How long does it usually take to get tax refund direct deposit

How Long Does A Tax Return or Refund Take to Get Processed?

Do you know when the the tax return is due? Your 2008 income tax return is due, unless you file for an extension until Oct. 15. But don’t wait until the due date because it can be too late since it takes time to complete, send and process the tax return. Delay in tax return filing can result in fines or refunds being delayed. So how long does a tax return take time to get processed? And when do you receive a tax refund? It will depend on how you filed your taxes, when you send them, etc. People who chose the option for direct deposit will ofcourse get the refund first since there is no mailing involved. But the general idea is that if you file tax online, that is efile, then it will take less them to reach to IRS compared to if you file on paper and mail them.

After that, it takes the same time for everybody to have their tax return to get processed for refund payment. IRS website has build a tool called Where is My Refund. There you put in your social security number, your filing status ( whether single or married) and the amount you are expecting to get back. In total, it usually takes between a week and 2 weeks to get the whole tax return to process at the irs tax department.

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How Long Does It Take to Get Amended Tax Return Back?

Many people are puzzled that how long does it take to get amended tax return back? Well! The answer is not easy but the experts are of the view that it might take 8 to 12 weeks on the trot. It is a two stage process where a new form 1040 is prepared along with 1040X. A person should complete all the details of the form along with accurate information since it will be compared with the data which is filled in the second form.

Recently, I filed my 1040X and I used TurboTax Online. I have to say amending tax return with TurboTax is really as easy as 1,2,3. I just logged in my account and click on “Amend Your Tax Return” for 2014 and it will guide you through the process. For me, my case was easy. My son was born on December 2014. Because he was born oversea so it takes a couple of months for him to receive his Social Security Card. When I filed my tax return, I still didn’t receive his Social Security Card so I had to file it without adding him as my dependent. We finally received his card and I updated the 1040X form immediately and I realized I can get about $1,500 dollars back because I am eligible for Child Tax Credit which is $1,000.

The other thing is it doesn’t matter your child is born in January or December, as long as your newborn is born last year, you can claim the full amount, not just a partial of the amount. Also make sure you sign the 1040X at the bottom and date it. If it’s joint return, your spouse have to sign and date it as well. You still need to print and mail the forms. You can’t e-file your tax return.

Receiving your amended tax returns back takes a long it. Usually, it takes about 3 weeks from the date you mailed the amended return for it to show up in the IRS system.

Thereafter, you can get your amended tax refund back after 16 weeks. Before, it usually takes 8 to 12 weeks processing time before receiving your tax return but increase in the number of amended return compelled IRS to extend the normal processing time to 16 weeks. You can monitor the status of your tax return with this tool Where is my amended return?.

Mistakes on federal tax returns are normal and they can be fixed. When we are filing our tax returns each year, there is no guarantee that we cannot make mistakes after all we are just humans. These mistakes may be in form of mathematical errors, IRS recognizes this is normal and as such will usually correct them and provide you with a correspondence which indicates the changes made. However, there are situations where you may unwittingly left out some incomes in your filing or you made changes to your claimable credits and filing status, you need to amend your returns in order to avoid tax penalties.

Amended tax return is your chance to correct your mistakes; it’s sort of a second chance, your do-over provided by IRS via Form 1040X. Knowing the status of your amended tax return can take a long time, you usually don’t get an immediate response. It takes too much boring and frustrating time waiting to know the status of your amended returns, and even more frustrating is the fact that the IRS telephone assistors will not give you any additional information when your amended return is being processed until it is completed. Generally, it can take up to 16 weeks from the day IRS received your amended return to be processed and it may take 3 weeks from the day you mailed it to show up in IRS system. This is why “Where’s my Amended Return” comes in handy.

The “Where is My Amended Tax Return?” is a tool which you can use to monitor the status of Form 1040X Amended Tax Return for the current year and even up to 3 years before.

How to File Taxes? It’s your Civic Duty as a Taxpayer

Tax time usually makes most people to become apprehensive, not everybody enjoys the prospect of filing taxes. However filing taxes is your obligation which you have to fulfill every year or face the consequences. Most people will find it easier to file taxes if they know that there are several ways of filing taxes or many options you can choose when doing it.

You can either file your taxes online or do paper filing. Here are some ideas on how to file your taxes this current year:

  1. File your tax for free online in IRS website if your earnings are below $54,000.
  2. You can use IRS e-file when your earnings are above $54,000. You can as well find additional details from IRS website.
  3. Send the printout of forms from IRS website to their office
  4. Get the services of a professional tax consultant and file a tax form
  5. Hire professional accountant to help you with filing taxes
  6. If you are late in filing your returns, you can go to a tax attorney or a tax agent if you think your case might be difficult.
  7. You can use such programs such as Turbo Tax and Quicken to file a hard copy of your returns.
  8. If you have a good knowledge of filing returns, you can do it yourself and send your papers to IRS.

The above are few ways you can use to file your tax returns this year. The one that suits you the best will depend on your individual situation. When filing your taxes, you may require the services of qualified tax preparer if you believe you have an intricate tax situation.

How to Amend a Tax Return? Can I Amend a Tax Return Online?

You can file to amend your tax returns if you want to correct your filing status, total income, claimed dependents, tax deductions, or tax credits. When you have such errors such as math in your tax figures, there is no need to file for amendment as IRS computers will do it and send you the corrections.

Unfortunately, Form 1040X for filing tax returns cannot be filed online. You can use tax-prep software in filling out the paperwork but you need to submit the paper manually to IRS.

Amending a tax return is done in two parts which includes:

  • Filling out a new Form 1040
  • Reporting the difference between the original tax return and the new one on the IRS Form 1040X

IRS tends to pay more attention to the amended returns more than the original returns. Therefore, ensure that your new Form 1040 is very accurate.

Keep the original and amended Form 1040 side by side while preparing Form 1040X. Form 1040X contains 3 columns; you will report items from the original tax return in Column A. Column C as well contains the same items from the original 1040 while Column B is where you put the difference between the old and the new figures. Ensure that the figures you have in Column A and Column B added up to the figures that will appear in Column C.

Part two of the Form 1040 is the most important part of it. This part will report the exact changes you made to original Form 1040 and the reasons for those changes. Ensure that you are clear and concise with your explanations.

Filing For Refund: if the amendment is for purposes of getting a refund or increasing the previous refund. You need to file Form 1040X within 2 years of paying the tax or 3 years of filing your original return – whichever comes later.

IRS allows you to correct the mistakes you made in your tax returns. However the time to correct these mistakes has a deadline attached to it.

You can be able to file for amended returns three years from the date the original tax return was due. When you get your new Form 1040X, you need to indicate the year of the tax return that you are amending for at the top of your form. According to IRS, your amendment must come within 3 years of your original return. For instance; if the due date of the return was February 26, 2013, IRS will give you till February 26, 2016, to file a Form 1040X for 2012. In the case where you made the tax payment after you filed the return, IRS will set your deadline for two years from the date of your payment assuming that would be later.

After I am done with amending my tax return because I need to add my son as my dependent. I can see some estimated time frame for the tax refund. Below is a screen shot.

It tells you the estimated time frame is 8-20 weeks. If you choose to get your refund with direct deposit, it should be much faster and it guarantees the check won’t be lost in the mail. Always save a copy for yourself to reference in the future just in case.

The other thing is it’s possible that you have to amend your tax return and you actually don’t expect any refund. If that’s the case, you still have to do it and always keep IRS informed and do the right thing. If you have to pay them more, then just brace yourself and do it.

Accuracy is a very important task because if the details are fudgy, it will take more time to get the amended Tax return back. The IRS service center might require all the documents which will be attached to the form for submission. Official would verify and scrutinize the documents individually to ensure that the tax returns are filled in a proper manner.

After completing the first step, it’s time to fill in the second form 1040X. It is bestowed with the summary of the contents from 1040. Details of the original tax returns should also be filled in 1040X because it will help to evaluate the difference in the amendment. One of the most important parts of the form 1040X is C where it is important to explain the reasons behind the amended tax returns. The causes must be clearly explained because it might get rejected by the IRS. Therefore, one should take extra precaution while filling the form.

Number crunching plays a major role while evaluating the tax returns. Hence, a person should be vigilant in entering the correct figures because a slight mistake could lead to a delay in the return of the amended tax information. All the information such as salary and deductions should be double checked to ensure that data is authentic.

Whilst filling the form, one must remember to append the signature and the date. It will help the authorities to track the information. Sometimes, the form is too complex for the people therefore they might need the assistance of an accountant. It is also crucial to add the signature of the accountant so that IRS has detailed information. After submission of the form, people can track its status online by filling in the application number. Amended tax returns are filed in conditions when the status, dependents or total income are reported incorrectly. Mailing the amended tax return is necessary because it can’t be e-filled.

Can I amend my tax return myself? Do I need an accountant?

There is a saying that goes like this “once bitten twice shy”. When you made a mistake in filing tax returns because of inexperience, there is a probability that you can make another error when you apply for amendment.

You need the service of professional accountant while you are filing for your tax returns. He will help you to appropriately file a good tax return free of errors, he can also help you to figure out if you are due for refund and as well improve your future tax situation by suggesting things to look out for in your future returns.

However, if you missed out on hiring a professional accountant the first time you file your tax returns, don’t repeat the mistake again. You definitely require the service of an accountant to help you in filing for your amended tax return. When you have lots of investments, it makes way more sense to manage your tax professionally in one place, it is the best way to become financial independent and get a handle on your finances.

How Long Does it Take to Get Tax Refunds From Electronic Filing?

Electronically filing your tax return is the fastest way to get your refund.

Electronic filing of your tax return is the fastest way to obtain a refund, both from the Internal Revenue Service and your state revenue department. The IRS states that nine out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refund in 21 days or less of their return being accepted.

Under IRS regulations, any tax professional that prepares more than 10 personal income tax returns per year for a fee must electronically file them. In addition, all tax software providers must allow for electronic filing. Electronic filing for tax returns typically opens in late January of each year, although late action by Congress may require the IRS to delay the opening of e-file servers to give the agency time to make computer system changes as required by updated tax laws.

The IRS publishes a refund cycle chart each year. This chart is primarily produced as a reference for tax professionals, but is freely available on the IRS website. The chart shows when refunds are typically processed for returns accepted on certain dates. Note that the IRS must accept the return in order to issue your refund in a timely manner. The IRS heavily advises against planning to receive your refund by a particular date for purposes of making major purchases or meeting financial obligations.

A number of factors can delay the processing of your tax return and result in a delay in receiving your refund. Always double-check your tax return to ensure it is thorough and free of errors. If you are using tax software to prepare your own tax return, take advantage of the error check feature of your software and apply all software updates to make sure you have the latest version of all forms. Before filing, double-check all Social Security numbers entered on the return and your address. Lastly, double-check your bank account and routing number if requesting direct deposit. These steps help ensure your return is accurate and won't be rejected by the IRS computer systems.

Some tax professionals and software products may offer you additional options for receiving your refund. You may be able to obtain a pre-paid Visa card or other type of cash card. You may also be able to pay your tax preparation fees this way, often called a refund transfer. These options incur additional fees and do not result in obtaining your refund any faster. Some tax stores also offer a refund anticipation loan, which lends you a portion of your refund, usually up to $1,000. These loans bear exorbitant interest rates, often in excess of 300 percent annual percentage rate, and require significant fees. The remainder of your refund does not come any faster from using a refund anticipation loan and may actually take longer because it must come through the lender.

If you have not received your refund by the expected date, or as soon as 24 hours after the agency has received your electronic return, you can check on its status through the IRS' "Where's My Refund" tool (see Resources). You will need your Social Security number, your filing status and the exact amount of your refund.

How Long Will Your Tax Refund Really Take This Year?

How long does it usually take to get tax refund direct deposit

If you were entitled to a refund last year — as the majority (around 80%) of taxpayers were — you may be anxiously awaiting tax time this year. Those who are anticipating a refund are more than likely beginning to calculate how much their refund will be, and also trying to determine when it will arrive.

Refunds go through three stages: Received, processed, and refunded (completed). You can use the IRS’s “Where’s my refund?” tool 24 hours after the IRS receives your e-filed return, and begin checking your refund’s status.

If you file electronically, and request that your refund be direct deposited into your account, you may receive it in as little as 6-8 days. This does not mean that you will necessarily receive your refund that quickly, though. The IRS reports that it “issues more than 9 out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days.”

So, you could receive yours in a week, two weeks, or in three weeks, and that would be within the standard time frame. But remember, some returns may run a little behind any given year (including this year), as new laws (like the ACA laws), staffing issues, and other factors can cause any operation to have hiccups here and there.

If you file electronically, and you do not receive your refund within the 21-day time period, you may want to contact the IRS and see what’s going on.

The chart below shows approximate dates by which you may receive your direct deposit payment of your tax refund (if you e-file). The first official date range begins on January 19, 2016.

How long does it usually take to get tax refund direct deposit

Now that tax service providers no longer have refund anticipation loans, which offered an advance on your refund for a fee (which ended up equating to near-payday loan level APR), options have been reduced for taxpayers. Most of them will just have to wait.

Of course, there are always other options — other short-term loans, credit cards (“I’ll pay this card off when my refund arrives”), borrowing from loved ones with the promise of returning the funds when they receive their refund, etc. — but it’s best to wait until the funds are in hand.

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