Citi thank you card payment – Get The Citi Thank You Card – Great Rewards

Apply online for a Citi Card that thanks you with great rewards. There are so many reasons to take advantage of the For example, you will not have to pay anything on fraudulent credit card purchases that you did not authorize. I also enjoy their 24/7 customer service that offers superb care. How reassuring is it to know that you can call any time of the day and access credit card customer service for your new visa. Other cards I have had do not provide this quality service. The application process is simple and easy to complete. You will want to enter in the box labeled pre approval number and then you will want to enter your last name if you were sent a letter extending you the invitation. I received an invitation to get a Citi Thankyou card and I can’t believe what all they have offered me. While your offer might be different, I was promised no annual fee. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate carrying a Visa card from a bank that charges me money just for having the privilege of using it on a daily basis.

Other features that I can get on my new Thank You Citi Visa Card include and introductory 0% apr on my transferred balances. I want that and that’s why I headed over to the official page so I could apply for this great card. Other features that were offered to me in my invite include the opportunity to redeem points that can be used to help pay off a student loan or a mortgage. How wonderful is that. We are all going to need to use a credit card at some point in time, so why not get rewarded for using one that will help you pay off expenses. Another spectacular feature about the Citi Thankyou visa card is that your reward points never expire. Even better, there are no caps according to the literature.

With the Citi Thank You card, you also get acceptance of your visa at millions of locations worldwide. I want one card I can use where ever I go. Knowing that the Visa card from Citi allows me to do that is reassuring. I can also get rid of my MasterCard because it appears that this Visa card is all I will need. It also appears that you can get an instant decision as well. Well at least mine was super fast and if you have an invite from them, yours might be as well too. If you received an invite to get the new Citi ThankYou Card, you can send the application that accompanied the invite back in the mail. Let’s face it, some of us just prefer regular mail. In addition to applying online, you can also call them. I sometimes like talking to a person when applying for a credit card.

[Citigold Checking] Earn 100k AAdvantage Miles or Thank You Points

by ThriftyTraveler · Published November 6, 2015 · Updated November 11, 2015

In an October post we covered how you could earn a massive amount of points for opening the now expired Citi Executive AAdvantage card and a Citigold Checking account. The good news is Citi increased their bonus offer this week for the Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage card, so it’s a great time to pair up these two Citi deals. The best part about opening the Citigold checking account is that it can be funded with a Citi credit card! You can knock out the $3k spending requirements on the Citi Platinum Select card by funding your Citigold account. Earning 100k AAdvantage miles has never been easier!

50k Citi Platinum AAdvantage offer + $3k Minimum Spend + 50k CitiGold Checking offer = 103,000 AAdvantage Miles

  • 50k miles after $3,000 spend in 3 months (Limited Time offer)
  • No annual fee the first year, then $95
  • 1st checked bag is free for you and four companions
  • Early boarding in Zone 1
  • No foreign transaction fees (New!)

  • 50k AAdvantage miles after (Offer could expire at any time)
    • Spending $1k on debit card
    • Completing one bill-pay for two consecutive months on a non-citi account
  • Use code 42ERCWNQU6 during sign-up
  • $30 monthly fee is waived for the first two months
  • Only requires a soft pull (instead of hard pull) on your credit report so your credit score won’t be impacted

  1. Apply for the Citi Platinum AAdvantage Card. If you do not receive instant approval call reconsideration @ 800-763-9795.
  2. Apply to open the Citigold Checking Account. Make sure to use code 42ERCWNQU6 during sign-up.
  3. When applying for the Citigold account, you should see a button called promotional disclosures. This should include details of the offer. I recommend taking a screenshot or printing for recordkeeping purposes.
  4. Select to fund the Citigold account with a credit card. You can select the PDF link to fill out and call or fax into Citi. To send a free online fax use You can only fund the Citigold account up to your credit limit. I’d recommend at least $3k to hit your minimum spend for the credit card offer. Make sure to contact CitiCards before you fund the account to notify them of the large upcoming transaction.
  5. Wait 48 hours and check to see if your credit card has been charged. If not call into CitiBank and they can process the credit card funding.
  6. You should receive your debit card in the mail as well as a checkbook. You will also get a letter with your debit pin. This could take 1-2 weeks. Be patient this isn’t as quick as getting a credit card in the mail.
  7. Set-up and complete one bill-pay for two consecutive months from your Citigold account.
  8. Spend $1k on the Citi debit card. You can use it for normal spending or you can use it to load Bluebird or Serve at Walmart.
  9. Once you’ve completed both monthly bill-pays, and $1k debit card spending, make sure to contact Citi through a secure message to ensure the points are posted to your AAdvantage account. There are reports of points that are slow to post.
  10. Once the points post to your AAdvantage account you can keep the Citigold account open or close it. Just a heads up that you will be charged $30 a month for the Citigold account after the first two months. You can close the account online through the Citi Secure Message system.

Thrifty Tip #1: Call CitiCards to notify them you are making a large purchase from CitiBank and set your cash advance limit to $0. This way you should have no issue funding your account. Do this before faxing the funding instructions to CitiBank

Thrifty Tip #2: You can also receive Thank You Points instead of AAdvantage miles with code 42ERCZ42PY. You could apply for the Citi Thank You Premier card, to earn a total of 103k Thank You Points. Just follow the same steps.

Thrifty Tip #3: Be patient as the debit card, debit pin, and checks can take over a week to show up in the mail.

If you have not applied for the 50k Citi Platinum Select or the Citigold checking I highly recommend taking advantage of both offers while you can. This is a great opportunity to meet your credit card’s minimum spend and get 50k extra miles! The CitiGold checking offer takes a little bit more leg work and patience, but it’s an easy way to quickly build up your AAdvantage account.

Questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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