Credit cards for beginner

credit cards for beginner

Those of you that are just starting off your financial lives are probably starting to look into credit cards. Though there are many people who assume that credit cards are a bad idea when it comes to spending money as they can easily lead to debt, the simple fact of the matter is that credit cards are an excellent way to help you not only keep tack of what you spend but also build up your credit score and start a health credit history. This leads us to the heart of this post, how do you find the best credit cards for beginners.

The last tip that I have to share with is to look for credit cards with perks. These perks are totally free and can be quite valuable in many cases. There are credit cards that offer cash back, free credit checks, certain discounts, and many other perks that make using a credit card well worth it.

So, you will have to weigh your options so to speak, and figure out which one of those aspects, listed above, is most important to you. This should give you a much better idea of what you should be looking for in a credit card for beginners.

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credit cards for beginner

by Gary Leff on March 25, 2013

If you’re already an expert, stop reading this post now. You already know everything in it, and I don’t want you to waste your time. You won’t be able to get your 45 seconds back. If you have 6 or more credit cards open, this post is not for you.

When I’m asked for frequent flyer advice, I have to resist the temptation to give an oral dissertation defense. I can easily run off at the mouth. I tend to be really quite earnest and feel like it’s important to qualify, to offer precise recommendations. But too much advice can be overwhelming. It’s probably why many of the people I work with think that this ‘crazy frequent flyer thing’ (jetting off in premium cabins around the world multiple times a year) is complicated, something I can do but beyond their reach.

And no doubt this blog isn’t written with the broadest audience in my. My writing, my interests, and my recommendations aren’t always the most accessible.

But I’ve tried to work on that at least where co-workers are concerned (and a dozen or so have likely flown international first class now as a result). Sometimes it’s best to give a simple, concrete recommendation rather than the perfect recommendation — because it’s easily actionable, and because it’s much better than what they were doing before.

And in the credit card space that recommendation is the Chase Sapphire Preferred card which has been probably the all-around most lucrative credit cards in the market for the past two years. Back in November 2011 I called it the king of credit cards.

At 40,000 bonus points after $3000 in spending within 3 months, it has one of the richest bonuses of any card. It earns some of the most valuable points. And has some of the best spending bonuses as well.

Why the Expert Recommends This Card , and Why Beginners Can Take Advantage of It

I frequently talk about the different kinds of value that a credit card can provide. There are three different reasons for getting a credit card. There are:

  1. Those you get just for the signup bonus, but you don’t want to keep spending on them after you’ve earned the bonus

  • Those you get for the benefit of having the card, it’s not great for putting spend on

    This card has one of the strongest signup bonuses and also offers some of the strongest points-earning. You get double points on all travel and dining, Visa acceptance (so you can use it pretty much anywhere even the dry cleaners), no foreign currency transaction fees (so you don’t have to swap out for a different card when you leave the country), and the points are as valuable as any currency out there.

    Since it’s more or less tops in two of the three areas that a credit card can generate benefits, and since it’s versatile enough to be one of the best choices anywhere and everywhere, it’s a good card that passes the ‘expert’ analysis … and an easy card to use and benefit from as a beginner, too.

    A Very Strong Card for Earning Points

    In addition to the standard points-earning, you also get:

    • Double points on travel and restaurant spending

  • Visa acceptance, so even my dry cleaner takes it

  • No foreign currency conversion fee

  • Additional points for your online shopping through access to the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall, a mileage-earning shopping portal that often has the most lucrative opportunities to earn extra points for the online purchases you’d make anyway. I love the 2 extra points per dollar on Travelocity purchases, extra point per dollar at Expedia, and I love it when gets up to 10 points per dollar spent.
  • Making the Most of the Points You Earn

    Chase advertises that you can redeem these points at 1.25 cents apiece towards paid travel, that’s not their best use. You want to hold onto them and transfer them to frequent flyer programs most of the time.

    I value ‘flexible’ points the most, points where you can choose where to point them at the time you’re ready to redeem for an award. If you accumulate miles in an airline program, then you need that program to have the award you want at the time you want to fly. But with points that transfer to your choice of programs, you increase the odds substantially of getting the award you want — if one program doesn’t have the award, another one likely will.

    The transfer options with this card are:

    • Airlines: United, Korean Airlines, Southwest Airlines, British Airways

  • Hotels: Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Priority Club

    The best hotel transfer value is Hyatt in most cases, but it’s really valuable to be able to top off an account towards an award no matter which account of yours that winds up being.

    Usually I think of United as the best value for points transfers, since the award chart is reasonable and available on Star Alliance partners is really pretty good in business class to Europe and Asia.

    But transferring to British Airways Avios can be a good use of points, especially for short-distance non-stop flights (think as low as 9000 points roundtrip for a coach award). And while many awards on BA involve fuel surcharges, if you use those points to fly American Airlines or Alaska Airlines domestic or American or LAN to South America, there are no fuel surcharges. (Also quite reasonable intra-Asia on Cathay Pacific and Aer Lingus Boston or New York to Ireland.)

    Meanwhile, not only do you get Star Alliance awards via United and oneworld awards via British Airways, you have coverage of the third alliance — Skyteam — as well. You get access to the same Skyteam award space as if you had Delta miles. And in some cases there’s a favorable award chart.

    Plus the ability to redeem for international first class through Korean and not just business class, something Delta doesn’t allow. And one-way awards, also not offered (except at the same price as roundtrip!) by Delta.

    I actually value these points the most, probably for transfers to Korean since I used Chase points for Korean first class one-stop back from Kuala Lumpur on the Sunday after Thanksgiving last year. (I also want to fly first class on the China Southern A380 and first class on Saudia Airlines as well.)

    The Chase Sapphire Preferred card offers referral credit to me if you apply and are approved using my link, which I greatly appreciate.

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    Credit card for students that parents can load xpcom firefox

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    Online and Offline: Tips for beginners to use credit cards

    Although credit card offers unlimited financial freedom to its users, it should be used wisely. Credit cards are extensively used from making purchase online to paying your restaurant bills. As a first time credit card user, you must be smart enough to take up the responsibility of maintaining your credit card account. So, here are some tips that help you to use your credit card wisely both online and offline as well.

    Easy availability of credit may often tempt you to spend more than what you can actually afford. Such reckless spending may result in troubles with your financial planning which is not a healthy trend. You must plan a strict budget and stick to it at any costs. One of the best ways to track your expenses online or offline is to register your contact number with your credit card account. Every time you use your card, you will get alerts over your handset, with the details of your expenses and the balance in your card.

    Once you get a credit card, the bank sets a credit limit based on your income. In due course of time considering your repayment capacity, the bank may be willing to increase your credit limit. Although this will enable you to purchase more it could sometimes put you into endless trouble of debts. Hence, it would be wise not to increase your credit limits until the end of the first year or till you get a hang of dealing with credit card payments.

    Also Read- Debit Cards in Fashion, Credit Cards Out

    While shopping online, make sure that the website address begins with https:// and not http://. This prevents the hackers and other users from accessing your credit card information. Once you have selected the product, the site will ask for your credit card and shipping information. After entering those details, the website will ask for your CV number that is located on the back of your card. Make sure not to disclose your CV and credit card number to anyone. Once you are through with the purchase, you can check your card status online to ensure that everything went fine and no other unofficial activities on your card have taken place.

    Never make online credit card purchases from a public place

    Networks at public places are usually badly secured. They have key logger software that will keep track of all your keystrokes such as your credit card number and passwords. Hence you will be at a greater risk where your card would be misused.

    Every month, you will be notified through a statement about how much you have spent and the due date before which you have to pay the minimum amount. Make sure to pay the stated amount on time or you have to bear the penalty.

    Whenever you use your card, make sure the salesperson swipes it properly and there is no chance of misuse. Also don’t share your CV and credit card number with anyone else. In case you are using the card online, make sure to print the receipts and verify it later with the billing statements you receive.

    Avoid using your credit card to withdraw cash from ATM or other banks. This is because you will be charged a high rate of interest like 1.5 – 3.5%. This interest continues to get added till you repay the full amount. Also there is no grace period for these transactions. Hence, you should try this option only in case of emergency.

    Although the credit card offers a lot of benefits, there are a few common pitfalls that get to be noticed and avoided at all costs. The above tips help the first time users from falling prey to such pitfalls.

    Author Bio: Kelly is a writer blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Engage BDR

    New to Credit Card Churning? 10 Quick Facts for Beginners

    Credit cards for beginner

    If you are just getting started collecting hotel points and airline miles from credit card sign-up bonuses, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are lots of resources out there, but here are 10 quick facts to get you started.

    1. Annual fees do not count toward spending requirements

    In some instances, you may get your bonus before hitting the spending requirement because the annual fee was counted. It’s best to spend the additional amount to ensure there is no reason the points could get clawed back (*cough* Amex Platinum *cough*).

    2. You can get bonuses from credit cards that are considered separate products

    While it may be confusing, there are different versions of credit cards that you can get the bonus for, often at the same time! For example, there are two personal Southwest Rapid Rewards cards from Chase and two different Delta cards from American Express. You can open accounts for all of these and get all four bonuses!

    Chase is definitely the company that is most sensitive to recent credit card accounts (read about the 5/24 rule here). Some Chase cards do not fall under the 5/24 rule so save those for later.

    Credit card issuers have different rules for how many cards you can apply for within a certain time frame and how often you can get the sign-up bonus. Learn more here.

    5. Reduce the amount of hard inquiries by applying for multiple cards on the same day

    If you apply and are approved for two credit cards from the same company on the same day, you may only see one hard pull on your credit report. Results may vary.

    6. Credit card companies pull credit reports from different bureaus

    Your credit report is pulled from either Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion depending on where you live. Knowing which company pulls from which bureau will allow you to strategically decide which card to apply for next.

    7. Some credit cards may not post to your credit report immediately

    This is especially true of American Express credit cards. This can be used to your advantage since it looks like you have fewer open accounts than you actually do.

    8. Annual travel credit can be worth more than you think

    Some credit cards offer a yearly travel credit as part of its benefits. If you time your application correctly, you can get the travel credit two (or even three) times while paying the annual fee only once.

    9. Double dip when earning points by shopping online

    In addition to the points and miles you earn through credit card spending, you can use a shopping portal to earn more points.

    10. Don’t close credit cards immediately after getting the sign-up bonus

    Wait until the annual fee is due to maintain a relationship with the bank. Then convert to a no annual fee version of the card if possible. This will help your credit score in two ways. First, it keeps the amount of credit extended to you high and your credit utilization low. Furthermore, it will improve your average age of accounts. If you can’t convert the card, try to get a retention offer before closing it.

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