-job training. The length of the onboarding program also affects how soon your boss expects you to show results.

    14. What Are the Goals of This Job? How Will You Measure My Success?

    Clarify the output your boss expects, and the metrics that will be used to gauge your performance.

    Big companies often have established key performance indicators (KPIs) in place, but if you’re working for a small company or startup, you may need to discuss to create these metrics with your manager.

    Another thing to consider is the frequency and timing of performance reviews. Will it be done on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis?

    Even if you’re not paid by the hour, the length of your work week still affects your income.

    Let’s say your salary is $50,000 a year. If you only work 40 hours a week, you’ll earn about $24 per hour. If you often stay late without overtime pay, your hourly earnings will drop.

    This kind of schedule is common for some jobs, and in some cases they are compensated for it with a bigger base pay or more vacation days. Is that the case with your new job?

    Your future boss may not tell you the whole truth, so as not to scare you off from accepting the job. So try to ask your future colleagues as well.

    16. What Are Your Expectations in How We Communicate?

    A Telecommunications Engineer is always on call, in case one of their company’s clients experiences a problem with their system. Depending on their service level agreements, if a call comes in at 2 AM, they have to answer it and troubleshoot the problem. In some cases, they have to go to the site themselves, or send someone to fix it. It’s the same for doctors and other time-sensitive jobs.

    Unfortunately, round the clock communication isn’t limited to these jobs. In some cases, it depends on how workaholic your boss is. It’s better to know this early, before your future boss calls you at 1 AM to confirm your attendance at a 4 AM meeting.

    It’s not just after midnight phone calls you should be worried about. Ask how you’re expected to answer texts and emails after hours, and on weekends.

    Taking a break from work is a vital part of work-life balance.

    17. What Opportunities Are Available for Professional Growth?

    You might’ve left your previous job because you’re not happy with the career development opportunities available.

    If that’s your reason for moving, can your new employer give you the opportunities you’re looking for?

    Look for the company’s organization chart. Where does your position fit in that chart? Does it have room to grow or is it a dead end job?

    If there’s room to grow, does someone have to resign before you get promoted? Or are there jobs that allow for lateral movement, like transferring to a different department or team? Lateral promotions may not always come with a salary increase, but it can broaden your skills and network within the company.

    • How does acceptance now work

    Are you afraid your future boss and HR manager will think you’re too picky? Don’t be.

    Knowing the questions to ask an employer before accepting a job offer just shows you’re confident of your value as an employee. If they don’t see it that way, you should think twice about working with people that shun intelligent questioning.

    User Acceptance Testing: What It Is, How It Works & How to Use It

    User Acceptance testing (UAT) acts as the final stage of the implementation process to ensure that system requirements meet business needs. At this stage, all implicit issues that may arise are fixed before the final product releases, so testing often goes in the form of Alpha or Beta testing under close to reality conditions by the target audience.

    How does acceptance now work

    The importance of this type of testing follows from the previous paragraph – because it guarantees that the final product cover all the required business needs.

    Of course, this process may be quite expensive, however, possible cost damages caused by an inappropriate product could be many times greater or even not comparable

    The beauty of UAT lies in testing approach. Unlike other types of testing, UAT focuses on users and business consultants (as the main target audience) to determine whether the product fits their needs. The other benefit is that you are always know what should be expected as the outcome.

    Take your time when creating acceptance tests, so you can achieve as beneficial UAT platform as possible.

    1. Create acceptance tests according to User Stories
    2. Make your Acceptance Tests as simple, clear and cheap as possible
    3. Ensure that the system layout works off all necessary user actions
    4. Acceptance tests should define behavior – not needs
    5. Define user acceptance testing as a contract between a customer and a vendor
      • UAT as a deliverable
      • Minimize risks by implementing user acceptance testing design and testing through an iterative process
      • Let your UAT to be signed by the customer

    User acceptance testing is applicable on any implementation methodology, so you can easily improve your communication with potential customers by introducing new products – more reliable, agile and flexible.

    Before giving a definite answer, check the following improvements that gives UAT:

    • Greater customer satisfaction. As the final product works as intended, everything goes smoothly and predictably, thus making your customers more confident.
    • The final quality of a product is a constant value that is defined at the beginning of development and implementation.
    • Improved communication between your company and the customer, as requirements definition is managed on both sides and the acceptance tests are signed by the customer.
    • Minimization of risks and pressures during implementation and postimplementation phases, thus making the final product more qualitative.
    • User acceptance testing provides comprehensive information about the development and implementation processes, which can be used by stakeholders to better understand the target audience needs and make changes to the development strategy, if necessary.

    Returning to the question “who benefits”, now you can easily say – everyone.

    Last but not least benefit is that UAT guarantees a quick ROI. You can spend about 5-10% of the project time on planning user acceptance testing, but as the result, it can save about 30% of the total waste.

    • how-to
    • mobile application testing

    An accomplished, well rounded senior executive with extensive global experience in several industries. Experienced in P&L, general management, and operations.

    how does acceptance now work

    How does acceptance now work

    This information may be printed and reproduced provided it is copied unaltered and in its entirety, including UKCISA's logo, disclaimer, copyright statement and the reference to UKCISA's website as a source of further updates, and provided that no charge is made to any persons for copies. NO PART OF IT MAY BE REPRODUCED IN ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES.

    This information is given in good faith and has been carefully checked. UKCISA, however, accepts no legal responsibility for its accuracy.

    UKCISA is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (Company Number: 4507287) and a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Charity Number: 1095294). Its registered office is at 9 - 17 St Albans Place London N1 0NX.

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