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Here’s something that I feel is a true game changer, a car that will not just sell in huge numbers, but alter the status quo in Malaysian budget motoring.

While hatchbacks have great carrying capacity, an extended backside serves balik kampung and shopping trips very well, and for small and growing families, that’s vital.

Mid last month, we were given an exclusive opportunity to preview the new Perodua Bezza sedan at the company’s Sungai Choh headquarters. The sampling session was much anticipated by this writer, more than the usual pre-launch test drive. After getting through layers of security, I was greeted by Perodua R&D head Albert Ngu and his team, who must had had the feeling of proud new parents when they unclothed the D63D.

Take this fact into consideration, and the many awkward looking small sedans that have come before (Honda City, Suzuki SX4 Sedan, Ford Fiesta Sedan), and Perodua would have done a great job with the Bezza.

There’s a bit of Toyota Corolla Altis in the headlamp-grille relationship, and the fuss-free rear is not a world away from the Japanese Corolla Axio and local Vios.

But one can counter dimensions with better packaging, and that’s what Perodua has done. Choosing this over an Axia or Myvi will most likely mean that one has a family, so a big boot is one of the main selling points.

Another benefit here is the 60:40 split folding rear seats, which is not a given feature for sedans. Space and packaging will be a big unique selling point for the Bezza, but showroom appeal is very high too, thanks to some features that one simply does not expect from a Perodua. The 1.3 litre engine is a new one in the Toyota family and not a carryover from the Myvi (K3-VE, 90 hp, 117 Nm). The use of more high tensile steel also means that body weight was reduced without sacrificing rigidity. Perodua also worked with Bridgestone and Silverstone to develop unique variants of existing tyre models, with an emphasis on reducing rolling resistance. Perodua, rightly or wrongly, has not been known to be the biggest proponent of safety, but this new model will put any doubts to rest.

I wouldn’t have been too surprised if Perodua ended up overdesigning elements in the interior (some of the meter graphics in the past were too fancy, affecting legibility, for instance), but this is a restrained, matured effort.

The car you see here is the top-spec Advance, and it comes with plenty of feel-good touches. With a push start button, VSC off and Eco Idle off buttons on the right of the steering, there’s not even one blank switch to be found. 0 down car financing

The impression of lightness is there from the first turn, and is present throughout our drive.

The steering is a little slow, but the tight 4.5m turning circle should be more valuable in the city than a fast rack.

Those opting for the Bezza over P2’s hatchbacks are likely to have a family (or preparing for one) and safety should rightly be a main concern. The Perodua Bezza is making its debut in interesting times, with Proton readying not one, but two compact sedans in the form of the revised Saga and Iriz-based Persona. Tags:- Sniper feat Raftaar Mp3 Song, Sukh-E New Songs Lyrics, Sniper feat Raftaar audio Song, free download Sniper feat Raftaar. For the longest time, first car buyers and those looking for a budget hatchback turn to Perodua. Partly because of the significance of this new model, partly because I was the first person outside the company to see the car naked (two other industry colleagues would do so in the same week), but also because unlike the other national car company, Perodua had up until that point successfully managed to keep its baby away from prying eyes.

Looks a little undertyred with 14-inch rubber and tall sides, but for a first attempt at a car with a boot, we think it’s a highly commendable effort. The rear lamp clusters remind us of the previous-gen Civic FB’s, and have LED bars, Korean-style, which is a step up from the dotted LEDs P2 has been using since the original Myvi. The Axia’s 2,455 mm wheelbase has been retained, but the longer front overhang and addition of a boot means the sedan is 510 mm longer than the hatch. Despite the length and wheelbase deficit, the D63D has 32 mm better tandem distance (the distance between the front and rear passengers) than the Saga. Keyless entry with a push start button is a first for the brand, as is Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Hill Start Assist, all available in the top 1.3 Advance variant.

Link the HU to your smartphone and apps such as Waze and Google Maps will be displayed on the screen. The reason the AT is more frugal is because it comes with Eco Idle, the first Malaysian car to feature auto start-stop. During deceleration and braking, energy is used to charge the car’s battery, which means that during acceleration and cruising, the load on the alternator and engine is reduced. Already crash tested, the Bezza scored the maximum five stars awarded by ASEAN NCAP for the 1.3L Advance, which has VSC as standard. Hill Start Assist, which holds the car for two seconds on an incline after you lift your foot off the brake pedal, is available in the 1.3 Advance. 0 down car financing

It’s more precise than what I remember, but it has been a long time since I drove a manual Perodua.

The extra oomph provided by the Dual VVT-i engine is apparent when going up the hill and the overall experience is a lot calmer, the gearbox less frantic.

As mentioned, the Bezza feels light on its feet, in contrast to the more substantial feel and controls one gets in a Saga, but the high perch doesn’t encourage one to chuck it around.

Is the Vios TRD Sportivo, which at RM98k is around twice the price of a Bezza, two times the car?

Think of it as an Axia alternative for those who are attracted to Malaysia’s cheapest and most popular car, but need more space for a growing family. The proof is in the crash testing, and five ASEAN NCAP stars for the Advance, which has VSC, and four stars for the rest is a good result. While the tenth-generation Civic has revitalised the fading C-segment, it’s a relatively small game in the tournament.

Same 1,620 mm width and 1,500 mm height, but there are no shared body panels with the Axia. The Bezza joins the Mazda 2 as the only cars below RM100k to feature idle stop, once a preserve of hybrids and premium Continental cars.

All these, plus the aero enhancements mentioned earlier, contribute to the Bezza’s stellar fuel economy. Without control over gear selection, I was a passenger when the four-speeder hunted for gears on inclines, emphasising the lack of torque that wasn’t so much of an issue in the MT. The top-spec Advance loses nothing in equipment compared to the lower end of the Japanese B-segment, and you should check the Perodua out if you’re in the market for a base City or Vios.

An extra few thousand ringgit over seven years buys one a huge boot, an improved engine and better fuel consumption – that would be strong value for some, we can imagine. Rear headroom is the same as the Axia, which means it while it should be adequate for most, there’s no Myvi-style abundant headroom here.

While it’s not a Honda Jazz with flip-up rear bench, the Bezza is very flexible in this department for a sedan. Like the car, the seats be affordably priced, and the cost be included in the hire purchase loan.

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