Best buy financing offers

Apply for Your Best Buy Citi Credit Card for More Best Buy Offers at

If you are a BestBuy-aholic, the Best Buy Citi Credit Card is probably your priority. With it, you can get $5 back on every $100 Best Buy purchase. Additionally, buying whatever you want and paying over time are easily accessible. Better yet, numerous inclusive discounts and events are ready for you as well. In short, click in Reference Links at the bottom of the page for more Best Buy offers.

Apply for Your Best Buy Citi Credit Card

Best Buy Citi Credit Card not only enables you to easily make in-store and online purchases at Best Buy but also gives you plentiful opportunities to save more. With your Best Buy Citi Credit Card, you can get 2.5 points for every $1 Best Buy purchase and every 250 points can be redeemed for a $5 reward certificate. Besides, you can access exclusive discounts as well as events and the flexible financing program which means you can buy whatever you want and pay over time on every eligible $149 or up Best Buy purchase. If you join the My Best Buy rewards program, you may earn more as your card can act as a rewards card.

So, if you are 18 or older, just get ready your Social Security Number and a Driver’s License or Photo ID number to have a try. – Best Buy Account Management

  • Allows Best Buy, Magnolia and Pacific Sales Credit Card customers online access to their accounts
  • Customer can make and schedule bill payments
  • The site is available in English and Spanish
  • Services the My Best Buy Credit Card

Any questions regarding the services offered at the Best Buy account online website should be directed to 1-888-738-4624.

  • Get 5 points (1 base point plus 4 bonus points) per $1 spent (10% back in rewards) on qualifying Best Buy purchases when you choose Standard Credit with your Best Buy Credit Card
  • $500 in Best Buy purchases will equal a $50 reward certificate that can be used at any Best Buy location
  • A user can Check Application Status › 24/7

The Best Buy Credit Card offers the following financing offers on in store purchases:

  1. 6 month financing on $149 or more
  2. 12 month financing on $399 or more
  3. 12 month financing on cell phone purchases of $299 or more

Used Car Financing - Buy 2nd Hand Car Via Loan Leasing or Low Down Affordable Staggered Monthly Amortization Payments

Used car financing providers from banks to private lenders for buyers of second hand cars is very rare in many countries including the Philippines. But today, the industry has grown due to demand to cater for people looking to buy used cars and don't have the money to pay for it in cash. At Fast Loan , we believe in helping people come up with the best offer thru affordable low interest and attainable mortgage plan of monthly amortization.

Because many available local banks only accept financing new cars, people's canvass efforts and inquiries were mostly concentrated in buying a new vehicle. Hence, it leaves them no choice but buy a new car which later on ends up repossessed or taken back by banks by virtue of the loan contract. The good thing about buying 2nd hand cars is that you get the liberty to buy what you want and still get it at the lowest price possible which is affordable compared to financing a new auto. This helps buyers avoid getting into credit map troubles and from getting a bad credit status with credit bureaus around. Furthermore, choices are plenty and abound in many showrooms and centers for car auction.

In aid of helping our clients get the most out of offers, promos and discounts, we will be revealing here some techniques and tips on how to minimize the cost of buying used car and where best to buy it from. We will also be revealing sources and choices you have for financing your second hand car buy in Manila and surrounding provinces in the Philippines and many other countries.

Best buy financing offers

(full photo credits to

I am very glad to announce the good news that one of my provider lending companies in the Philippines has made the loan term more flexible for used car financing packages. Interest rate is also lower this last quarter of 2014 and onwards 2016 to compete with bank offers.

It is now comparable to bank interest rates including the loan payment terms which have now been extended up to 3 years for clients and borrowers who are buying 2002 second hand car year model and newer. ( see table below )


Our New Affordable Interest Rate and Flexible Loan Payment Terms

Best buy financing offers

Due to stiff market competition and efforts to provide good service and affordable initial down payment and monthy amortization, we've made our offer for second hand car buyers even cheaper in all terms.

Before, we offer as high as 2% interest per month ( monthly add on ).


Used Car Financing Interest Rate Cost Table and Payment Terms

Fast Loan Philippines can offer our clients at least 2 service provider lending companies. Basically, one is with a bank which obviously offers a much lower interest rate and longer loan payment term based from our simple loan table below. Provider #2 offers a bit higher interest rate with shorter payment term. The bank on the other hand is much stricter with client qualification with regards to credit rating. The private lender on the other hand is much slack with credit score of borrowers.

Provider #1 - Bank Lender Low Interest 1.39% with Up to 48 Months Payment Term

Provider #2 - Private Lending Company 1.5% Interest Rate Up to 24 Months Payment Term



  • Completely filled up application form
  • Copy of OR CR of car you wanted to buy
  • 2 Primary valid IDs photocopied in 1 page

Best buy financing offers

  • Proof of income - DTI and mayor's permit + 3 months latest bank statement (if with business) / 3 months latest bank statement and remittance receipts (if with OFW or any form of remittance from abroad) / contract of least and 3 months latest bank statement (if with property for rent) / 3 months latest payslip + bank statement (if with regular job) / vouchers or receipts of payment (if with freelance job)

Since our mode of payment is through issuance of post-dated checks, borrower / client is required to have own checking account. (if you have one, this will be an advantage)

If you have no checking account, we will refer you to our affiliated banks. Don't worry, application of checking account is just a breeze with only minimal requirements ( 2 valid IDs + picture and our referral letter ).

Maximum used car financing payment term is 5 years as stated in our table above. Due to high delinquency rate and risk factors, we no longer allow below 2000 year model vehicle.

Where to Get Used Car to Buy and How to Maximize Discounts Available?

We have been in the lending industry consultation service for more than 3 years now and we have learned so many things that up to now, we still use in assisting our clients to give them the advantage when buying 2nd hand auto.

With the issue of used car financing , we also have tips for clients. While there are literally almost no bank catering to financing second hand cars, these banks also have fixed offers for tie up commission to agents and brokers.

We are your professional loan agent and we know. The same thing works for private lending companies when we speak of agent's commission. Just please be reminded that your loan with any of the 2 providers will not yield lower rates. What will give you the edge of saving money is by thinking practical.

Tip : the longer the loan term or financing term, the bigger the interest you will be paying. Note that both offer from banks or private lenders will give you an incrementing monthly add on interest rate which means the more you prolong your loan payment term the more you will have to pay for interest and the bigger your amortization will be.

You will also not be charged with a broker's or agent's fee unless it is specified as part of the loan term. I don't charge one on my end so you can rest assured that you don't get extra charges in your loan just to have us paid our commission. Our providers pay us.

With banks, it is obvious that they offer lower interest rates but when we made our offer almost competitive and comparable to bank offers, which would you choose to finance your used car? Here's a simple takeoff.

  • Banks - low interest, super long processing time and strict documentation requirements
  • Private Lenders - comparable interest rates, faster processing time and slack or easy-to-produce documentary requirements

My services are absolutely 100% FREE and our providers don't have hidden charges. All the fees to be collected will be disclosed before signing the loan contract to finance your used car buy.


home office phone: 542-7015 (Sam) / 542 8105 (Vina/Marga)

Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532

Smart Cellular No 0939 - 9269335

Globe No 0905 – 4249367 (with Viber, IMO and Whatsapp)

Disclaimer : Any or all information found in this website which may be but is not limited to photos, words, paragraphs, audio, video may coincide with existing details or information found on the internet and is exclusively for purposes of information only (FOI Bill). They are properties of their respective owners, lenders, brokers, lending companies, banks and the like. We do not represent nor claim at any given time that we own, is related to or is entitled to represent any company, bank, person or entity in the lending industry. FastloanPh.Com is a Philippines based personal website used as a lead generation for pooling clients only for the following loans - OFW / doctors / seafarer / migrants / car or vehicle owners and real estate owners.  . We do not currently offer personal loan for any locally employed Filipinos.

Furthermore, we fully disclose that it is not our fault if we get found through online search with different terms, phrases and keywords which may relate to your business or company. It is your sole responsibility to make sure you are on the top list for your own target keywords and terms or phrases. Do not blame us for your shortcomings and faults. Do your responsibility and job in promoting your business well as we do ours.

Otherwise, if you know or have any content found on this website and you want them removed, please email us a request together with your proof of ownership through proper representation at [email protected] We would be glad to have it/them removed.

Best buy financing offers

  • Best buy financing offers
  • Best buy financing offers
  • Best buy financing offers
  • Best buy financing offers
  • Best buy financing offers

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Don't go to a carrier just to get smartphone financing — there are better ways

By Andrew Martonik Tuesday, Jul 11, 2017 at 9:00 am EDT

There are better ways to buy a phone affordably than running to the nearest carrier stores.

Ever since traditional two-year phone contracts fell out of vogue, carriers have come up with new and inventive ways of locking you in. One of the best examples of this is a monthly installment payment plan for a new device. It's so simple to walk into a carrier store and walk out with a phone for $0 down, paying that total over the course of the next 12, 18, or 24 months. It just gets baked right into your monthly phone bill — super easy.

But it's also super restrictive, because just like a two-year contract, your phone's cost is once again tied to the carrier. What if you want to take your phone elsewhere? You have to pay it off at the carrier, cancel your service, and move. And if you're financing a $700+ phone (or four), that could be tough — so now you're staying with a carrier you don't want to be with, just because you need longer to pay off the phone.

At the same time, people keep going to their carrier because they often think that's the only way they can get long-term, interest-free financing on what are increasingly expensive phones. But actually, you can get financing with identical terms from all of the major phone companies today, as well as from many retailers that sell phones — even phones that are exclusive to your carrier.

Best buy financing offers

Phones are expensive, and the top-end models are seemingly increasing in price over time. More and more companies are also offering unlocked models that don't have the option of carrier financing. To help keep the phones accessible, they're offering no-interest financing for these phones.

HTC offers financing through PayPal Credit, which offers 18-month no-interest financing for purchases over $540. That means a new HTC U11 at $649 will set you back $36.05 per month. Pay it off in full on time and you won't pay a penny over that price.

Samsung's financing offers a no-interest term for everything it sells over $250. It typically reserves 24-month financing for $1499+ purchases but also offers it for its top-end phones; that would price out a new $725 Galaxy S8 at $30.21 per month over two years, again with no extra financing charges. The nice thing here is you can buy carrier-branded versions of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with Samsung's financing, meaning you can get the exact model you want, without having its financing tied to the carrier.

Motorola will let you finance its phones using the third-party service Affirm, and its terms are very similar to the others. 6-, 12-, or 18-month financing terms are available depending on the purchase price, and there's no interest or additional fees. The financing offers are available through Motorola's website, whether you're buying an unlocked phone or carrier-exclusive model.

Google has 24-month no-interest financing on phone purchases from the Google Store. So you can pick up that Google Pixel XL directly from Google for $32.04 per month, rather than going to Verizon just to pay over time.

OnePlus has one of the weakest financing options, but then again, it also has some of the cheapest top-end phone models. When shopping on the OnePlus store, all purchases over $99 are able to be financed with PayPal Credit over 6 months with no interest if paid in full in that term.

Best buy financing offers

If the phone you're looking at doesn't have manufacturer-backed financing, there's a chance you could finance it with similar terms from a third-party retailer instead.

Amazon, where we all buy so many small things, offers convenient financing for larger purchases, like phones. The financing is no-interest like the others, and the length of financing offered depends on the purchase price. A $149+ phone can be paid off over 6 months, but a $599+ purchase gives you 12 months to pay it off.

Best Buy will let you buy anything in its store with monthly payments if you sign up for its own-branded credit card. Purchases over $199 can get 6-month no-interest financing, and purchases over $399 get 12-month no-interest financing. This goes for unlocked phones but also carrier-branded phones, which is a great piece of flexibility — just be sure not to confuse it with the carrier-backed financing Best Buy also offers.

Seriously, consider financing outside of the carrier

As you can see, there are several different ways to buy the latest devices on a monthly installment plan while keeping that bill separate from your commitment to the phone carrier itself. It also gives you the ability to shop around and potentially find better deals at the manufacturer or retailer of your choice without giving up monthly financing. While it's a slightly bigger hassle to deal with two bills instead of one, the freedom of having your long-term phone financing separated from the carrier is worth it. Get the phone you want, the way you want.

Best Buy Is Giving Best Financial And Rewards Services

Best buy is American Company retailing goods was founded by Richard M. Schulze and Gary Smoliak in 1966.The customers from all over the world approaching its store more than 1,150 spots to facilitate their customers. All over the world customers are purchasing their electronics well at very reasonable prizes and with the high quality. More than 165k workers are working at their different station to give you the best services at their ends. Company is also planning further plans to facilitate their customers. They have introduced reward, e-gift and financial services for their customers.

About Financial Services:

To get their financial services you have to shop here for electronic goods and make at least $149 for purchasing goods and easily qualify for their financial services. If you have this card buy items using it and increase your points and get rewards as 5% cash with points. If you are already member of card you can activate to access your rewards online.

See this link and see the apply button and start your financial services here. You have to create your online account and by providing them your personal and financial information and you have to subscribe these services by getting online account.

Rejoicing Financial Offers:

Purchase $599 Home Theatre by using credit card and get 24 month financing plan to get paid fully. Interest rates will charges on you from the first day of your purchase. But if you have any problem to pay fully apply for the 24 month installment plan here.

Spend $429 with your credit card and pay your dues within 18 months. The main advantage of this plan is to pay full without any interest rate.

Get this financial plan by spending money on purchasing items from their store for every product in their shelves. You have to pay interest rate at your credit account till you pay for the good that you have ordered here.

About Rewards Program:

Use their credit card services and earn points and get 5% cash back services for every purchase.

  • You have to spend $1 and get 2.5 points for each expenditure and increase you are spending and earn more and more points.
  • Order for the $5 rewards certificates and get the 250 points in your account.
  • For every purchase and expenditure increase your points and get discounts and points easily.

Online shoppers can gain the online shopping advantages by using company’s offers to get relaxation on their paying. Get both services rewards and financing services offer and enjoy the huge collection of electronic goods at your home and office.

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