Desert schools banking online

desert schools banking online

Desertschools - Site Review: Desert Schools Federal Credit Union - Phoenix. Serving the educational community, select employee groups and their family members. Desert Schools Federal Credit Union - Describes membership benefits, lists branches, job openings, automated teller machine locations and related networks. Desert Schools Federal Credit Union - Describes membership benefits, lists branches, job openings, automated teller machine locations and related networks.

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The Pug Breed Standard ohmyrosie AKC Specialty Division will GLADLY assist owners who have a pure bred pug of color,and, will also assist in registering the pug as Brindle,Silver,White, the writers post cant help but beg the quion; "is this poster indeed a "certain show pug breeder" posting with the intent to inflict damage, to the "non-standard" AKC registerable pug colors such as Silver,White,and Brindle? AN AKC "STANDARD" to allow ONLY and Black Pugs "to be shown in AKC sanctioned conformation events", was recently voted on by the "show breeders. "(PDCA)The "standard" then was presented to AKC as a "DEMAND" so to speak The PDCA worded their "standard clause" to specifiy exclude ANY Color other than or BLACK from this "standard",because the "Show Breeders" believe any colors,other then the TWO "they" breed for, are UNDESIRABLE, By "NO MEANS", are black and the ONLY colors found in the PUG BREED. A CERTAIN NUMBER OF "SHOW PUG BREEDERS" have perpetuated this particular piece of PROPAGANDA for years,(the bias info can be found posted on the particular breeders websites) while CULLING the Pure bred, AKC registerable colors, such as BRINDLE,Japanese Brindle, WHITE, and SILVER pug puppies from their Litters (dispelling any,and, all arguments,THEORIES,and,rumors, that these colors were resultant to a RECENT CRAZE) Then, there ARE those who have, INDEED, mixed the breed, making the offspring "unregisterable by AKC standards". FACTS do need to be made "VERY CLEAR" however, Black and are ONLY "standard"colors. NOT the "only" Colors found in the Pug Breed Beargrass

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$4 Billion Desert Schools Federal Credit Union Selects Alkami Technology’s ORB Digital Banking Platform

Phoenix-based federal credit union enhances digital banking experience to meet members’ needs and expectations

PLANO, Texas--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, Arizona’s largest credit union with $4 billion in assets, has partnered with Alkami Technology to provide its ORB digital banking platform to its more than 220,000 online banking users. Alkami’s platform will integrate with Desert Schools’ Corelation core platform.

With Alkami’s ORB, Desert Schools’ members will have access to a modern, unified digital banking platform that is consistent across all devices and functions including retail, business, mobile, bill pay, personal finance management (PFM), Person-to-Person payments, marketing and more. Providing a convenient way for members to manage their finances, ORB gives Desert Schools the ability to build their own apps, add product extensions and integrate new features and functions as needed to offer a highly customized digital banking experience.

“At Desert Schools, we’re committed to helping our members achieve their financial goals by providing the latest innovative tools,” said Tim Lipsky, SVP of Digital Strategy at Desert Schools Federal Credit Union. “We selected Alkami for their modern and engaging user experience, as well as their flexible and extensible platform, which aligns with our vision to strengthen our digital capabilities to meet our members’ needs. Alkami enables us to foster a digital relationship that is just as relevant and timely as conversations we’re currently having with members in our branches.”

ORB’s highly scalable architecture easily supports large and quickly-growing user bases. Additionally, it features an integrated content management system that delivers dynamic, real-time, one-to-one product marketing and educational content with visibility into cross selling opportunities. With ORB, Desert Schools can successfully promote products and services to its members that are tailored, relevant and timely.

“According to J.D. Power’s 2016 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study, there is an immediate lift in overall satisfaction when financial institutions offer mobile banking, and even more of a lift when the mobile banking experience is satisfying,” said Stephen Bohanon, founder, chief strategy and sales officer of Alkami Technology. “Financial institutions like Desert Schools are embracing this shift in consumer expectations by investing in digital technology that delivers a superior, engaging experience. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Desert Schools to help them maximize their digital offering, helping them continue to build long-term relationships with both current and prospective members.”

About Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

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