How does apr work on cars

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25 Automotive Animations That Masterfully Explain How Your Car Works

With these great videos and animations, you'll get the mechanical gist in no time.

How does apr work on cars

No need to read through manuals as thick as a brick to understand the components that make up your car. From 1930s black-and-white clips outlining the basics of your suspension to modern graphics explaining complicated transmissions, these videos will teach you more than you ever knew about how cars are made.

The leaf spring is the oldest and simplest suspension. Several long, thin steel leaves are bound together in a pack by clamps. One end of the pack is connected to the vehicle's frame vis a bushing. The other end uses a shackle that can move for and aft. Combined with the flexing of the leaf pack itself, that provides the suspension movement and cushions the ride.

Most modern pickup trucks still use this setup for their rear suspension because of its simplicity and durability. The Chevrolet video from the 1930s shows how the suspension works and outlines its drawbacks for passenger car use.

The old-school manual might be an endangered species, but you should learn to drive you—and learn how it works. Manual transmissions provide a direct connection to the machine—one that makes the whole experience of driving a more rewarding activity.

The job of the manual transmission is to transmit the engine's torque from the input shaft, through various gearsets to the output and on to the axle and driven wheels. Those gearsets in the transmission combine with the gears in the axle to multiply the torque of the engine and get the car moving. This basic animation shows how the gears are selected, and what these gears actually do when you move the shifter.

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