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Blue Sky Redeem American Express

  • American Express Blue Sky Rewards is among the most cost-effective and exciting credit card rewards programs available.
  • AmEx members can use their Blue Sky Rewards points on anything from shopping discounts and gift cards to concert tickets, hotel rooms, and more.
  • Unlike many other American Express cards, Blue Sky allows you to carry a balance, giving you unprecedented spending flexibility.

With American Express Blue Sky rewards, cardholders can use their points to offset travel expenses, purchase gift cards, or even redeem for balance credit! With especially great returns on airline and hotel purchases, Blue Sky Rewards is the perfect program for frequent travelers.

  • You earn Blue Sky Rewards points by making purchases with your AmEx card. However, there are no additional fees to participate.
  • Points can be redeemed for several types of rewards. However, the Blue Sky program provides especially good returns for travel expenses such as flights, hotels, and even car rentals.
  • For easy Blue Sky Rewards management, set up an American Express online account to start keeping track of your points.

You can redeem Blue Sky Rewards points for statement credit, gift cards, travel expenses, and purchases. However, you can’t redeem them outright cash. Redemption values vary depending on what reward you redeem them for, but typically travel rewards yield the most returns, while statement credits have the lowest dollar value.

How to Redeem Points

  • Go online to to
  • Click “Log In.”
  • Enter your existing American Express username and password.
  • You’ll immediately be directed toward the Rewards portal. Select which Rewards area you’d like to explore, and start browsing.
  • Once you select a Rewards item, follow redemption instructions. Typically, you’ll receive your Rewards item within 24 hours.

With a wide variety of rewards, easy to earn points that add up fast, and excellent redemption values for flights, hotels, and other travel expenses, the Blue Sky Rewards program is the perfect opportunity for travelers. Log in to start earning and claiming rewards today!

Rewards startup looks to put some spring into businesses and consumers

Dec. 26, 2013, 2:05 p.m.

Spring has sprung into the busy loyalty rewards segment, hoping to tap the lucrative vein that links big credit card companies, businesses and their customers.

A Chicago-based startup, Spring Marketplace Inc., launched in October and is up and running in more than 200 locations, mostly restaurants, the company said.

Co-founder Bruce Mitchell, a veteran of the e-commerce space as a founder of, said he thinks his company has cracked the code in the crowded sector by combining convenience for consumers, scalability for businesses and a new revenue stream for credit card companies. Mitchell founded the company with Jonathan Dyke, former COO of edo Interactive.

“Happily, for Spring, I don’t think there’s anyone on all fours with us,” Mitchell said.

Competitors include Chicago-based Belly, winner this year of a Chicago Innovation Award. Belly allows users to collect points for purchases at member businesses, using a mobile app. Another competitor, LevelUp, is a pay-by-phone app that allows users to collect rewards points.

Watch Logan LaHive of Belly on being an entrepreneur in search of an idea

What separates Spring, Mitchell said, is that it requires only one step for users to sign up, and everything else is automatic. Spring users either sign up with a credit card when they pay at a participating business or sign up on the company website. After that, their points accumulate every time they use that card at that business or at any other Spring-affiliated business with which they’ve signed up.

Stuart Larkins, a partner at Chicago Ventures, an initial financial backer of Spring, said he’d been looking at the loyalty sector for some time and that Spring was the first platform he thought made sense for consumers.

“You don’t want to have to train people to do things in new ways,” Larkins said.

Spring, unlike other loyalty programs, is tied to credit card systems, Larkins said. That means merchants get to see the member’s spending data at their businesses, which allows them to customize promotional offers.

“One of the most valuable problems we saw was ‘How does a merchant engage their customer better?’9rdquo; Mitchell said.

This is easier for large retailers, who collect correspondingly large databases of purchase information from their customers. But Spring’s current emphasis — smaller businesses, particularly restaurants — don’t have this opportunity. Spring also gives businesses user information on their loyal customers.

In addition, the company gives credit card companies a way to expand revenue, Mitchell said. “They have very valuable data flowing through their ecosystem,” he said. “They haven’t figured out how to monetize that data.”

Thus, Mitchell said, Spring is a bridge among credit card companies looking for a new revenue stream, smaller businesses looking to engage their loyal customers and users looking for a low-friction way to earn rewards for their purchases.

“The ecosystem needs an interloper like us,” he said.

Blue Sky from American ExpressВ® – A Great Way to Make Your Travel Spending Go Further | Review

Are you looking for a travel rewards/airline miles card but hate the idea of all those blackout dates and weird restrictions?

The Blue Sky from American Express® credit card just may be the answer… and they’re currently offering a decent welcome bonus of 7,500 points (redeemable for up to a $100 statement credit).  Charge $1,000 on the card in the first three months of card membership and the points are yours.

Join us as we review the Blue Sky by American ExpressВ®.

Blue sky rewardsBlue Sky is just a great all-around travel rewards and airline miles credit card. В There’s no worry about flying with one particular airline (the airline miles part) and you can use the points for things like car rentals and hotels (the travel rewards part).

You earn one point per dollar for every purchase you make on the card. В When you make a travel purchase and charge it to the card, you will receive $100 statement credit for every 7,500 points you have.

The great thing is, the phrase “travel purchase” means basically ANY kind of travel purchase – any room in any hotel, any flight on any airline, any cruise, any travel package…even tickets purchased for your commute on railways and trains.

And now comes the best part (in my opinion).

There are absolutely NO blackout dates or any other kinds of restrictions on that travel. That’s a real plus while also being pretty rare in the travel rewards credit card world.

You do need to redeem for your travel in 7,500-point increments, and the welcome bonus of 7,500 points will take care of that first one right away. В (The statement credit for your Travel Rewards shows up about 6-8 weeks after your request is processed.)

NOTE: Make sure you act relatively fast after you charge your travel: redemption requests must be made within 60 days from the closing date shown on the billing statement that shows your travel purchase or you don’t get to use them!

As I stated above, when it comes to point redemption on travel, it works in increments of 7,500:

7,500 points get you $100

15,000 points get you $200

22,500 points gets you $300

That’s ultimately a third more than 1% back on travel, making this a pretty generous travel rewards card.

Your points can also be traded in for gift cards – either American Express gift cards or others in the Blue Sky Rewards catalog. For those you only need 3,250 points to start redeeming.

Finally, there is also a cash back option – you’ll get your cash in the form of a statement credit.  However, with that you can only redeem in increments starting at 6,500 points and that 6,500 will only get you up to $50, capped at the amount of the outstanding balance on your statement.  (This statement credit also takes about 6-8 weeks to show up.)

No annual fee on this card means all these savings are yours.

That is, as long as you don’t carry a balance.  This card is a credit card so you don’t have to pay in full but, as you know, these rewards amount to zilch if you’re paying interest.  There’s no interest for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers with a 0% intro APR. After that there is a variable rate of 17.24% to 22.24%.

As usual with American Express cards, you get a host of useful benefits that come with the card.  For instance, when you’re traveling, you have access to:

-Global Assist Hotline (offers help planning your trip or with lost passports and other emergencies when you’re traveling more than 100 miles from home)

-Car Rental “Loss and Damage” Insurance (just waive this coverage when you rent)

-Travel accident insurance

Finally, this card offers a perk that will give you some peace of mind when you arrive at a hotel as an exhausted and weary traveler :

–Guaranteed Room Reservations– Even if you’re late to check in, the hotel must guarantee you have a room like one you’ve reserved, even if they’ve overbooked– along with free transportation to a comparable room in a different hotel if need be.

American Express cards also offer protection on purchases made with the card:

-Theft and accidental damage coverage up to $50,000 per year

-Return protection up to 90 days if a store won’t accept your return, up to $300 per item

-Extended warranty – one additional year past what the warranty that came with the item

Worried about becoming a victim of identity theft?  Amex offers identity theft assistance – they’ll help you identify if it’s happened, recommend steps for recovery and how to prevent it in future.

It’s easy to pay on line, or you can download the Amex iPhone app – so you can easily and remotely pay your bill, check your balance, recent purchases and more.

You can also text MYAMEX a short message to get any information you need like your balance or payment info and they’ll text you right back (standard text rates apply).

No annual fee and a nice welcome bonus….generous and completely unrestricted travel rewards….plus all the perks that go along with having an American Express card.

I’d say this one is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for rewards on travel.  It’s really so flexible that it could easily work for any kind of traveler.

*As you always should, make sure you read through the card details to make sure this card fits your needs and you understand the terms and conditions. Be aware that the terms may change after this article’s publication.

“Disclaimer: This content is not provided or commissioned by American Express. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of American Express, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by American Express. This site may be compensated through American Express Affiliate Program.”

blue sky rewards

The American Express Blue Sky® and Blue Sky Preferred® credit cards both offer rewards points that can be applied to a broad range of travel expenses, but which is best for you? It depends on how you spend your money. The amount you spend on airline incidental fees, restaurants, hotels, and car rentals are the biggest factors in determining which of the two cards gives you the biggest benefit.

Key Differences between Blue Sky and Blue Sky Preferred

The Blue Sky® has no annual fee, and the Blue Sky Preferred® has an annual fee of $75.

The two cards have a different setup for rewards. The Blue Sky card offers 1 point for each dollar spent on general purchases. The Preferred version of the card offers 2 points for each dollar spent on restaurants, hotels, and car rentals (and 1 point for each dollar spent on other purchases).

The Preferred offers a $100 Annual Airline Allowance that is not offered by the Blue Sky. The Preferred’s airline allowance allows you to be reimbursed up to $100 per year for flight incidental fees such as baggage fees, in-flight movie costs, and in-flight internet access costs.

The two cards have different welcome offers. The Blue Sky has a welcome offer of 7,500 points (a $100 value) if you spend $1,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months of owning the card. The Preferred has a welcome offer of 15,000 points (a $200 value) if you spend $1,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months of owning the card.

Key Similarities between Blue Sky and Blue Sky Preferred

The reward points for both cards can be redeemed as statement credits that can be applied toward travel expenses for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, and travel agencies. Also, both cards have these benefits in common: Emergency Card Replacement, a Global Assist Hotline, Return Protection, Roadside Assistance, Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance, an Extended Warranty, Purchase Protection, and Travel Accident Insurance. To sweeten the deal, both cards have a 0% introductory APR for the first 12 months.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to go with the credit card that gives you the better value. Depending on your expenses for airline incidental fees, restaurants, hotels, and car rentals, one of these cards will outperform the other.

If you spend over $75 dollar each year on airline incidental fees, the Blue Sky Preferred® will always have a better value for you than the Blue Sky®. With the Preferred, you would regain more than the cost of the $75 annual fee through up to $100 in airline incidental fee reimbursements, and you would get twice as many reward points for expenses at restaurants, hotels, and car rental agencies.

Now, let’s look at a different situation. What if you have no airline incidental fees each year? As outlined in the table below, if you spend more than $5,625 on restaurants, hotels, and car rentals in a year, you would still get a better value with the Preferred card. However, if you spend less than $5,625 in those three areas, then you would get a better value with the Blue Sky. These figures do not take into account the one-time-only welcome offers of the two cards.

blue sky rewards

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Blue sky rewards

Blue sky rewards

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