How long does pending decision approval take

How long does it take for a submission to go up for voting?

After a design is submitted, it remains pending for approval for 1-2 business days before it’s up for voting. Sometimes designs can remain pending for a few days longer, like when an unusually high number of designs are submitted.

If you have submitted to a non-voting challenge, such as Marvel, your design will not be made public. We will review all designs internally and contact you if your design is chosen for print.

How long does it take to get unemployment benefits pending

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I don 8767 t feel that it was a good place for Christian black women to find good Christian men that would be interested in them. Not all black women fit the 8775 black woman stereotype. 8776 Not all black women only look for black men. Being black women, we have the slimmest pickings of all people.

I would like to hear other black women &amp men 8767 s experiences on Christian Mingle. I know I 8767 m not alone in what I experienced. Also, what do others think about how race plays into it.

How do I help my relative become a . permanent - USCIS

When making an informed decision, one of the things you probably want to know is how one site stacks up against the others especially how a big site like Christian Mingle compares both to other big sites like eHarmony and Match, but also how it compares to another reputable Christian site like Christian Cafe. Here 8767 s what we 8767 ve got:

Christian Mingle screwed me. I didn 8767 t realize my account was up for renewal after I lost my job. They took $656 from my account for the renewal and that was my money for my bills. They wouldn 8767 t work with me at all and refused to refund my money.

This is taking the lord 8767 s name in vein to a whole new level. This sin has destroyed my family leaving over one million dollars in unmitigated damage. This website introduced my mother in law to the perp within minutes. This vanity has destroyed many lives. If you sign up, you are a sinner. The wages of this sin is indescribable.

Sad but true. I found a great guy using . Though not a Christian website it does mean that you have to accept a contact request and you can take your time with the communication. You just have to learn to ask the right questions and listen very carefully to their answers.

I was told by my guy that most guys will take what they can from ANY woman that will let them, and that so many girls are so desperate for a small piece of attention that they will do anything to get the guy to see them again, Christian or otherwise, even sleeping with them! Trust me when I say that strategy NEVER works.

Well, I tried both eHarmony and Christian Mingle. Didn 8767 t care for either one. The 8775 matches 8776 they made for me were totally inappropriate. No common ground whatsoever. One gets the idea that they say 8775 you 8767 ll take this completely-wrong-for-you person and LIKE it! 8776 No thanks. Not that lonely or desperate. I figure if maybe one 8767 s not meeting the right people in real time, in the normal way, maybe one is just meant to be single? People should consider that possibility 8776 thy will be done 8776 as they say.

-About 55% have unrealistic expectations on a first date.

Yes of course I pay and take them to a 9 star type place, but they are expecting

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You 8767 ll be tempted to rush through this section and get on with searching for matches, but keep in mind this section requires an approval process from Christian Mingle and that approval process can take up to 79 hours, as do any of your profile photos. So when you go scrolling through the search engine and look at a really awesome profile of a match, all they 8767 ll see is a mostly blank photo for you until your words and pics are approved. So you 8767 ll want to fill this out as soon as possible and with as much detail as possible. It 8767 s a first impression and you know what they say about first impressions

As a whole, I am disappointed in the quality of men yes, quality (not on the site but in general). The men I have met through friends or at work, etc, have wanted a fling. The commonality of these men were that they asked to video chat and next thing I know, they were pleasing themselves. I quickly closed the video chat and swore to never do that again.

How long does it take after the decision writer has my decision for me to receive a answer about my SSi case?

I had a SSi hearing last week and I called my local SSI office today to see if the ALJ made a decision yet and they said it was with the decision writer .they said I could check back later in the week.IF the ALJ made a decision that fast does it mean it was denied?

Not at all. Sometimes by the end of the hearing, the ALJ knows he/she will approve the case and sometimes he/she knows they will not. Sometimes they want to review evidence one more time before making a decision. In most situations Case Writers are shared by several ALJ's. We usually get decisions back in 30-45 days. Recently, we have received decisions in as few as 12 days. Each location will be somewhat different. It first depends on case load and then depends on whether the ALJ signs the decision or asks for changes before he/she signs it. At this point you just have to sit tight until you get a decision. You can certainly call back every few days if you like, but you'll need the decision in writing in order to know your next step, whether that be an approval or finding an attorney to appeal. While you are waiting, I always suggest that my clients make sure the SSA has their correct account information for automatic deposit in case they are approved and I do recommend you consult with an attorney if you are denied at this level. He/she will be able to advise you as to whether it is better to appeal or start over. Good luck to you.

If this answer is "helpful9quot; to you, please indicate so. If it is the "best answer" you receive, please indicate that also. Disclaimer: This answer sets up no attorney/client relationship. The information provided here is done so as general information only and is not intended as legal advice.

How long after a approval will I receive any back pay owed to me?

how long does pending decision approval take

How long does pending decision approval take

How long does pending decision approval take

How long does pending decision approval take How long does pending decision approval take

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How long does pending decision approval take

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How long does pending decision approval take

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