Barclays luxury gold card

Luxury Gold Card ($995 AF) MasterCard Review: Buy Gold Instead?

Barclays luxury gold card Barclays luxury gold card

Filmed on this: Click "SHOW MORE" for full list of camera gear. [ Blog Post ] How does the $995 annual fee card compare to the Chase Sapphire Reserve, U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve, and the American Express Platinum? Are you a college student? Get a FREE 6-month trial of Amazon Prime Student: Frequently asked questions about camera: Camera Gear: Camera: Bendy Tripod: You'll need this for the bendy tripod: Useful stuff: Best headphones for travel: Card organizer: Support our channel by shopping on Amazon! Relevant Videos: Luxury Black Card ($495 AF) Mastercard Review: Buy a Rolex Instead?: Luxury Titanium Card ($195 AF) Mastercard Review: Silver Lining? (Buy an Omega Watch Instead): FNBO TravElite Amex Review: Best no annual fee credit card?: ----------------------------- Follow me for updates: YouTube Subscribe: Newsletter: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Edited by: Sebastian Fung: Produced by: Mandy Hong:

Kuzam Lift: I was definitely going to get this card because i started making a shit ton of money but after your video im glad i didnt go on impulse thanks dude.

lewis20002000: Hey Sebby, Love your channel. so I did got approved for the Luxury Gold, but cancelled it after learning they won't waive my AT, because I applied after going on Active Duty, it didnt matter to AX, Citi, or Chase as long as I am active duty, so it was a waste even before I listed to your channel. Keep up the good work bro.

James Kinnebrew: I see definite value in continuing to review bad cards. It's a warning to those looking for more information on it. Plus it's entertaining to laugh at how misguided the companies can be.

Kyle Warburton: When the fuck are pens worth 100 dollars and raybands (sunglasses) 150 dollars

CEVaughan: I take it Sebby doesn't like this card! LOL

Hawkins Thomas: This card WAS worth it for military. Barclays Bank Used to give you 0% interest and they waived their annual fee. They have since changed their benefits for military requiring you to pay the annual fee. time to use my points and cancel the card.

Teresa McSee: Thank you for the great review! :)

zhi cheng zhen: LOL!! We have matching table

Falco Peregrinus: More bad card reviews please!

Stas The Video Agent: great job as always. Yeah these cards never made any sense to me. Not sure why Barclay put out such a terrible product.

Jill Anne Walker: Yes, please keep up the warnings!

Andrew R: Knowing which cards to avoid is just as important as which to pick up. I'd also like to know which airline, hotel, and points cards are worth the annual fee and others that perhaps are not. Keep the content rolling!

Jeffrey Rodriguez: Keep telling us What NOT to get please.

Alex Korakis: Those "do not get that card" videos are really useful, maybe more than normal because anyone who is applying is simply losing money. Keep on doing them bro!!

Yū R Suzuki: It's always great to know the bad cards ahead of time. These cards are starting to make its way into Asia as well.

gzone lement: If you thought this card has bad value, you should consider uploading your thoughts about the Japanese Amex platinum card. I believe their annual fee is over 1000 USD a year.

Alec Dazzler: 'If you're looking for a good travel credit card this is the wrong video"

Jorgio Castro: These cards are so bad it's laughable. I almost feel sorry for people who apply for them.

thejokerspeaks: I love the terrible card video's.

Luke Skywalker: yes please thanks screw that I'm not paying 995 for that crappy card oh can you please talk about the American Express black card and are you ever going to get it ?

MasterCard Gold Card unboxing

Barclays luxury gold card

via YouTube Capture.

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Barclays luxury gold card

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Barclays luxury gold card

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Barclays luxury gold card

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Barclays luxury gold card

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Barclays luxury gold card

Filmed on this: Click "SHOW MORE" for full list of camera gear. [ Blog Post ] .

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Barclays luxury gold card

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Luxury Gold Card ($995 AF) MasterCard Review: Buy Gold Instead?

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