How many trueblue points for a free flight

25% More TrueBlue Points for Transferring Membership Rewards to JetBlue

Membership Rewards announced a transfer bonus today if you want to move points to the TrueBlue loyalty program operated by JetBlue. You can get 25% more points when you transfer to your TrueBlue account by September 15. Although American Express has clamped down on people transferring points to other individuals’ accounts, this is still possible if you add that individual as an authorized cardholder.

250 Membership Rewards points will earn 200 TrueBlue points. Under the terms of the promotion, a 25% bonus means you’ll get 250 TrueBlue points for every 250 Membership Rewards points. Like Southwest Airlines, many of JetBlue’s flights are in economy class only, and though it has no blackout dates it does have a few different booking classes that mean different rates for redeeming TrueBlue points. You can expect to get between 1 and 1.3 cents per point, or up to 1.7 cents per point if you redeem for their new Mint class on transcontinental flights.

Is it a good deal to transfer Membership Rewards to JetBlue? Given how few flights have Mint service, I think it’s an unfair basis for evaluation. I’ll instead use 1.3 cents as the maximum value. A $200 flight that costs 15,385 TrueBlue points used to be 19,794 MR and is now only 15,385 MR — a 20% savings.

But what’s the opportunity cost? I could do a lot with

15,000 MR. I can transfer them 1-to-1 with British Airways’ Avios program, a distance-based program that has capacity restrictions but doesn’t care how much the fare cost. Only 12,500 points would be needed to fly from the West Coast to Hawaii on Alaska Airlines or American Airlines. 15,000 points would be enough for a round-trip flight from Seattle to Las Vegas. These are both trips that often cost more than $200.

How many trueblue points for a free flight I can get a round-trip flight to any non-stop destination within this bright circle for just 15,000 Membership Rewards points.

Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer is another good transfer partner if you like international flights in first class, though you’ll need much more than 15,000 points. Instead, take a look at some of its Star Alliance partners. You could still use KrisFlyer to book an award on United Airlines.

So while a bonus offer from JetBlue and Membership Rewards is nice, I don’t see this as a compelling reason to transfer your points. Fixed-value rewards currencies like TrueBlue force you to trade the flexibility of any seat, any flight in exchange for significantly less valuable points. I’d prefer to save my Membership Rewards for a future trip, one where I know award space is available and can extract far more value — with or without a transfer bonus.

JetBlue Offers Customers Generous Program to Earn TrueBlue Loyalty Points for Doing What They Love – Shopping on Amazon

New Benefit Extends Innovative Relationship That Already Delivers Unlimited Streaming Entertainment Onboard JetBlue Flights

JetBlue Offers Customers Generous Program to Earn TrueBlue Loyalty Points for Shopping on Amazon (Graphic: Business Wire)

JetBlue Offers Customers Generous Program to Earn TrueBlue Loyalty Points for Shopping on Amazon (Graphic: Business Wire)

JetBlue Offers Customers Generous Program to Earn TrueBlue Loyalty Points for Shopping on Amazon (Graphic: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--( BUSINESS WIRE )--JetBlue (NASDAQ: JBLU) and Amazon today announced a generous new shop and earn program for JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty members, further building on an innovative relationship that already delivers to customers unlimited streaming entertainment over JetBlue’s acclaimed free Fly-Fi high-speed inflight Internet.

The new benefit offers TrueBlue members who shop on Amazon – in the air or on the ground using a unique JetBlue link – the ability to earn three TrueBlue points for every eligible dollar spent on (a). TrueBlue members can use the points to book one-way and roundtrip award flights on JetBlue-operated flights with all seats available for redemption with no blackout dates.

“Customers love to use our free Fly-Fi to shop while flying, so we decided to reward them for what they’re already doing – shopping on Amazon,” said Jamie Perry, vice president marketing, JetBlue. “We offer unlimited entertainment like in your own living room while also getting you on your way to free flights with a generous TrueBlue offer when you shop.”

Customers can take advantage of the offer in the air or anywhere on the ground:

  • Earn Points While Flying: TrueBlue members have an opportunity to earn points for shopping while they fly. Customers who log into Fly-Fi using their TrueBlue membership, or sign up for a TrueBlue account and then log-into Fly-Fi, will earn points while they shop and fly. The benefit begins rolling out on aircraft in December and will be installed on all aircraft by January 2017.
  • Earn Points on the Ground: TrueBlue members who want to earn points for any of their Amazon purchases – even when not flying – can sign in to their TrueBlue account at from anywhere and click on the Amazon link or go directly to

Points Earned on Amazon Make TrueBlue Even Better

JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program rewards all customers, regardless of their travel frequency. With TrueBlue, there are no blackout dates with all seats available for redemption, and points never expire.

While redemption levels vary, the amount of points a certain trip requires is directly tied to current fares, and when flight fares are lower, so are award flight point fares. When searching for travel on, customers should select “points” instead of “dollars” to redeem TrueBlue points.

Additional information about TrueBlue and how to register can be found here:

Fast, Free Wi-Fi on Every Aircraft Sets JetBlue Apart

JetBlue will complete installation of Fly-Fi on all aircraft in 2016, advancing its effort to become the only U.S. carrier to offer free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet on every aircraft available to every customer. JetBlue currently has Fly-Fi installed on its entire fleet of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, and is nearing completion of its fleet of Embraer 190s.

Fly-Fi uses Ka-band satellite technology to offer a broadband Internet experience similar to what customers have at home, including the ability to stream video and use multiple devices at once.

With the collaboration with Amazon, JetBlue’s differentiated approach of providing high-speed Internet at no additional cost with a variety of entertainment choices and the ability to stream titles from Amazon Video is consistent with the airline’s founding mission of bringing humanity back to air travel. When JetBlue launched, it revolutionized inflight entertainment by introducing seatback televisions with free live programming - a popular feature that remains today.

JetBlue has set itself apart with award-winning service and onboard products. JetBlue flights offer the most legroom in coach (b), unlimited and complimentary brand name snacks and soft drinks, live DIRECTV® programming at every seat in addition to 100+ channels of SiriusXM Satellite Radio®.

About JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is New York's Hometown Airline ® , and a leading carrier in Boston, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Los Angeles (Long Beach), Orlando, and San Juan. JetBlue carries more than 35 million customers a year to 100 cities in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America with an average of 925 daily flights. For more information please visit

(a) Customers connected to Amazon via Fly-Fi if onboard or signed into their TrueBlue account and using their unique link can earn 3 TrueBlue points for every $1 spent on Amazon on any eligible item. To see list of items that are not eligible click here. Points will be posted 60 days after item is shipped.

5 Things You Need to Know About Frequent Flyer Programs

How many trueblue points for a free flight

With paragraphs of fine print to decipher, frequent flyer programs are anything but straightforward. If you can get past all the rules and requirements, however, joining an airline’s program will start you on your way toward a free flight, a bump to first class, free entry into your airline’s club, and other perks. We’ve rounded up all the details so you’ll be in the know before you sign up.

Details vary from program to program, but what are the basic factors to consider before committing to one airline? We turned to Tim Winship, editor and publisher of, for some expert advice.

It’s well known that frequent flyer programs award miles based on the length of a flight, but exactly how many miles are rewarded for each mile flown? “If you fly 5,000 miles, you earn 5,000 miles—unless you’re an elite member of the program, in which case there’s a bonus on top of the actual flown mileage,” Winship said.

But not all programs operate on a mile-for-mile basis. For example, Southwest Airlines’ new program awards members points based on how much their ticket cost rather than how many miles were flown.

While one mile will always equal at least one mile in terms of what you're earning, that doesn't mean that rewards flights cost one rewards mile per mile flown. For example, while a round-trip ticket from New York to San Diego is only about 5,000 miles, the lowest awards flight we could find on JetBlue cost 13,300 TrueBlue points. Getting a free round-trip ticket on other airlines will cost you anywhere from 5,000 to 40,000 miles—and that's just for an economy fare.

Wondering why you’d want to join a frequent flyer program in the first place? There are different reasons for different types of travelers. “For relatively infrequent leisure travelers, the benefit is that after X number of flights, you can earn a free flight,” Winship explained. “The price of the frequent flyer miles, at the end of the day, is folded into the price of your ticket. So in a sense, if you don’t earn the miles, you’re not getting full value for an airline ticket.”

For high-frequency business travelers, “it’s not so much about earning free flights; it’s more about achieving elite status, with the principle benefit being upgrades.” Many luxurious extras, such as admission to an airport lounge or complimentary upgrades, are only offered to elite members of a frequent flyer program.

According to Winship, taking a realistic look at your travel patterns is the most important strategy for playing the frequent flyer program game. “It’s not just how often you fly,” Winship said, “it’s also whether or not you will be able to focus your flying on one airline or two at most, because if you don’t you’re going to be dispersing those miles over multiple programs and you’re not going to reach an award level in any program.”

So how do you know which program makes the most sense for you? Winship says that depends on your hometown airport. “If you live in Dallas, American Airlines is the big airline. So you’re probably going to be best served by joining American’s program.”

Think twice before transferring points between programs.

Sites such as will convert your miles from one frequent flyer program to another, but it will cost you. “The fees associated with these transfers sort of pull the rug out from any value you would get from transferring them in the first place,” Winship said.

“It generally does make sense to augment your mileage earning with one of the program-affiliated credit cards,” Winship said. In fact, many programs award double points for paying for a flight with an airline’s credit card. Still, Winship urges flyers to assess their priorities. “Remember that there are cash rebate credit cards out there that will deliver a reliable one percent or more cash rebate, and at the end of the day cash is better than frequent flyer miles because there are no restrictions on what you can do with cash.”

JetBlue TrueBlue Points Used For Free Flights To Puerto Rico and the Bahamas

JetBlue’s rewards program is TrueBlue and personally, I have always found much availability booking award tickets for very low and attractive point redemptions through this program. In fact, Rob is going to Puerto Rico for a 50th birthday guys weekend this October. (How are we so close to 50?) I got him a ticket on JetBlue using TrueBlue points for a mere 25,200 points. Even better, I booked my family to go to the Bahamas next April for spring break, a destination that was not yet on my radar till I started doing the research and found tickets for only 19,000 True Blue points per ticket. Crazy deal.

At redemption rates like these, just merely getting the American Express JetBlue card and meeting the minimum spend (on things you are buying anyway!) and getting the 20,000 bonus TrueBlue points can get you at least one free ticket to the Bahamas.

Note-American Express No Longer Offers This Card

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