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How To Liquidate Prepaid Cards Via Amazon Payments

Note: Due to quite a few reader emails, this is a repost from 2013 so it may be old news for some of you. If you are trying to meet a $10,000 or $6,000 minimum spend then this is an easy way to liquidate any prepaid gift cards you may have purchased…

At a minimum, you should be able to “spend” $1,000 a month on your credit card and earn 12,000 miles a year for free.

If you have other family members & friends involved, you can easily “spend” $5,000 a month.

Now while you could hypothetically use the same card on all of your family’s Amazon accounts, that is just asking to get shut down…

While you certainly can use Bluebird, if you want to use Amazon then the workaround is to simply use prepaid cards. This way you can still “spend” $5,000 in a month but when you liquidate the prepaid cards on Amazon it won’t show up as all coming from the same credit card.

This is also useful if you have to “spend” a lot of money in a short amount of time. If you have the cash to float, you can simply buy a bunch of prepaid cards to hit your minimum spend and then slowly liquidate them over a few months using Bluebird and Amazon.

Unfortunately when I first tried liquidating prepaids cards on Amazon, it kept giving me an error, so I thought Amazon knew it was a prepaid card and that was why it was being blocked.

Turns out Amazon was just “pre-authorizing” the cards, so when I tried to move $500 at a time, it probably “pre-authorized” the card for $500+, hence why I got the error.

Through some trial and error I figured out there is an easy way to override Amazon’s “pre-authorization” and liquidate prepaid cards for their full value.

1. Check Your Prepaid Card Balance

For this example I will use a OneVanilla prepaid Visa card but the steps are applicable to any prepaid card that has debit functionality.

The first thing you need to do is check the balance of your prepaid card.

To do this, look on the back of your card. Normally there is a website you can check or a phone number you can call.

Once you go to the website, enter the details of your card.

Amazon card account

My OneVanilla prepaid card had a whopping $1.71 left on it.

It is also recommended that at this time you input your zip code on OneVanilla because you will need to enter it later on Amazon.

Amazon card account

2. Enter Your Card On Amazon Payments

After you have your card balance, head over to Amazon Payments and log-in.

Once you are logged in, click on Your Account, then Edit My Account Settings, and then Add, Edit, or Delete My Credit Cards.

Go ahead and enter your card information here.

I use my real information, but it doesn’t really matter because it isn’t actually tied to your prepaid card.

1. Put in the WRONG expiration year. If the expiration is 2021, then put in anything else. This is extremely important or it won’t work properly.

2. Make sure the zip code matches what you have on your prepaid card’s website (if applicable). OneVanilla makes you enter a Zip Code on their site if you want to use the card for online purchases, so make sure the zip codes you enter match, or again it won’t work.

After you do all that, scroll to the bottom and hit Add Card.

Your prepaid card will now show up in your credit card section on Amazon.

Since we entered the credit card expiration date wrong in the step above, we now have to go in and fix it, so click on Edit.

Go ahead and change your expiration date to the correct year and hit update.

Now when you go to your credit cards section, your updated prepaid card should be there.

You can now use your prepaid card like any credit card you have on file.

In my case, I only had $1.71 left on my card, so when I went to send money, I entered $1.71 as the amount I wanted to send.

Obviously you can use this technique with the $500 OneVanilla prepaid card or AMEX gift cards if you can still find them but use caution because not all of them may work with Bluebird or Amazon.

I am about to sign up for the INK Bold and Citi AA 100,000 mile offer so I will be using this technique to hopefully complete the minimum spend.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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How to Create 1 Year Free Amazon Vps AWS without Credit Card

Last Updated on April 14, 2017 By Durai Jiiva 4 Comments

Before you can use Free Amazon VPS for the first time, you must sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS). When you sign up, your AWS account is automatically signed up for all services in AWS, including Amazon VPC. If you haven’t created an AWS account already, go to AWS, and then choose Create a Free Account .

Is a dynamic amazon VPS, growing business unit within We are currently hiring Software Development Engineers, Product Managers, Account Managers, Solutions Architects, Support Engineers, System Engineers, Designers and more.

1, First go to amazon website: Click Here

2, Click “Create a Free Account” on the right side

3, Provide about registering information:

4, Email: whatever email, just can receive and send email, gmail or hotmail or something else is not require. I usually use my domain mail server.

5, Password: whatever pass, just like Jackleo123 for simple example.

6, Account information and credit card billing information must be same. Of course phone number is same too.

7, About phone number, it must be a phone which could receive calling from amazon, you need to listen that call and type the number on website to the phone’s touchpad. I could use google voice, and I did.

You just need a gmail which resisted in USA to use GG voice service. May be a virtual credit card require if you use your real ip which not in USA. I mean I use real VN’s ip address and choose location USA for gmail so it makes me to fill in my credit card information, it’s not charge any money so you don’t need to prove your permission with that credit card to GG.

8, About virtual credit card I use from bancore,entropay, Remember that information registed on bancore are same with Amazon billing and contact. And you need a screenshot of your desktop that showing you are the owner of that virtual credit card.

9, So when you have done in registering, you need send an email that include your screenshot above to their email [email protected] with content: “Hi, i’m trying to use free trial of Amazon’ VPS. Can you help me what I need to do?” and subject: “My payment”

10, When they approve your account, you can use it to create free VPS. A free user will own 2 vps running at same time.

1,Visit amazon aws site which you created a account: AMAZON AWS

2, Sign in with the account id

3, Now click Service=>Compute=9gt;EC2

4, After entering click on Instances

5, After entering click=>Create New Instances.

6, After that check the config which u need to use free tier account only.

7, Then confirm your configuration After that create a key which required for getting password.

8, Finish the setup Wait 2-3min until the vps is setup Now click on connect and upload the key file u will get the free vps.

Amazon sites required working credit card details to verify. There are many websites with Provides Free Virtual Credit Card free .To know more about free virtual credit card Check The Post Top Free VCC Provider For Verifying Online Sites.

Don’t forget to check Entropay which is currently the best Free Virtual card Provider.

Register To Manage Your Amazon Store Card Account Online

Founded in 1994, Amazon is one of the largest Internet-based retailers with its headquarter in Washington, United States. Started as an online bookstore, it has expanded its self quickly by selling other products such as electronics, consumer electronics, apparel, jewelry, food, and so on.

About Registering For Amazon Store Card Online Account

Registering for your Amazon Store Card or Amazon Premie Store Card online is very easy. There are just a few steps away from managing your account online. The process takes you only a few minutes to finish. Once you finishing your registering your account, you can manage your account 24/7.

Moreover, you can earn 5% back with the Amazon Premie Store Card and there are other special financing available.

How Can You Register To Manage Your Amazon Store Card Account Online?

Creating Amazon AWS Account With Virtual Credit Card

Amazon aws has always been an interesting topic for me since I work in a cloud computing environment. We (me with my team) have created a similar application in our company to manage different virtual machines that are required for software testing. It has very minor features though (create, clone, edit, migrate, shutdown like that), but our cloud application can create different flavors (windows xp, vista, win 7, debian linux, ubuntu, open suse, fedora, redhat, windows server 2003, windows server 2008) of virtual machines very quickly.

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So, out of curiosity I asked my company’s management to fetch me an aws account to play around and understand its awesomeness. Well, I didn’t get it though. So finally, I have decided to get one on my own, of-course a personal account, but the problem is that I don’t have a credit card.

Being a software engineer is really a very good thing. You always have a work around for so many problems you get on the way. Fortunately, this one has a work around too. So, I created a virtual credit card using entropay which looks something like the one shown below.

If you are looking for a virtual credit card, then entropay is a really good site to start. So, once I got my virtual credit card, I unlinked my debit card which didn’t work and linked my virtual credit card and bhoom, I have my aws account functional at amazon.

I created a simple micro instance with ubuntu linux (although my fav is debian linux, I couldn’t find it during quick instance creation (Launch Instance > Classic Wizard)) and made a quick ssh connection and it worked. So, finally I have the amazon aws account I’ve been looking for to play around.

If you don’t have a credit card, you can use any of the virtual credit cards to signup for amazon and use their awesome aws.

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