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Lets whole network on your hand.

UltraSniff - Network Sniffer
Capture network packets, monitors network traffic, analyzes network related problem.
MSN Monitor & Sniffer
Monitor MSN messenger conversations on LAN.
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UltraSniff is a powerful promiscuous network sniffer that can captures network packets, monitors network traffic, detects bottlenecks and analyzes network related problem. UltraSniff is also a sockets sniffer that can show you detailed process-related listing of all IP, TCP, UDP endpoints on your system, including local and remote address and state of TCP connections, packet statistics.
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* Its powerful filter engine lets you easy and quickly find out the target. It has Hardware Filter (Promiscuous, All Local, All MultiCast, Broadcast, Directed, Function, Group, Source Routing etc), and Software Filter (it is able to filter based on Protocols, IP source/destination, port, MAC source/destination, data pattern)
* Compare with other network sniffer, UltraSniff supports DIAL-UP ADAPTER on windows all version.
* Compatibility, Supports Windows 95,98,ME,NT4,2000,XP,2003.

* Ethernet
More Features
0 * Monitor network activity in real-time.
Parse and decode network packet on-the-fly, Dynamic Traffic Statistics and charts.
* Powerful packet generator
It can help you probe the network to simulate traffic, measure response times, count hops, and troubleshoot problems.

Sockets Sniffer
Capture the packets the program is trying to send or receive. If you have experience in writing the sockets-related program, how often did you come across problems related to wrong syntax of HTTP request or pop3, ftp commands, smtp? Now you can use UltraSniff to spot these type of error immediately.

* Expert export
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* Much More

Much More
GJPSoft News
* UltraSniff launched today. a powerful promiscuous network sniffer.
* New version of MSN Monitor & Sniffer is released. Help you powerfully intercept MSN messenger conversations on network.

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MSN Monitor & Sniffer v2.5.37

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* Powerful MSN Messenger Conversation Sessions Monitor.
* Real-time Packet Analyzer, Exact Timestamp, Expert HTML export.
* Powerful Packet-capturing Engine. Unlike other con-generic product, it is own technical packet-catpuring engine, no third party. (such as WinPcap)

MSN Monitor & Sniffer is designed to intercept MSN Messenger messages across a LAN. It is possible to observe these messages in the same time the real users will receive it. All intercepted messages can be stored in HTML files, which can be later processed and analyzed. The software is based on the reliable and well-known UltraSniff engine. It is very easy to make it to work. Just run the MSN monitor & sniffer on any computers on your network, and start to capture. No additional program installation is needed on the monitoring target computers.

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