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Agent Provocateur 'The Chase' Ad: Sexy Model Runs Down A Bag-Snatching Thief (VIDEO)

Almost like clockwork, Agent Provocateur is back again with its latest ad, "The Chase," and this one is actually not as racy as some of the lingerie company's past videos.

Maybe the Agent Provocateur learned from its last run-in with Britain's Advertising Standards Authority that it's better to err on the side of caution than risk a complaint with the ASA.

In the newest ad for the Agent Provocateur Classics collection, a sexy model chases down a petty thief who snatched an elderly woman's bag. Of course, in the middle of the mad dash, her dress catches on a fence and rips off, showcasing the collection's Margot lingerie set.

Scantily clad and not giving a damn, she jumps over a pile of garbage in an alleyway and darts through someone's living room in pursuit of the thief.

Fortunately, she's wearing flats.

She finally catches up with the thief in the park and takes him down. As she victoriously straddles him, grabbing the purse from his thieving clutches, she screams, "You're going down!" and pauses to brush her fingers through her hair.

Sexy lingerie triumphs yet again.

Check out the gallery below to see past Agent Provocateur ads and rate your favorites.

Chase collection agency

Chase collection agency Question: My husband has a negative listing on his credit report. It is through Chase Bank (credit card) and it is for $2451. We filled out an application for a loan and we were told that we were denied because of this.

He called Chase and they said they have no record of the item and gave him the collection agency that now has his account. He called them and they said they have no record of his account either. Should he dispute it on his credit report? What does he need to do?

Answer: Since Chase referred you to a collection agency, the account is probably a charge-off account and that may be why you were told they had no record. There are several strategies you can attempt:

Dispute with Credit Bureaus. Dispute the negative Chase listing with each credit bureau showing the listing. If Chase Bank has no record of the item then it may be deleted. There are several ways to dispute a charge off, read “How to Dispute a Charge-off” for more information.

Dispute Directly with Chase Bank. Dispute directly with the furnisher of information if, after you disputed with the credit bureaus, the negative listing was verified and remains. In July 2010, under the FACT Act, the furnisher of information (Chase Bank) must respond to credit disputes just like the credit bureaus. Read more about disputing directly with the furnisher of information also known as the 623 Method of Disputes. Once you dispute directly with the furnisher of information they have 30 days to verify the dispute or they must delete the negative listing.

Negotiate with the Creditor. If Chase Bank verifies the negative item as correct you will have to deal with them in order to get the charge-off removed. Talk to Chase because when it comes to charge-offs dealing with a collection agency will not remove the original creditor’s negative listing.

You can try to convince Chase to remove the charge-off from your credit report in exchange for payment. But request to speak with a manager or someone who has the authority to remove the charge-off from your credit reports because speaking with a representative answering the phone will get you nowhere.

You want to negotiate a pay for delete agreement. If the creditor does not agree perhaps you can request a less negative rating such as “account closed”, “account settled” or “paid” instead of the charge-off status. Whatever agreement you are able to negotiate, get everything in writing before you make any payments.

If you are unable to negotiate a better credit rating you may still need to pay the Chase account as it may be a requirement from future lenders. As you experienced, some lenders will not grant you new credit or loans until past due accounts are paid.

Charge-offs can remain on your credit reports 7 years but over time the charge-off will have less negative effect on your credit reports.

The Collection Agency. Because the collection agency stated they had no records, I would leave them alone, especially if they have not listed any negative information regarding Chase on your credit reports. You do not want to awaken a debt collector to start pursuing you.

IRS Using Private Debt Collection Agencies to Chase Down Debts

This month, the Internal Revenue Service will contract with one of four third-party debt collection companies, and the Better Business Bureau is urging the public to take precautions to ensure a collection call is legitimate. To protect the taxpayer's privacy and security, both the IRS letter and the collection firm's letter will contain information that will help taxpayers identify the tax amount owed and assure taxpayers that future collection agency calls they may receive are legitimate.

Phil Liberatore, CPA provides his insight into the IRS' new plan to hire private collections firms in severely delinquent cases. But consumer groups and the National Treasury Employees Union are anxious about harassment and other forms of abuse. The IRS will notify taxpayers of a past due balance and the pending collection activity with two letters.

The contracting companies, all members of the Better Business Bureau, are CBE Group of Cedar Falls, Iowa; Conserve of Fairport, New York; Performant of Livermore, California; and Pioneer of Horseheads, New York.

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Along the way he earned a reputation for being great with kids, including one wide-eyed boy named Konrad Reuland . Rod Carew received his heart and kidney transplant from former National Football League player Konrad Reuland .

Hamill said his personal and professional life would have been diminished had she not been part of them. She loved these movies". "They may not be what you expect", said Ridley to knowing groans in the crowd.

According to Liberatore, "this looks like another instance in which the IRS needs to count the cost of their policies towards taxpayers, with reductions to their operating budget, the IRS has been cutting back on services to taxpayers". To find out more about available payment options, visit

Second, the BBB states, debt collectors are prohibited by federal law from harassing citizens. Payments will not be made over the phone by credit card or any other means, such as direct wiring or credit card purchases.

After you pay the collection agency the negotiated credit card debt settlement amount can the creditor still chase you for the balance of the credit card debt later?

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Chase collection agency

Chase collection agency

Do you still have to pay a credit card debt after seven years?

Chase collection agency

If a credit card company writes off a debt can you still be sued by a collection agency?

How does an agreement on a Chase credit card debt settlement offer affect your credit rating?

Chase collection agency

Can you still talk to the credit card company directly for paying off an unpaid debt or do you have to talk to the debt collection company?

Chase collection agency

Who is responsible for a debt if the credit card company of the deceased turns the unpaid balance to the collection agency for the family to pay but there is no spouse or children?

Chase collection agency

What may a creditor do if you fail to pay credit card debt?

Chase collection agency

I can no longer pay the open balance of credit card debt.?

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