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Wells Fargo loses consumer case over overdraft fees

Wells Fargo & Co. should pay about $203 million to customers who say the bank manipulated debit-card transactions without their knowledge to increase revenue from overdraft fees, a federal judge ruled.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco issued the ruling Tuesday, deciding the case without a jury.

Wells Fargo changed the way it treated customers' daily debit transactions and cash withdrawals in December 2001, according to the lawsuit filed in 2007. Transactions with the highest dollar amount posted first, rather than in the order they occurred.

The practice resulted in more overdrafts, with customers overdrawing their accounts by small amounts multiple times a day, according to the complaint. The change allegedly was intended to boost revenue from overdraft fees, which ranged from $18 to $35 for each overdraft.

The lawsuit, filed by three customers on behalf of thousands of Californians charged overdraft fees, called the practice unfair, deceptive and fraudulent and sought more than $350 million, plus punitive damages.

Wells Fargo & Company Overdraft Fees Consumer Reviews

ROY, UTAH -- I am hereby demanding that my accounts be closed, effective immediately. The reason that I am taking this action is because of the unacceptable policies that are being utilized at my expense, and I am literally fed up with your "Greedy" Business Practices. In my banking experiences - over the past thirty years, dealing with many other financial institutions, I have never encountered the amount of problems with overdraft fees that are constantly reoccurring with my checking account. The practice of your credit/debit posting practices are "Shady" at best.

One example of this is posting debits on a holiday (A Non Banking Business Day) and not posting the credits that were pending also, until the next day. Another example is the shuffling of order in which the transactions occurred to maximize overdraft fees. Another example is the way your computers post account data, designed to confuse the customer, because it is not accurate at any given time with your continual overdraft trap, designed to gouge your customers.

I find this practice to be horrendous and despicable. A bank is supposed to be working in my best interest, and not lurking in the shadows of deception, waiting to pilfer the customer at their earliest convenience, it is a matter of ethics and scruples, really.

Wells Fargo should be ashamed, and should be nominated to the Hall of Shame. I have a question for Wells Fargo? If the money isn't in the account, then why aren't the transactions denied? It seems that your computers are programmed to build revenue - In Wells Fargo's favor, at the customer's expense, by dragging its heels to notify customers of their overdraft status until days later, believing that they had a positive balance in their account (according to your current computer account information data), that they rely on - continuing to make minor purchases and being fleeced with overdraft charges .

"Is there a human-being monitoring these computers?" that is a scary thought. Don't rely on your online banking service, which is totally useless in my opinion. I have never had problems with other banks, because they were predictable and consistent. Banking with Wells Fargo is much like going to a casino with the customer service of an all night Taco Bell Drive through.

In closing, I know that Wells Fargo does not care, about me, the customer and that is OK too. If my small business ever takes off, rest assured that my money will certainly not be deposited with Wells Fargo Bank. I am not the only disgruntled customer of Wells Fargo Bank, here are some other customer complaints from the many disgruntled customers (too many to list) whom have left your institution.

It appears that Wells Fargo is more interested in making a "Quick Buck", than establishing long term relationships with its customers. I also wish upon Wells Fargo - that the fleas of a thousand camels, infest their arm pits. Wells Fargo Bank - one of the carbuncles on the butt of mankind.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- It's amazing that after over 13 years with a bank we will be moving our money elsewhere. I recently ran into an issue with them where I had to use a cash advance to take care of some unexpected bills. Well they already charged ridiculously for the service but on top of that they withdrew the month back too early on another deposit that I made to the bank. Usually what would happen is that they would wait for the next pay period to take the money out no big deal. but no that is not what happened.

Their response was "Sorry sir. Anytime that you make a deposit over 100 dollars we automatically add that to the funds that you borrowed." That doesn't make any sense, I deposited more money to be able to cover some additional bills and now you're going to hit me up for it? "Well sir what we CAN DO FOR YOU IS. YOU CAN ACTUALLY ASK FOR ANOTHER CASH ADVANCE WITH OF COURSE ANOTHER FEE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR ISSUE." SOO pretty much borrow the money that I just deposited again that was my money so that you can now add a fee to it? Why didn't you just leave my money alone?

"Well sir.." and again I got the answer that they read from their script. What is sad is that I did make the additional cash advance I needed to make sure that they didn't charge me any more additional overdraft fees. Well gues what? I check it tonight and WHAT DO YOU KNOW - 2 more fees for 35 dollars a pop that were not there this morning. They turn around and state "Ooo sir you must have have not notice. " Really that is funny because I was speaking with you guys this morning. "OOO sir well it processed during the day and you missed it." WHAT.

I will make sure that any one that I know doesn't do any type of business with this bank. That are manipulating the system and holding small purchases so that they can hit you with overdraft fees. so something that was 10 dollars is now 49 (because of their 39 Fee). it is outrageous that they get away with it. real shame. They know what they are doing it is not about the customer it's about making money off you by any means necessary.

I checked my account balance at 7 am 1/6/13, to check for weekly deposits and any withdrawals that had occurred. My account showed 2 hefty deposits and 4 small withdrawal transactions all dated 1/6/13. I had a solid balance, and was prepped to phone-in car payment after their offices opened.

At my lunch hour (11:30 am), I checked my account and the four small deposits now showed a transaction date of 1/3/13 - and I now had 4 overdraft fees at $35 each. One withdrawal was less than $2!! How did transaction dates magically change and appear 3 days prior. I called customer service and listened to her explain that nothing could be done, as the dates were correct - as if I made it up!! Something should be done to keep banks from using these dishonest practices to generate revenue. I'm closing this Wells Fargo account ASAP!! What a RIP-OFF!!

I deposited money, then went shopping. Woke up, had an overdraft fee. I was told by Wells Fargo that if money is deposited BEFORE a withdraw there is no fee. I told the customer service representative that that was what happened. I was then told that because the branch that I deposited my money with had a posting time of 2:00 and because I deposited my money after the withdrawal came first. They told me, that it is Wells Fargo's policy that the customer knows what the posting time for ALL branches are.

When I called to get the fee reimbursed, Scott a "manager", had a total inability to empathize with me as a customer. He did nothing but follow the process and basically just read off the prompt and flowchart Wells Fargo employees are given. To give an example, Erb also proceeded to tell me that he did not think people were upset with the banking industry and it was the customer's responsibility to know the posting times of each branch. Needless to say, I will be switching banks.

DENVER, COLORADO -- I have been banking with Wells Fargo since they took over Bank of Monaco. That's a faithful customer. You would think they would want to keep me as a customer. I have over half a mill with them. They have recently been out to rip the public off.

Do not let a check of even a penny be overdrawn for more than a minute because transferring from one account to another does not occur instantly according to Wells Fargo. I transferred enough money from one account to another within hours of two checks $130 and $400 and had $3000 transferred to cover those within 12 hours and Wells charged me for each "overdraft" of $35 each. They would not budge in removing the fees.

Also, we were using our HELOC to do accelerated mortgage payments and they did not like not having enough interest to collect from us so they lowered our line of credit. We opened it for that sole purpose. Needles to say, I am leaving Wells Fargo. Not like it used to be.

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Wells Fargo Job preview was very helpful.

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that's the entire roadmap lmao

So true. I was a teller at WF for over 3 years and everything depicted in this vid is absolutely true. I was fortunate enough to be able to escape this insane asylum and get a much better and higher paying job without having to sell anything!!

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Better to starve on your feet than be fed on your knees. Death to the Corporatetocracy.

"I quit, I quit, this place treats me like shit." lol

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Omg I was just about to start service with tjem omg

Yes in fact wells fargo will steal your MONEY

THAT SIMPLE wells Fargo is not recommended for any merchant account service's

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Please tell me Wells Fargo suffered a huge loss after this

If I was the chairman of the committee I would have said…"Gentleman's time is up but he's doing such a cracking job of making this guy sweat I'm gonna allow him to continue! Carry on Mike!"

The most amazing fraud since the financial crisis. But are they going to get criminally prosecuted ? Nah… Its Murca after all. No prison for the rich.

This case is terrible….it's sad and shocking!!

the bank screwed everybody!

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Seems fair , people need to pay their bills

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#14 Barr Admonishes Wells Fargo Ceo For Unauthorized Customer Accounts

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So I guess I'm forced to comment here since Mr. Congressman Barr you have refused to contact me via phone, email, or in person when I made 2, 18 hr drives to DC from Frankfort. Your LA has seen me in DC however that was the 1st and last no one from your office has reached out to me or my mother regarding the kratom issue. Again, we are constituents. I will ask you here, what are you doing for people like myself and my 70 yr old mother and if I may add she has an acct with Wellsfarg and we both have accts with the local credit union. What are you doing to protect our rights to have kratom tea? Your LA in your DC office has both our numbers, your offices has all of our contact info and YES WE ARE YOUR CONSTITUENTS so again, I am asking what are you doing for us? #IamKratom #KratomUnited #KentuckyKratomUnited #Kratom Followup email? Call back? Apt? Nothing! I'm so disappointed!

How much can i overdraft wells fargo

How much can i overdraft wells fargoThis blog has pointed out big hits Wells Fargo Bank has recently taken for charging excessive overdraft fees by reordering from high to low debit transactions. Now, Wells Fargo is facing a new charge relating to its overdraft fees. According to a class action lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County Court, Wells Fargo charges bogus overdraft fees to customers whose accounts have gone into garnishment to increase its own profits. The complaint alleges that “Wells Fargo takes advantage of the financial turmoil created by garnishment and targets the weakest customers at a time when they are most vulnerable by mixing legitimate Overdraft Fees with bogus Overdraft Fees in order to generate additional profit for itself.”

According to the complaint, Wells Fargo seizes exempt funds to pay for alleged legal processing services. Specifically, Wells Fargo deducts from the garnished accounts a $100 ‘Legal Order Processing Fee’ and it charges ‘Overdraft/Unavailable Funds Fees’ for every transaction on the garnished accounts during the pendency of the garnishment. Unlike most situations, account holders are unaware of the effective date of a garnishment order, resulting in their funds being frozen without notice. This means any outstanding checks at the time of garnishment will bounce, creating multiple overdraft fees in addition to the $100 Legal Order Processing Fee that Wells Fargo first takes from the funds in the account.

In addition to charging garnished account holders a $35 overdraft fee for each outstanding draft or withdrawal, Wells Fargo also charges its customers a $35 overdraft fee each time that money is deposited into a garnished account. This is the issue the Wells Fargo class action takes aim at. According to the lawsuit, overdraft fees cannot be lawfully charged by Wells Fargo when funds are deposited into a garnished account.

The Wells Fargo garnished account class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all Wells Fargo customers who, during the relevant time period, had a checking or savings account garnished and were charged overdraft fees for deposits made into the account during the garnishment period. It is asking that Wells Fargo refund all overdraft fees it charged for deposits made into class members’ garnished accounts during the relevant class period.

A copy of the Wells Fargo Bank Garnishment Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.

I am fed up with wells fargo stealing my money! Twice now in the past 3 months, they have stolen $100 from my account without any notification and twice they did not even for fill the order though they still kept my $100. I am fed up and want to sue them.

Wells Fargo is stealing money and acting in bad faith. They impose high flood insurance policies on mortgages, which you then have to fight and prove otherwise. They charge overdraft fees even though you clearly have money in your accounts, which you then have to fight to remove as well. Wells Fargo is involved in many class action lawsuits and I would change banks but it is clear to me that all banks are treating their customers this way. Does anyone know of any banks that are less abusive?

My wells fargo account balance is negative 245.00. I can’t call the legal division because they are only open central time 9:00 to 5:00. I’m on the west coast it’s 11:00pm and I found out about this today at 9:00pm because I wanted to see if I have been refunded for another legal order that I have corrected. I have a case # but no explanation what the case is. Why can’t wells fargo notify me who the legal order is from? By the time they send out their letter about the legal order it is too late to appeal the fees by the courts or defend yourself. My account was already negative due to overdraft fees. If my bank account is already negative 150.00 …. and I am not putting any money into this account..what is the legal processing order for account that does not have any money in it?

This is what my wells fargo account looks like today.

Current Posted Balance -$245.00

Pending Withdrawals/ Debits $0.00

Pending Deposits/ Credits $0.00

Available Balance -$245.00


I’m having the same problem with them over a tax lien. The N.C. Dept. of Revenue has faxed the four releases and each time Wells Fargo just can’t seem to find it. They’ve removed almost $1500.00 from my account including 5 fees of $125.00. I’ve contacted my congressional representative and the Dept. Of Revenue is also looking into the situation. If I ever get my money back, I will leave this bank forever. I’ve been screamed at, called a liar, and generally mistreated by their legal dept. The Dept. Of Revenue has also called them to find out why they can’t find the releases they’ve sent. Wells Fargo has no answer. Can someone tell me what else I can do? I have a zero balance now and need medication plus I have bills that need to be paid! They continue to hold almost $2000 of my money and I also believe they have charged me erroneous fees in the past.

I, too, am a victim of Wells Fargo’s poor policies and shameless exploitation of their customers who are already going through financial woes. Without notifying me, NC Dept of Revenue garnished my entire child support check that was deposited into my Wells Fargo account this month. After resolving the issue with the IRS (Melissa Paramore) who faxed a garnishment release over to Wells Fargo’s legal department immediately, Wells Fargo has yet to release my money so that I can care for my children. Days have gone by, and calls to the legal department result in the same answer: “We can no longer give customers an estimate on the time it takes for us to process garnishment releases due to us covering these situations for all states. They are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.”

Meanwhile, I have had no groceries for my children and have had a car repossessed due to their inadequate system of garnishment releases. In addition to the garnishment, Wells Fargo also imposed $50 worth of fees for processing the garnishment, not to mention their hefty overdraft fees for automatic withdrawals that I had set up before I realized my check was going to be garnished. If my money is ever released, I will close all of my accounts with them immediately and encourage all of my friends and family members to do the same.

Is there a current class action against Wells Fargo for the “LEGAL ORDER PROCESSING FEE”? It will cost me $125 for the fee and $35 a pop for any outstanding checks. I’m over it… putting my money in my mattress!

Undergoing a similar issue with the Legal Department there due to a levy on an account. County officer in my state filed for a levy incorrectly 2x. After confirming the error and being informed they have faxed the correction to the Legal Department in order to have the funds released back to me have been told by WF Legal they have no way of even telling me if they have received the fax.

They claim the system is automated which would make me believe the fax is converted into a PDF and placed in queue for processing automatically. That queue has to be available to someone to review but I am being told they cannot? I work in IT their statement is incorrect – they either do not have the personnel with the knowledge to do this or are just refusing to. I know of no other automated fax processing system that works differently.

The incredible burden a levy places on a debtor is one thing but justified if we enter into an obligation and fail to pay it off. But to have your accounts levied in error then have to fight to have it returned is unacceptable on every level.

My account was served with a garnishment on the funds in my checking account in October 2012. For whatever reason the creditor did not receive the funds (I’m assuming it’s because my wages are being garnished for the debt). In July 2013 I filed a precipe to quash the writ of attachment of which was granted in November 2013. I’ve been trying in vain ever since to have my funds returned to me. The original order (October 2012) was sent directly to the branch in DC who in turn sent it to legal processing in Philadelphia. My precipe (July 2013) was sent directly to the branch in DC who in turn “lost it / never received it” and 2nd a second copy was sent directly to the branch manager who in turn sent it to Philadelphia to have it processed and my funds returned to me. As of today I have not received my money. I called the legal processing department and they told me they “no longer accept court documents from branches and that the documents have to come directly to them in Philadelphia”. I asked her for the address to possibly have a 3rd letter sent and she told me they could fax it and she refused to give me the mailing address. I called the court and spoke to the Judge’s clerk and he told me it was illegal for them to tell me that i can not have my money if they honored the October 2012 writ of attachment that was mailed from the court to the bank in DC who then sent it to Philadelphia for processing. He told me they do NOT fax anything anywhere and what was signed and sent on November 15th and again in December 2013 to the bank branch should have been sufficient. He said he has never heard of this practice by any bank. If i have a legally binding court order and I take it to the branch and it is noted on my document that a writ was mailed to the DC branch and lists their address they should honor it. My question is how do I find out if this practice is legal? Why are they so quick to take my money and I have to go through h*ll and high water to get it back? I want to write a letter but I’m not sure where or who to address it to.

I moved from California to North Carolina. Took a couple of cars with me and sold others. After 3 years, Wells Fargo without any notice pulled $125 out of my checking account for their “Legal order process fee”. After speaking to their customer service, I find it’s for not registering one of my vehicles in California. (Mind you, WF won’t tell me for which one, maybe one of the sold units?) In any case, obviously I don’t live or drive in California anymore, plus I filed all my appropriate papers upon leaving the State. So why would a Bank who is supposed to be guarding my money, so easily confiscate it? To get my money back, I have to first prove myself innocent. Well, nobody can call the Calif DMV via phone, and add to that the issue of not knowing what vin # these fees were for, makes proving my innocence extremely problematic. (Wells only shows that the State made a request and WF honored it. No details of the State’s claim)

Seriously, even “Google” put’s up a fight before releasing any information over to Government requests. (That’s just private information they’re guarding) Shouldn’t a Bank with our hard earned cash resist, and follow some kind of “Due Process”?

Founding Father John Adams:”The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God… Anarchy and tyranny commence. PROPERTY MUST BE SECURED OR LIBERTY CANNOT EXIST”

Shame on you Wells Fargo for throwing out the obvious fact of truth, in order to receive extra revenue guarded by the backing of a tyrannical California Government.

Wells fargo has refused to make available my deposit that was made earlier this morning. They have also not paid a withdrawal or point of sale. Im tired of how they do business. They also over drafted my account to where i had to pay 2 over draft fees. They dont allow me to have my cell phone today due to their incompetancy.

My wife and I have decided that we will not be dealing with Wells Fargo anymore once our loan is paid off. We were already fixing to leave them for their overdraft fees, and this repo is the last straw. We admitted to our fault, their rep gave us an incorrect send code for MoneyGram (and wouldn’t admit it) Our car was repossessed on Tuesday of last week and because of them dragging their feet, we are leaving now to get it (the following Monday)

After a court ordered garnishment for $655 was imposed on me, Wells Fargo mailed me notice concerning their actions two weeks after clearing out $450 from my checking & savings accounts. $325 went towards this debt garnishment and $125 legal processing fee went to the bank.

I have cancelled both accounts this morning.

My wells Fargo account has been levied by CSE. I have spoken to their “legal order processing department” due to CSE having faxed them a “Partial Release” on 1/25/2017 due to this levy having caused us to default on rent, car payment, utilities, phone bills, etc. Wells Fargo’s Legal order processing department states they cannot see if the fax has been received or not and can’t give us a timeframe in which to expect them to process it and release some of our money. there is $300 in legal order fees. I can’t believe that departments only job is to say, “we can’t tell you anything..good luck”. I will never bank again!

10 Reasons Wells Fargo Sucks – A warning to new customers

Wells Fargo Sucks – A warning to new customers.

Last year I decided to build a home, and be the general contractor. A contractor I knew well recommended his “good buddy” at Wells Fargo for the construction loan. He said they worked very well with Owner-builders. I called up the loan agent, and indeed it seemed like an unusually smooth process for an owner-builder. So I made the commitment. During the construction process everything went smoothly and the local branch employees were great to work with. There were a few extra fees added on to the loan, but that seems to be pretty much standard practice everywhere.

It is after the construction loan converted to the 30-year that the trouble began. In order to get all best rates, discounts etc. I needed to have a checking account from which automatic payments would be withdrawn. No problem there. Well if I wanted to have free checking and free checks, I needed a free savings account… No problem there either. Also in order to avoid mortgage insurance, an equity line of credit was opened up at the same time. So I opened all the accounts and it appeared that everything would go smoothly… and it did for awhile.

Side Note: By the way… if you hate getting lots of crap in the mail… Wells Fargo sends all kinds of it…

After the first month’s billing cycle I notice a monthly service charge on the savings account. What the heck? This is all supposed to be free of service charges. So I email customer support via the website. I am subsequently informed that I need to maintain a $300 minimum balance. I responded that I was never this and would deposit at least $300 to meet the minimum requirement, but wanted a refund for the charge. Of course the refund was denied.

OK, one mess up… Maybe I just missed something…, but checking over the paperwork received, I could not see anything noting a minimum balance requirement. And the over-zealous agent never mentioned it either, he just said he need to transfer $20 from my checking account, and we would be set.

After the first month, I paid off the Wells Fargo equity line with an equity line from the home we were trying to sell (much lower interest rate). The Wells Fargo equity line now showed a zero balance.

I had not yet switched over my automatic payroll deposits, so I transferred money to my Wells Fargo checking account to cover the upcoming mortgage payment. And rather than wait around for the auto-withdraw date and be paying interest I deiced to make the payment immediately using the online payment system. I selected the option to apply the payment to my next payment due and clicked submit.

Another note: It takes several days for payments to show up from one account to the other, unlike other banks where it is immediate. I am told this is because the Mortgage division is separate from the other banking divisions…

The payment finally posts, and it posted as a principle payment only! Well dang. So I use the online email system to contact customer service… They don’t give me much of an explanation of why it happened, but after a couple exchanges, they tell me they will have the payment applied as a regular payment…. It takes several days, and finally posts… Then I am informed that it has posted, AND that my automatic payment would still be required as well. What the heck? At US Bank, if I made a payment early, the automatic payment would not be drawn. Rather than go through the hassle of contacting support again, I transferred more money into the account from my savings to cover the upcoming the auto-payment, and besides, it never hurts to pay down the mortgage early.

I made a few more small principle only payments online during the next month, and each time ended up contacting support to have the payments applied properly. I was really starting to get sick of it. Finally our other house sold, so I made a large lump sum payment on the mortgage. This time it took no fewer than 5 email exchanges to get the funds applied properly. The monies sat on the mortgage as “unapplied funds” for several weeks, during which time I paid interest I shouldn’t have been paying.

Another note of annoyance: If you email customer support regarding your mortgage via the website, you get three replies. One saying the normal “We’ll get back with a response as soon as possible”… The other from a live representative saying the request has now been forwarded to the Mortgage division. Then someone from the mortgage division, doesn’t use the online message system, but instead sends you a direct email with the response contained in a password protected pdf file. The password is your loan #. Very annoying! Why don’t they just use the online message system, and who in the heck just carries around their mortgage account #?

The 3rd month comes along, and I get a message on my work phone from the local branch saying that I had over drafted the checking account. I wasn’t using this checking account as my primary yet, so I had no idea what it could be for.

I look online, and see that an automatic payment was made to my equity line of credit… Yes the line of credit with a zero balance for two months… I call the local branch and ask why a payment was made to an account with a zero balance. She to is baffled by the situation, but promises to sort it out for me… She gets back to me and explains that the way interest was calculated at some cut-off period resulted in the interest charges not showing up until 2 months later! I asked how I was expected to know that, and how I was expected to make a payment against a zero balance. She agreed that it was all a bit messed up, and took the effort to get the overdraft fees etc. refunded. I have never over drafted an account in my life, so this was a first for me, and now I see how the fees can spiral out of control, with one fee covering another fee etc.

My payroll checks were now being direct deposited to my Wells Fargo checking account, but I was going to be a couple hundred dollars short for the next auto-draw mortgage payment on the next Monday. So on Thursday I initiated a transfer from my equity line to my checking account, so I would have enough to cover the auto-payment…. Along comes Monday… and I had been assessed a huge overdraft fee… “What the heck”? I ask myself. In looking at the chronological order of transfers, the Equity transfer did not take place until Monday just after the auto-withdraw. Again… at the other banks I’ve dealt with, the transfers are immediate, even if it is on a weekend, and this transfer was initiated on a Thursday! Unfortunately there was no way for me to get these overdraft fees refunded… I finally wizened up and took the step to add overdraft protection based on my equity line.

I used the online banking system to setup overdraft protection and figured it was done… Nope… a week later a bunch of forms come in the mail that I have to fill out, and fax or mail back to Wells Fargo corporate. A minor annoyance I know, but why even have the online process, if it isn’t going to do any good?

So I finally decide it is time to start breaking away from Wells Fargo. I found a great rate with mortgage broker and started the refinance process, and got locked in at the rate for 30 days. All the paperwork was completed on my end and on the broker’s end. However, my Wells Fargo line of credit had an early closing provision that I would be charged a $300 penalty if I closed the account early. Since it had a zero balance, I decided to just leave it open for the next 2.5 years and close it then. So we were just waiting for Wells Fargo to complete their loan subordination paperwork. It took them 3 weeks! I was ready to just close the loan and pay penalty when the subordination was finally completed.

Then at the last minute, they charge a $150 subordination fee! So I am thinking it would have been better to just close the darn equity line since they charge $75 a year to have it open anyway… But what is done is done, and an equity line is always a nice fallback anyway. So I leave it open….

All the refinance paperwork finally gets done, and the funds disbursed, but before this takes effect, I notice ANOTHER FEE has shown up. It was just $10, but still…. another stinking fee without any explanation! Off to email support again…. It was a fee for faxing the payoff statement to the mortgage broker.

The Wells Fargo mortgage finally shows a Zero balance. Whew… Once less thing I have to use them for. Now wait a minute…… What’s this $12 monthly charge on my “FREE” Complete Advantage Checking.

Another email to support… I am told that since I closed the mortgage I will now be charged a $12 a month fee on my checking account.

That was the last straw, and I decide to just close everything. I email to confirm that a $300 penalty will be charged for closing the account early, as indicated in my signed loan documents. The representative emails me back and tells me that it will be a $500 penalty!

Let this serve as a warning to others out there considering using Wells Fargo, or to those thinking about getting in with them even deeper.

UPDATE: Jul. 15th 2008

So even though I closed all my accounts with Wells Fargo in May, I still continue to receive tons of crap from them in the mail like account balances for accounts that have been closed. It also took them this long to record with the county the release of all the liens associated with the mortgage and equity line. This made opening a new equity line a real pain in the butt. I’ve received a lot of emails from people who have had similar experiences with crazy and hidden fees.

Thanx for posting this informative story….we were about to get a shaft from a local wells fargo branch…midland, texas…great info.

Cabot says : I absolutely agree with this !

I totally agree with this too. Beware of fast talking “I will be your personal banker” employees!!

I used to work for Wells Fargo and they brain wash their employees into thinking that it’s okay to do these types of things. Wants really funny is when they hire new personal bankers, they all go through this extensive training program…..the program/classes make the newly hired bankers think that they are really going to help people make smart financial decisions, but instead when they get into the banks all the managers do is force them to sell products to customer that the customer doesn’t even need and sometimes puts the customer in a worse finanical position (i.e. Wells Fargo Financial).

Hello Ex-Wells Fargo,

I know this is a bit after the fact but I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about Wells Fargo. I’m working on a news story about college student use of credit and debit cards and I was hoping you might be able to give me some leads. Their are plenty of students I know who complain about Wells Fargo practices. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

I’m dealing with Wells Fargo, they do suck. Even though I have a letter stating “formal notice” of loan modification approval, now 6 months later they’re attempting pre-foreclosure collection tactic saying my modification was not approved. Even paralegals like me with “free legal representation” aka our bosses are not spared! No way am I allowing them to take whats mine!

The only “help” that WellsFRAUDgo provides:



Just saw today that Wells Fargo beat earnings estimates… You know how they did that don’t you. By screwing their customers of course!

Wells Fargo keeps mixing up my accounts with my business accounts and my brothers accounts. It’s maddening I tell you! So why do I do business with them? I’m locked into a loan I can’t prepay on without penalty. Same with my business. I wish I could get help but I’m experiencing everything you guys are.

I have had the same kind of experience. Some of their customer support people are honest and admit that dishonest practices are common with this bank. They try to charge fees whenever the customer is not vigilant. This bank is really the worse I have come across.

My brother and I are both private clients with Wells Fargo and I am writing to you today to tell you about some of my customer service experiences with Ben Boody.

My experience with Mr. Boody has not been satisfactory and nothing less than pure harassment. So much, that I’ve become completely beside myself about calling your customer care team. This is something that has literally caused me to lose sleep over with worry.

Today I called to ask for an appointment with a manager to discuss this situation. Ben responded to my request by asking me questions about why I was unhappy. When I began telling him he repeatedly talked over me (loudly and aggressively.) As I had come to expect, the discussion began to escalate so I asked Ben for his manager’s contact information. He simply said he’s not in right now. After some prompting, he offered a name. When I specifically asked for a managers phone number he would not give it to me, and he never did.

The experience I had with Ben prior to this one was a conversation about a disbursement request for a calculator for one of my college courses. Ben first tried to deny this request and said I should budget it into my current expenses.

The state of Texas mandates my health and education be provided for by the trust. He is in direct violation to that agreement.

In my phone call with him today, the calculator came up in conversation again. This time (and only when) I recited the state agreement to him he fully agreed that a disbursement should be made. This only proves that the time and frustration spent discussing it previously was for the sole purpose of making things difficult for me. There within lies the definition of harassment.

Other times Ben has informed me of his own personal money situation as if to compare my situation to his. (Groceries, gas, etc.) I fail to see what relevance that has to my life and why I should have to waste my time discussing those things. If we are to compare life styles, let’s compare everything. Housing, car, salary, etc. and perhaps whether his father (and support) died at the age of 14. For that matter I’d be glad to accept his monthly salary as my new monthly expense amount.

I have also experienced having discussions and determining that specific things will be paid for by the trust only to be turned down by Customer Care when it comes time for the disbursement to occur.

According to your own website one of your company’s policy’s are to “Do what you say you are going to do.” Perhaps the Trust Officer’s should work closer with the Customer Care Team for the sake of providing better customer service.

You know this is funny reading all these posts, I have been with Well’s since 1988, I have not been happy with them for about 4 years; ever since they started charging me $12 a month for my checking account with an average balance of $6,000.-$9,000 monthly. The last straw was when they denied me a “small loan”, with perfect credit and payment history, they never told me why I was denied, or even called me back. Because of the latter treatment, I will be moving my account to a small local bank. It will be interesting to see how they treat me as I withdraw my money. Furthermore, I think they’ve gotten “too big” and impersonal for their own good, I don’t like the idea of my “account number” being around for so many years, on so many checks, in so many computer systems, in so many states: It’s time for a clean break and a new experience.

John; when a bank makes any adverse decision on a credit application, IT’S A LAW that they must provide you with a “Notice of Action Taken and Statement of Reasons” within 30 days. It sound like you didn’t receive this required notice. You should file a complaint at CFPB, OCC and your State Attorney General for violations of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, a Federal law has been broken here! According to the law, victims are entitled to $10,000 fine plus punitive damages and restitution.

Sorry to tell you Chris, but no one polices Wells Fargo. I have been reporting Wells for over 7 years. OCC, CFPB can do nothing! Oh, you can call and report to FBI, like I did in 2011. Same time Wells foreclosed. Now, we are in mid 60s, in Chapter 13 to save house. Still harassing us, losing our payments; we make them again; reversed. and stop payment is a joke. This is all retaliation. I’m sure everyone dreams of retirement, under bankruptcy.

I opened an account with Wells Fargo and they did not let me access my funds for 3 months. All sorts of excuses and crap. I ended up closing the account.

I am looking for the email address of a Wells Fargo Mortgage Customer Service rep that I dealt with and can’t find it. I want to contact this person directly because of past dealings. I can’t seem to get her on the phone either. Has anyone out there gotten an email from Wells Fargo Mortgage Customer Service that may tell me what their naming convention is? For mortgages it’s [email protected] I tried this using the name of the rep I am looking for and my emails were bounced. Any body have any ideas for me? Thanks.

Reasons Why Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sucks

1) Hurricane Ike was my fault. WFHM held up my insurance money for nearly 6 months. We lived in a home with mold and water damage for a long time, lied to over and over again by countless disaster response reps that work for WFHM.

2) WFHM loses important papers and then no one knows how to read them.They lost my divorce decree 9 times. When they finally got it, they put my ex-wifes name on a check that was originally made only to me, ignoring a 5 year old court order. When asked why a rep said”I guess they didn’t look it up in the computer”. I called almost daily to remind them to not put her name on this check!

3)WFHM lies lies lies! Never sent insurance funds at promised dates even when I sent them a pre addressed set of envelopes and paid for overnight fees! Suing these dumbasses!

4) WFHM making interest money off of HUNDREDS of Hurricane Ike victims in Texas and Louisiana by holding their insurance checks. Customers are suffering with damaged homes while Wells are making a killing on the interest on these funds.

5) Lying to the press, saying that we who complain against them are isolated cases!

6) Using the ill gotten interest money to pay off their TARP loan so the government can’t force them to do business legally.

7)Screwing Gulf War Soldiers out of their homes even though they made their mortgage payments on time. Wells Fargo claiming one soldier “abandoned” his home. No you idiots, he’s getting his ass shot at to protect scumbag companies like Wells Fargo!

8) Systematically overcharging fees and perpetrating fraud on customers because of their own outdated technology. If a liquor store can own a machine that says a check is good on the spot, how come this BIGTIME bank holds people’s funds forever and a day? Haven’t you lazy asses ever heard of picking up a phone and calling another bank to ask if the check is good? I do it and it takes 3 minutes.

9) Almost every time you call them, Wells ends up “disconnecting” your call by “accident”

10) Giving customers this many reasons to say Wells Fargo SUCKS!

“If a liquor store can own a machine that says a check is good on the spot, how come this BIGTIME bank holds people’s funds forever and a day?”

Stores can only verify if a checking account has a history of having been used for fraudulent purposes, or has a history of a person writing bad checks. This has nothing to do with contacting the actual bank, only accessing a fraud database used by other merchants that stores records of bad check-writers.

I opened a new checking/savings account with them about 3 months ago. So far I was hit by at least a $100 in all kinds of fees, that I had no idea about. This is the first bank I dealt with that cost me this much money in my entire life. This bank news on your wallet, stay away.

Hiral Shah is their worst possible mortgage associate. she spends thousands on advertisements and is very sweet talking when it comes to getting new customers. As soon as you’ve got the mortgage you are scum to her. Treats you like rubbish. Beware of her. She has her own website and advertises a lot so you will see her name a lot in the newspapers etc esp for the Indian community in NJ. BUT BEWARE.

she CONNOT be trusted. She is selfish and cheap.

Gave us a rate higher than the market and has been ripping s off all along. Typical WF tactics to make money and only to make money. Screw customers should be their official motto!!

To Noah, who obviously works for Wells Fargo-You are missing the point! Is a paycheck by an established business fraudulent. This is what is wrong with this country and it’s economy- pathetic excuses, GREED, treachery, and an unwillingness to do business HONESTLY and EFFICIENTLY! Wells Fargo, hat in hand begging for MY tax money, then screwing me, other hurricane victims, and consumers in general. I am saying NO MORE! They only hold people’s funds WAY TOO LONG because they can. WF likes to treat people like dirt-IT’S A FACT!

Calling out an inaccuracy in your post doesn’t mean I work for Wells Fargo. I happen to think they suck, too… that’s why I’m posting here.

Wells Fargo sucks camel buttocks

Wells Fargo is supposedly modifying our mortgage after 18 months of hasseling and lying to us.

The local Wells Fargo office is useless and run by a bunch of lousy, trouble causing drunks.

We hope to leave Wells Fargo at the first possible chance -this bank truly sucks!

Hopefully the government will just let them fail.



They ARE evil. They’ll BURN in ____ . (You know where.)

I am a former Wells Fargo Financial employee. I worked for Wells for a total of 8 years. In the beginning, I was with Norwest Financial, who actually bought Wells, and then adopted all of their policies. Slowly, the job transitioned from being a great place to work and help clients, to the exact opposite. We used to be very up front with our higher rates, and did not deal with customers that had excellent credit. We helped people with less than perfect credit. More recently, Wells has completely stopped lending to those people, and set their sights on the unsuspecting good credit profile. I finally got fed up with it. I could not allow myself to sell these ridiculous rates to people that did not deserve it. I had to have a job, so I stayed probably a year longer than I wanted. I definitely shirked my duties during this time. I would tell my customers that they should consult a bank for better rates, as I knew we were just screwing them out of money. Unfortunately I could not find a job making the salary that I made with Wells, and they let me go for poor job performance. Remember, I was there for 8 years, and I was always a top producer up till about a year ago. Being there for 8 years, you would think that I would have been given the option to resign my position, but that is not how it went down. I cannot speak for the other divisions of Wells Fargo, but I will tell you this……When I was let go, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. We were expected to sell loans anywhere from 21% to 36% to customers with 660+ credit scores. They are now hiring in a bunch of college kids, promising them that they can make a ton of bonus, which is a lie. The reason they feast on college kids, is because they are not sophisticated enough to understand that they are ripping people off. They usually figure it out within 6 months though.

I used to be a Personal Banker with Wells Fargo. It’s a HORRIBLE bank. and they screw their customers out of money every single day. I know first hand… DONT BANK THERE.

Wells Fargo DOES suck, and for several reasons. They are greedy and that is their first problem. Second problem they hire idiots to run customer service.

Out of all the idiots I have had the privelidge to speak with, Frederick in collections is the biggest idiot of all. He probably should quit customer service and work in a grave yard.

Wells Fargo screwed up my home modification request several times in 2009. As of December 2009, we have waited more than 6 months for the loan modfication to be complete. They loose paper work, and are slow walking are request. A class action law suit is needed to teach these low lifes a lesson, IMO.

Did the same to me!

And piled fees on top of fees after i tried to pay off the fees and they kept slipping a new one right under the time limits! even after i canceled the accounts they kept fee piling and calling ten times on a Sunday to harass me! I told them to stop calling and they refused and would not cancel the accounts! They would not listen and repeated there rhetoric like checked out drone monkeys! I told them i will abandon the account!

Who do these people think they are? And why do they get to get away with it?

It was like paying protection money to the mafia!


In my opinion they are a rip off lying cheating corrupt corporate entity!

I’m a 57 year old college educated divorced woman working as a direct care worker (couldn’t survive being a realtor) for $13.87 per hour which I started on Mar. 30th 2009, the day my dad died, a WWII veteran a proud American. My parents lived through the Depression hardworking people, sent their kids to college because they wanted better for us. For the last two years my dad always worried about how hard things were for me and financially helped me out (I always could pay him back).

I took this job because that’s all I could get full-time with health benefits.

I wrote this letter after reading the speech you gave in Ohio where you said “And I can promise you, there will be more fights in the days ahead. We’re having one of them right now, because I want to charge Wall Street a modest fee to repay taxpayers in full for saving their skin in a time of need. You can rest assured, we’re going to get that money — your money — back, each and every dime.”

Obama concluded, “I didn’t run for president to turn away from these challenges. I didn’t run for president to kick them down the road. I ran for president to confront them, once and for all.”

My TIME OF NEED is NOW I need some of the stimulus money that was handed to the banks to SAVE MY SKIN. REDUCE my interest rate, SAVE my house that I’ve lived in since 1979.

One company you need to confront is Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. My current mortgage rate is 8.62%. My mortgage is $54,000 but with escrows, taxes my payment is $1,027 per month. My mortgage problems started in Dec 2008 when I fell behind in my payments. It’s been a horror show since then. I provided all the paperwork Wells Fargo required for a loan modification, they lied, everytime I spoke to someone it was a different story. I spoke to Wells Fargo 2-3 times weekly from Dec 2008- Jan 2010.

On Jan 19, 2010 I received a foreclosure letter from a law firm. Saying I was behind 4 months. I called Wells Fargo the Loss Mitigation specialist looked at my payments history, agreed there were mistakes. Said talk to Customer Service and get a payment history print out.

Which I never received.

In 30 days I could be foreclosed on, what am I supposed to do .

I’m not asking for a handout or anything for free. I just need HELP.

I’m looking for what was promised lower interest rates, my house not going into foreclosure.

That is what the stimulus money was for, not for mega bonuses, lavish parties.

I’ve called a counselor numerous times at HOPE NOW but never got a return call.

As I was typing this letter to you I received a fax the law firm if I want to reinstate my loan I need to give them $6,625.25 ($1,410.54 in legal fees) before Feb 3rd after that date the fees get higher. See attached letter.

Parts of Letter sent to the President of the United States

I am so angry at Wells Fargo right now. I have online bill pay set up for my car to Ford Motor Credit. I go in and approve a payment once a month. I have two checking and a savings account that are all supposed to be linked so I don’t overdraft. Tuesday I log in and everything looks good. I have a $575 deposit pending and money in all of the accounts. I look an hour later and there are 10 overdraft fees of $35. I call and they tell me two payment went to Ford for $500 each. They charged 10 overdrafts and then put in the $575 deposit. Their answer, I must have autopay through Ford. I don’t. I call Ford and they say two payments were mailed. Wells wants proof, I fax it and get the complete runaround, Glenda in Cedar Rapids says things like, You should really plan better. Wells insists the money was taken out by Ford. Glenda does admit that she can see back to June that I always do bill pay and Ford has never taken money out this way. She has not given me proof. I asked her to credit the fees (we have a business checking and use their credit card processor for several million dollars of business every year, I am also on the verge of refinancing my ho,e with them) she told me she couldn’t think anymore about it, it was time for her to go home and she would call me today after she put some thought into it.

Response to Elaine Says:

I am so sorry to here this terrible news. I am in the same boat and have been trying to get a Load Modification for the last several months. My situation started in August of 2009 when we fell behind on our mortgage. Not to retype what you posted, each and every time we call Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation Dept our call gets routed to one the following call centers, Minneapolis or Spring field and we speak with a loss mitigation person, each time we speak we here a different story. i am afraid we might lose our house if they don’t speed up the process.

2 years ago, when my son was 13, I opened up a SAVINGS account for him through Wells Fargo, thinking this would be a good way to make deposits for him that he wouldn’t have IMMEDIATE access too. I thought the account was set up as DEPOSIT authority which meant he could put money into his acct but NOT withdrawal. I think a lot of parents have experienced the missing $5 spot and even occasionally the $20 out of their wallet but WE definitely don’t think our kids will touch our checkbooks. UNFORTUNATELY, mine did. To make matters WORSE, he took one of the checks, Wrote the Check for $500.00, TOOK it to WELLS FARGO and THEY CASHED it. They didn’t use what ALL Banks are obligated by law to use known as PReCautionary CARE!! They didn’t think about putting a 24 hour hold on the FUNDS for verification of FRAUD, even though my son’s account only had $5.00 in it at the time and Only had a deposit record of a Grand Total of $25. WHAT Frickin Bank, in their Right Mind, gives a 15 year old, WHO should be in school, $500.00 cash money. Needless to say, I placed a stop payment through by bank on the stolen check! The check was returned to Wells Fargo as insufficient… BUT (this is the suck-ee part) because I was the consenting parent who assisted by son in opening the account

WELLS Fargo is holding ME liable for the money THEY gave a minor. SO, Parents BEWARE, your money and your identity IS NOT SAFE with Wells Fargo BECAUSE THEY SUCKS.

Wells Fargo is a company riddled with liars and dishonest people. After sending my information to receive a loan modification 3 times – they proposed a payment that was higher than the one I was already paying. Gee…thanks for the help Wells.

On top of that, I completed my 3 trial payments and they closed my file as I was “reinstated”. Ummmm…I made my full payments since day one by selling things off and scrimping, and I’ve never missed a payment – so Wells Fargo Idiots – my loan was never in default to begin with.

“Gail” a supervisor from Loss Mitigation said that I “would receive a lower payment permanently” once I completed my trial period and send in updated documents (pay stubs, list of bills and hardship letter). I did everything I was told and now they are saying they can’t help me.

Guess Wells Fargo doesn’t care that I’m willing to keep the full 200k balance on my mortgage current and just want a lower rate to lower the payment. They would rather take a $120,000 loss on my home than lower my payment $370 a month. Good thinking Wells! You guys are really sharp over there! No wonder your bank needed the Government to bail you out. Idiots.

Don’t do business with Wells Fargo for any reason. If you have accounts there – take your money and your loans elsewhere.

I will spare all of you my story of Nightmare with Wells Fargo. I want to know a strategy for extending my foreclosure, that will make life miserable for them. Please advise me on how to legally trample with their satanic worship to screwing people. In November of 09 panic stricken and out of work I made payments to them in ADVANCE . Two months payments paid in advance were applied to principal. After months of them screwing the bill up with those payment i fell behind two months, they said i owed them five months. I sent the payments in, and they mailed them back and said they were moving to foreclosure. I mailed the Venezuelan embassy then and ask them if they would please bail me out. To which they said they would consider it, but i was standing in line.

Please help direct me. I am now dedicating the rest of my life to putting Wells Fargo out of business, behind bars. Please understand that i am peaceful and wish to do this within the law. I am out front and willing to do anything under both the sun and the law to put them out of business.

This is the letter I recently submitted because like everyone else on this page I have had zero success with their customer service or local branches. My sister is impeccable with her finances, and WF is doing the same thing to her. I have not talked to anyone who disagrees that WF is a nasty place to do business. The American Taxpayers just bailed these jerks out last year, when they should have gone bankrupt.

Side note to my letter, I was able to get an advance deposit from another job, and even though they bank at the same bank, WF would not release tehse funds into my account! I had to call and argue to get them to make the funds available.

I did contact the Better Business Bureau as well as sent an e-mail to Fox News. It doesn’t take very long to make a complaint online to the BBB. Take five or ten minutes and make a complaint.

Wells Fargo Bank

175 N 27th Street, # 11

Billings, MT 59101

Subject: Poor Customer Service, Bank Over-Draft Fees, and Related Charges to My Wells Fargo Account, Billings, Montana

Recently I had an overdraft buying fuel over this past weekend that initiated a plethora of over-draft charges in my account with your bank. My paycheck was directly deposited on May 4, these charges over-drafted my account into the negative, which also triggered an automatic withdrawal from my savings account. I was charged $245.00 in fees, as well as a $10.00 charge for transferring funds from my savings account. This nearly completely drained my account. The overdraft for fuel at Holiday for $35.00 is not an issue with me, but the 7 other $35.00 charges totaling $245.00 for $31.52 in transactions, prompted me to call and try to work something out with your staff. I understand your policy is not to reverse bank fees, unless it was bank error.

I spoke with Heather, Lori, and Jason, all from the Wells Fargo branch on 2235 Grant Road in Billings, Montana, and two other people from your phone bank, and no one was willing to work with me to resolve this. My issue is your bank had no problem taking these funds; nearly my entire paycheck, (I have nothing until I am paid again). I have bills to pay like everyone else, and like most people in the United States today, I’m trying to make ends meet in our difficult economy, and when you lose two weeks pay to overdraft charges, it is just wrong. I understand penalties, and your bank doing me the favor of “covering” my transactions, “as to protect my credit rating”, etc. At this rate, thanks, but no thanks. This is trite in comparison with the stress I have had this week of talking to my landlord, and other creditors who were expecting payment.

I admit it was my fault for not paying closer attention to my account, but I hardly think it is fair not to make any attempt to try work with me on reversing at least some of the charges. Lori’s attitude as she walked into the lobby was less than tenable. We all have bad days at work, and I understand that. I was a customer in need of customer service. She had already made up her mind before talking to me concerning this, as she explained she had, “already talked to Heather about this…”, she was not willing to help me as evident of her body language as she walked into the lobby from her work area, that was obvious, as she approached me with zero effort in customer service. I was wasting her time, and the lady couldn’t even force a smile as she greeted me, or as we discussed this. I am not privy to your customer service policies, but found it very awkward and unprofessional that I was not at least invited into a cubicle to discuss this. As people were walking by, the last thing I wanted the world to hear was Lori and I discussing my overdrawn account in front of the main doors at your kiosk/desk in your branch’s lobby.

I would also like to add that I am not the only one with money issues, as Wells Fargo bank was one of the banks American tax payers bailed out last year, taking stimulus money. Your bank just made over $250.00 from my account alone, and I am curious what your bank averages each day in just overdraft charges? If $245.00 means more to your bank than my business, I will gladly switch banks. There are a lot of banks in Billings, and the reason I opened an account with Wells Fargo was the persistence of your staff to call them and open an account there. If you had worked with me, I would have bragged your bank up as a place willing to work with a guy when times are a struggle for everyone. I don’t mind paying a penalty, but taking a guy to the cleaners over $35.21 is ridiculous. I wasn’t out writing checks for $500.00, this is over $31.52.

I have talked with several people about this, and no one thinks I should let this go. I obviously got no-where with your staff, or the Wells Fargo “phone bank”, and I most likely will get no-where by writing this letter. Wells Fargo is listed as number four in the nation with the most complaints. Maybe you should work with your staff to build the relationships that you have, rather than rewarding them to prey upon every person who walks through the door by repeatedly suggesting they open a new account.

You can choose to ignore this letter, or blame me for the charges; either way the $35.00 fee per overdraft charged to my account, the fees you stacked up, unprofessionalism by the service manager at your branch, the additional fee of $10.00 transferring money from my savings account further resulting in yet another $35.00 fee, the amount of stress this week, and with no resolve, is just wrong. I had made two deposits into my account prior to the postings, and realize why it was overdrawn. However, sticking the $245.00 in fees on top of it is ridiculous, as well as another $10.00 fee to transfer funds from my savings account to cover your overdraft fees. To further overdraw me is beyond understanding.

Unless you are willing to work something out with me, I will be closing my account and moving to a bank that does not rely upon predatory practices to supplement the income of your executives. I realize I am nobody at your bank, regardless of what was said to my face to get my business to begin with, when I opened an account there. You made a ridiculous return on the $31.52 in transactions. I am sure that is Wells Fargo’s typical mode of operation, but a fleecing of this magnitude should be criminal. I know I have no means to rectify this situation besides taking further time in writing this letter, and I am at your mercy. But if I do not hear from you with a proposal to correct this situation, I have no issue with spending further time sharing my understanding of your organization with the world, and going to another bank. The internet is an amazing place and I will be sure to spread the word far and wide. I figure that the more letters I write, and people I can involve (without a resolve to this situation), will end up costing Wells Fargo more in lost time and wages, than you removed from my account, in the long run.

As I researched the internet for answers to this problem, I realized just how many people there are across the United States who had similar and even worse service from Wells Fargo Bank. To clarify, I am not looking for a free ride here, I am looking for some common sense in the midst of these out of control transfer fees and arbitrary charges that have caused so many problems, stress, and wasted time this week. I am not against anyone making money; I am against fee gouging a customer to the point they have nothing left. As stated earlier, this wasn’t out of control spending writing bad checks, this was an unfortunate mistake, and all I have asked of your staff was some help with reversing some of these fees so I could at least live my life for the next two weeks until I am paid again.

And finally, I just checked my account again and see that the $10.00 transfer fee resultant from these overdraft charges transferred from my savings account has overdrawn me further, compounding an additional $35.00 fee to leave my account further in the negative as -$46.77. I also understand that since it will be nearly two weeks until I am paid again, and every five days my account is in the negative results in yet another $35.00 fee.

I am asking for a middle ground solution to this situation. I am, and have been, willing to work with Wells Fargo, however, further adding to my frustration are the continual charges coupled with no one having either the supposed authority or willingness to assist a Wells Fargo customer besides doing nothing, or charging me additional fees.

cc: Ms. Janelle Berger

Wells Fargo Bank

Billings, MT 59102

BBB of E. Washington, N. Idaho & Montana

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